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40 thoughts on “●Isak Valtersen | ❝E-box, gimme a beat!❞ [HUMOR]

  1. I love that! Isak makes me laugh so much! My favorite scene is at 1:22, the "sounds easy" is an epic Isak moment love wheh he speaks English!.

    My name is Echo Martin and I’m from the multichallenges channel Echoes of The Night.
    In exactly 27 days, we are launching an enormous collab project that will stand all summer. It’s about making a collab per day. We know it’s big, way too big, and our biggest problem right now is not organization or ideas, but participants. To fill 62 collabs, even if we take part in them, we still need a lot of (willing) people. We have not calculated yet how many but it’s a great number. That is why we are trying to get people before it even starts.
    Would you like to take part in some of them?

    Our channel offers challenges every month. Every month, people who take part in them gain points. At the end of the challenge year (June 22th 2018), there will be a winner. This summer’s competition will have a lot of points in the game.

    We would like you to take part in some of the collabs we will host. There will be many, and diversified: from multifandom, multicouple, multigay, to themed collabs such as murder, night or memories and story-telling collabs such as Stydia, Scallison, Delena, Olicity collabs.

    Thank you very much for reading this. If you want to take part in them, you can find the channel here and you can suscribe or do whatever you want to keep in mind the collabs, (and of course tell us). Also, it you want to help us to achieve this amazing project, please share this message, tell your friends / YouTube acquaintances that would be interested. Thank you very much!
    Echo M.

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