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हस्बैंड वाइफ कॉमेडी । Mobile Fever 2 । Husband vs Wife Comedy | Freedom 251 with English Subtitles

Welcome to Our Show Dear wife, I have made a cup of tea for you Now, will you demand to go London America or Canada? It’s Okey! I will not demand, Okey? Thank YOU Nice, today, you are giving me thanks too but let clear me I have made Nice Tea for you! I agree with you always, but you did not?
Why? Ohh, Which one? yesterday when your Beautiful friend MONIKA was at our home. i told you many times go to Kitchen, please go to kitchen.. otherwise curd will burn! why did not went? i allow to burn my curd , not for your Flirt!! you are not seen always like this before you never doubt me you obey me but what happen now? before i was watching The Ramayana Now i am watching “Swadhan India” That’s why now, I am alway keep eye on you! give up this all tell me, What about your friend, Mr. Ganesh Wagh ohhh I know! Ganesh Wagh, The servant of his wife! let me clear, his surname is Vagh, (Vagh=Tiger) But Why he scared from his wife??? Oh, You didn’t know? His surname is Vagh (Vagh=Tiger) okey but his wife’s surname is Vaghmare (Tiger Hunter) That’s why she makes him a Goat, and punished him! your friends are fool what i can say about them do you know? i met our illiterate LAUNDRYMAN yesterday yes i know, he can’t read A,B,C,D too!! yes, that’s it i will tell you about him yesterday he was at his shop reading The Times Of India (English News Paper) is it he???? ha ha ha wait,wait Listen this one Listen to me I asked him What is going on Pintu? what are you reading? tell me something me too he replied, ‘nothing sir!’ ‘ i wonder about this news’ Listen me Sir Microsoft buy WhatsApp in 3,000 Cr what his reaction Can’t Microsoft take from ‘Share It’ or download from Google App Store what is the requirement to waste the money???? okey , i remember from WhatsApp,
i have given you 251 Rs?? are you remember?? yes I know, I brought vegetables and kept in fridge! go and check no, not for vegetable, for Freedom 251 Phone! Freedom 251??????????????? why you make remember ! Today, all Indians are busy in 2000 notes They forgoted about Freedom 251!! Now, you also take change of 2000 and forgot about Freedome 251 No i want it, Freedom 251, i don’t anything! wait dear, calm down, i will give you!! But before this, make a cup of tea, please!!!! What Tea?? you making tea bed habit anytime Tea, Tea, Tea you make your self Liston dear , i cant, i have headache ! Ohhh, You have headache?? i also have strong thought-ache Better You make yourself That;s good, very Nice i have headache ! and you have thought-ache We do one think You please press my head and I will to choke your Neck!!! AAwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Thank You for Watching!!! Hello, Friends If you like the Video Plese Share It, Like it and Subscibe my Chennal Thank You and Ba bye!!!! Subscribe Now!!!!

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