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Продолжительность жизни россиян растет, а уровень жизни падает.

Over the past seven months, life expectancy in Russia has grown significantly. This was during the Eastern Economic Forum said the head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova. The official noted that the average life expectancy for women in Russia was 78.5 years, and for men, respectively, 68.5 years. It is worth noting that the Minister regularly reports to the public about a steady increase in life expectancy in our country, emphasizing that this is the result of the work of the national project “Demography”. In July last year, Skvortsova said that the physical potential of a person allows you to live up to 120 years. After summing up the fresh results of the growth in the life expectancy of Russians, it became clear what sense the Minister of Health put into this statement. The goal of the National Project “Demography” to increase the life expectancy of Russians to 67 years has already been achieved, and the Minister of Health needs a real reason to report on their success. However, as previously reported by Rosstat, over the same period of time in which there was an increase in life expectancy, real incomes of Russians fell. Thus, life expectancy increased amid deterioration in its quality. In other words, it seems that the success reported by the official is, in fact, in the extension of the torment of the people. Friends, what do you think is more important than the duration or quality of life? Thanks. Bye.

3 thoughts on “Продолжительность жизни россиян растет, а уровень жизни падает.

  1. Здравствуйте благодарю вас за ролик мне было интересно смотреть лайк и желаю вам удачи и успехов вашем творчестве!

  2. Это происходит по двум причинам: 1) Бедные стали есть больше натуральных продуктов (со своего хозяйства). Для них химия стала уже очень дорогая.. "2) Богатые продляют свою жизнь, тем что подкармливают баблом врачей и тем не дают умереть рано. Вот и вся правда.

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