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ఉబ్బుడు గాడు | My Village Show Comedy

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TEAM247 INFORMATICS [cell phone pings] “You’re looking awesome, Anil bro.” Oh my gosh. Hey, why are you here? You turn up as soon as someone praises me. And I’m not going
to get carried away from now. So, get out of my sight! He always appears in front of me
when I get a compliment. I’m too getting carried away
with a little praise. God, save me from this disorder. I beg you, please. Oh my God. Everybody is here. If I go meet them, they will flatter
and I will get carried away. Is that necessary now? However, I made a decision
to be in control, right? I will control myself. Yes, I will. Let’s do this. [chattering] Hey, Anil! Why are you ignoring us, man? New shirt, new trousers
and a half-tuck… bro, you look like a real hero. Why are you bothered about me? Mind your own business! Chandu bro, Anil looks so macho
when in temper. Look at him. In fact he is a hero. His style, physique… and the hairstyle. My friends are crazy about him. But he doesn’t care about them. Tirumala… Anil is priceless. You are right, bro.
His looks are killing, man. Bro, the way you look… being a man I’m going crazy. Anil, give us some tips,
will follow them too. Let us follow your footsteps. Guys, enough of compliments now.
Please stop it. Navi… my debt at the shop
for chocolates is so high. And the shopkeeper
is asking me to clear it. Hey, Anil brother is here. Be ready, my sweetheart.
I’m starting now. You start now, will call you later. OMG, what happened to them? Hey, kids! Stop it! Hey, what are you quarreling about? Bro, he is calling you cheap. How dare you! Stop, one minute. How much he adores me. Why are you back again? They are kids. Even if they praise me, I am fine,
nothing will happen to me. Children are equal to God. You leave now. Kids, please stop it! Shin-Chan, what happened to you? Bro, how good you are. He is telling that
you’re a very bad actor. -No one can save you from me!
-Shin-Chan, please wait. My bro is a noble person! Hey, Shin-Chan, wait for a minute. You, be quiet now! Shin-Chan… why are you this crazy about me? Tell me what you want.
I will give whatever you need. Bro, you will keep your word, right? I’m a man of my word. Tell me what you want. A small favor, bro. I bought a lot of chocolates
at the shop without dad’s consent. He will go mad
if he knows about it. No one’s going to help you. I am there for him. Shin-Chan, I will clear your debt. It will be hardly 10-20 rupees. Owner, what’s my total debt? My brother is here to clear it. How much it is, 10 or 20 rupees? I will pay it at once. Are you kidding me? It’s 500 rupees. 500! I told you that he wouldn’t pay. Kid, it’s none of your business. My bad. Okay, here’s your 500. Yeah, baby… No point of restaurant now,
I have no money. Will catch up some other time. Hey, can you get some groceries? Okay, bro. All right, I’m going to meet
those HRDC people. OMG, now who’s going to get the groceries? Wow, this pic is damn good. Bro, have a look at this picture. Thinking to upload it, tell me how it is. Amazing pic, bro. Really awesome. Pretty charming. Prince Mahesh Babu, right? Superb pic. Wonderful. Bro, that’s me. Look at me, dressed in same clothes. I don’t believe that’s you. This is Mahesh Babu’s pic. Look closely, bro.
That’s my pretty nose, see. Brother, I have enough movie knowledge. I know that is Mahesh Babu. Really awesome.
Look at the hairdo. It’s awesome, excellent, ultimate, super. Understood? Really, bro? Yeah, bro. Anil… Yes, bro. I have some work in the town,
would you go for me? You just order, bro.
I’m always at your service. To get some groceries. That’s it, will get them. Take the cash. It’s okay, will take care of it. -Looking good, right?
-Unbelievable, extraordinary. Oh, man, so many girls pinging me. Hi… How are you? Anil… Help me pick the cotton in the field. -Pick cotton? Really?
-Yes. Are you kidding me? Get lost! Anil, you’re showing so much attitude
as you have so many girl followers. Girls… are asking about me? Really, granny? Tell me. They’re asking a lot about you. Really? I swear, come to the field,
will tell you everything. -Is it?
-Let’s go. Girls are crazy about me!
Come, let’s go. Gangamma, you said you would tell me here. -Tell me now.
-Sure. But let’s pick some cotton first. -You will tell me then, right?
-Sure. -Promise?
-Promise. Let’s go. Granny, what else did they ask about me? Please tell me. Anil, everyone is asking about you. They’re inquiring your phone number,
your character and all. They’re inquiring about me? Did they ask anything else
apart from my contact number? Not only that, they were praising you
for your folk dances and acting skills. Tell me more. You pick the cotton, I’ll tell you. All right. Gangamma, you said
so many asked about me. Did you give my contact to anyone? Do you think anyone would call me up? Did we pick all the cotton? We picked all of it,
please answer my question. Not just one… everybody will come to you
to tie rakhis this coming Raksha Bandhan. What, Rakhi bands? You mean, they’re looking at me
as their brother? Yes, and they’re so happy
to have you as their brother. They want to tie Rakhis especially to you. Okay, friends,
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or you guys were pulling my leg? -You’re a real hero, bro.
-You are adorable. You know who edited this video? Anil! Anil did it. He’s very good at it. Tirumala is going crazy about you. I’m really crazy about you! Okay, friends,
watch the bloopers too. Thanks for watching this video. Bye. Subtitles by

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