Laughter is the Best Medicine

कौन थे लाफिंग बुद्धा | Laughing Buddha Story

Its possible that like many homes, there might be a figurine of Laughing Buddha in your home too taking a glimpse of which you might start smiling Laughing Buddha come in a variety of shapes and poses and we keep those in our homes as per Vastu/Feng Shui for Good Luck and Happiness But, have you ever thought that who actually was Laughing Buddha and how did his figurines reach our homes In this video I am going to tell the story behind Laughing Buddha, which you might have never heard before. Gautam Buddha had many disciples around the world One of his disciples was Hotei of Japan It is said that when Hotei got enlightened he started Laughing out Loud and making others Laugh became purpose of his life to fulfill this purpose Hotei started Spreading Happiness among people Hotei used to go on Excursion in his Village and used to distribute Toys & Sweets among the kids It is said that, just like Santa Claus, he used to carry a Huge Bag which was always filled with Toys & Sweets Where ever he used to go, he used to make people Laugh and therefore, he came to be known by the name Laughing Buddha in China and Japan.. Hotei’s purpose of Spreading Happiness around the world was spread further by his disciples and his message was spread in such an extent that people started keeping his figurines at their homes. This came to be known as Good Luck. Just like Kubera is God of Prosperity in India the same way in China, he was accepted as God of Prosperity It is said that instead of giving his teachings, Hotei used to Laugh Under his guidance, people learnt the art of forgetting the problems of life and Laughing and Staying Happy Spreading Laughter and Happiness was his meditation and his ultimate aim. He used to say that entire nature is laughing but People are crying getting stuck into their problems Hotei made them learn that Laughter may also come without any reason and its is the key to inner peace Friends, now you know who Laughing Buddha was and what was his ultimate aim in Life Now, you might have also understood that thinking of problems everytime doesn’t help us So, why not change your outlook towards life and Spreading Smiles and Happiness be our purpose So that Smiles are everywhere around us and we are able to experience real Happiness in Life Did you like this video? Do leave your feedback. If you liked this information then do share it among your friends Spread Some Happiness !

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