Laughter is the Best Medicine

Улыбайся #2 || Good Omens [CRACK] [eng sub]

It is funny that from a long time ago… People believe in fairy tales and movies, Where there Good and Evil but a Happy End always happens. Somebody expects gifts from space, Somebody wishes to run away in parallel universes… …from this crazy life. Our main goal is… …not to be spotted redhanded. Appearances, secret codes, strangers buildings… And you should be home at ten o’clock. I like to torment the weak ones, Kindness is not held in high esteem by powerful. You can run around half of the world… But not find more evil villain than me. What bad deed to do now? Ah, how evil I am! Ah, how wicked I am! Ah, how evil I am! Ah, how wicked I am! *Crowley suffered the most of it, obviously…* Give me this day, Give me this night, Give me just one chance… And you will understand… …I’m what you need! Be with me or don’t be! Do something at least! Be or don’t be! Be or don’t be. I will fly away, run away, disappear! Close the curtains over mirrors, Draw white signs on the ground, Woken up and flowing… …there is magic! F**k! Whoosh, and you in the Heaven already. Honey, I was so sad… …and so I called you. Your hause got burnt with stable, And the fire destroyed the estate as well… As for the rest, beautiful marquise, all is well, all is well. *Well, and the end of the world yet* I’m a little abomination, I’m a little vile. Aha-aha. I ate too much grebes… And I seek to do some harm. Through the field, field, field… …flew fresh breeze. Field… and wind… I dreamed about it so long! Where are your hands? Say where are your hands? Let’s raise your hands and dance! Smile, smile, smile! You’re on the road, so it’s all gonna be… okay!

3 thoughts on “Улыбайся #2 || Good Omens [CRACK] [eng sub]

  1. Спасибо за видео, а особенно за "Метро", эта песня офигенно подошла♥️♥️♥️

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