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► Clarina + Crack! [4]

Girl, it’s happening a strange thing to me, because I find a lesbian every single week Can you believe it? They have a masculine kind of look that is so good One time the girl was so masculine that I said: What a handsome woman! Lesbians usually has predisposition to freestyle wrestling Also lesbians are never alone, always with other lesbian, you can see, is lesbian n°1 and lesbian n°2 and probably they fornicate Hi, excuse me, I can come back later. She told the doctor was here No, don’t even think about it. You’re not leaving ever ((( I’ll tie you up in my bed, will only make love to me))) That Marina is a great photographer, she is amazing is an exhibition of female nudes Naked? Very naked Boring OP IS A FAGGOT! You’re beautiful right now No, you are aways beautiful Isn’t she beautiful, Van? Let that bitch go!! Very pretty Thank’s Go away parasite People who go to your exhibitions want to see the faces of those you capture. Not the Pão de Açucar When you speak like that you even convince me that I’m good (((She’s all good, she’s all good))) – Hot as hell Stop it, it seems flattery Throw everything up! because it’s worth it, Clara. Stay with that photographer Give it a try (((Try it! Try it!))) Come on Van, let’s take a trip together? Would be amazing All right then (((I’m free! I’m free! ))) Every time I can I go topless (((Mommy I want, mommy I want to breastfeed))) – Gay? This is a devil’s thing, it’s demonic, isn’t a God thing … Van: I love you Marina, I want you! Then have to make exorcism? – For sure! … Van: So nervous, got uptight Did you stop because I came without knocking? I’m sorry No, of course not I could help you in the shower (((I wanted to be a bee to land on your flower))) (((There is love, there is love))) He’s pretty charming, huh? Wow, a person just needs to be good at talking that you get fooled. Right, Clara? You’re mistaken, Vanessa. If I were that weak, your snake tongue would have scared me and I wouldn’t be here anymore. Ops Are you feeling warm? – No (((My heart dawned on fire))) (((Fire))) (((Was a brunette who came near me, and let me this way))) (((Only for love))) (((We put our hand))) (((In the fire of passion))) (((And let it burn))) (((Only for love))) Keep going, keep going with this tackiness Said, look at that beautiful woman Watching on how beautiful she is Huh? Dykes, I feel by far the leather smell Believe me, I want it As much as you do (((I want to taste you))) Let’s dance!!! Skinny! Wow, now I think I’m pretty hot I did it Clarinha goes on my lap See? One more chapter in Clara’s saga No, let me test it first
Wait, wait It’s so cold Awful The “Dioguetes” (Diogo’s groupies) I found the gold mine then Sake, Yay Why so many clothes if you only take pictures of naked women? Viva, viva Clara, finally someone to fix you Hold on girl, come on Don’t you believe in the power of domesticated women? I have some money that I’d like to take to others businesses, to diversify I’m not a model, I’m not working Suddenly genetics comes and then, bam! Yeah, ”and then bam” So, let’s be in a good one Go away bad luck! Speak now or shut up forever I always wanted to raise my finger the moment the priest said that Clarinha can handle it Oh, Vanessinha Oh, you and those eyes Yay! Everything for clara! What about Vanessinha? I think love is a drop of honey in a bucket of bitterness Genius! Very good!

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  2. Em pleno século XXI não me conformo que ainda tenha pessoas preconceituosas e machistas como o Cadu personagem do Reinaldo Gianequine

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