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☆.。Stranger Things On Crack Season 2 ‖ Stranger Crack ‖

Good evening godless sotomites *record scratch* *an abomination of sounds mashed together * W-wait! You had a lot to drink,
you better have a cup of coffee *drink pouring* People keep saying “Nicole,
you look like a 3rd grader” I. Am. A… FIFTH GRADER NIBBAAA! According to all known laws of
aviation, there is no wa- What’s in this? Alcohol, liquor, boose OH NO, Sammy, the alien is back! You
should run away before it drinks ya blood That’s a vampire He’s a vampire, Sammy oh no! ‘Allo! I am a fancy british man Why is noone else wearing costumes? ARE WE CRINGING YET? Yo I’m here, open up As a child, I was forced
to eat dog food for dinner Open the freaking- All they crops… Dead! Give me those names again Oh man, see now you’re
asking the right questions Now you’re acting like a
detective, and not like a jackass Well, at least one of us is doing it Out of all my brothers friends…
You’re me favourite Ahh… Cute…SexyShe is a bitch… B-I-C-T… H! Fre-Sha-voc-a-do What? FRE-SHA-VO! Hey there demons, it’s me…
ya boi *angry groaning* Come on, I need you to think! Shut the fuck up, I
will fucking laser you with alien fucking eyes and
explode your fucking head Watch it kid
-Mouthbreather Ya know what, I’m kinda
missing some WIFI And my skinny jeans, so
we’re gonna head on out Prolonged eye contactProlonged eye contactProlonged eye contact Will! SNAP back to reality,
oh there goes gravity mooooms spaghetti A few minutes later, the bear
was spotted behind this home in Morland hills This recreation identifies
how witnesses say the bear escaped into the woods You don’t have a name yet,
what would you like to name yourself? Name myself? Yes, uh, I think
I want to be called… Barbara *snickers* *SHANIAC OVERLORD trying
to sound like a bigfoot* Hey… Hold on, somethings coming,
somethings coming outta here Look there’s a bird dude,
it knows what’s good -I’m telling you I just heard it insi-
-Holy SH-! ♬911♬ -Call me
♬Sometime, 911♬ Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle? Yes. Uuh- Cave Systems and FIRE lizards! ♬Cave systems and fire lizards♬ ♬Watch yourselves in the caves…
there’s lizards♬ Don’t go anywhere MIIIKE, I found the chocolate pudding! -OoOh! *hank being an adorable drunk princess*:
Okay, soundcheck has turned into dreams coming true, EXCELLENT! The Exhiliration, THE EXHILIRATION! -You encounter a troll!
-Aaah Well… we have troll spray So you’ve selected troll spray? -Yeah
-Terrible move! Troll spray is just a can of TROLLS! *oopsie-daisy-horn-sound* Cupcakes! I really, really,
really love cupcakes! Do you also love getting diabetes? -Nhahahahaouho
-Hahaha! Hahahah! Hahahahah
-You look so handsome Mom! What’s important is, I’m
handsome withinside ♬From the WITHINSIDE♬ ♬Fun science, fun science, fun
science, it’s the science of fun yeah♬ Gabe, the kid who bullied
me by calling ME bald Is now in a sweet spell
of irony and karma… dead Jesus man, I thought you
were gonna say he was bald! Nope, died in a freak accident,
my thoughts are with his fami- K GET IN MAH BHELLY! Get outta here! Get outta here? Why would I get outta here,
you get outta here this is my office *literal exorcism* Jack, you were just a half korean guy Um, actually Chris, I was half vietnamese *slidy-Mc. Slide-face* Good evening What’d you get in your happy meal? Chapstick, what’d you get? A new SKATEBOARD, later pussi- You’re looking very– alive HA! Only on the outside What happened to your hair? He did it! The son of a bitch did it! *incoherent cheering* Lando Calrissian! He’s great, he’s also a
fictional character in a movie ♬Hey/How you doing♬
♬Well I’m doing just fine, I lied ♬I’m dying inside♬ *inspirational music* Hey Scotty! Jesus, man! *inspirational music* oh my gawd OH my gawd, is he on
x-games motherfah HOLY MOLY Honestly, bananas are probably
the friendliest fruit Why would- Okay? Honey? You’ve got a big storm coming How it feels to chew 5 gum *Guteral screaming*
-NONO! No!NOO, ARGH! New 5 gum. Stimulate your senses ♬I AM SATAN LORD OF DARKNESS♬ ♬I can see a hat, I can see a cat, I
can see a man with a baseball bat♬ Momma? It’s me, Jane I don’t leave my house so I don’t really
know what you’re talking about I have crippling depression Can you take Will to school
today, I can NOT be late again He’s staying over now? What do I spy with my lil’ eye? I spy a son that doesn’t love me anymore …the designated hangout, so, y’know Here I am Dude I thought you- I thought
you could do a kickflip I CAN. I can. I did one this morning You’re pretty cute, you know that? I’m NOT CUTE, I’M ADORABLE *picks up phone* I’m not selling out enough I’ve got to get sexier – And fast I’m sorry Cinderella, you
can’t go to the ball BUT I LOVE BALLS! HMPRH
-THAA OurGJ Listen to this one part
of this song, wait wai- *EARPORN* ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Hey! WHat the hell is wrong with you? I don’t- It just jumped! *italian* It’s a me! Mario The more people like the
Hollans know the truth the more likely that scenario becomes Are you following me here or are
you some kind of mindless zellit? Happy Birthday, Son! Since I found out that I
was doing, I’m so happy that I could finally see my son Brad again You’re dying? Are you dying, really? … Well, we’re all dying, so-
-Okay Every year! Mother of god MROTHER OF GAAWED I don’t think he can do it
-His knees are gonna buckle and he’s gonna fall to the ground It’s a completely ill-advised stunt He’s not cool enough, he’s not smart enough The technical capabilities
are just beyond his kenning Can he do it? I don’t think he can and
neither does anyone else. Fuck him *ding, ding, ding* *deep voice* He’s done it! *screaming in excruciating pain* *demogorgon flying through window-sound* Oh-my-fucking-god, she fucking dead THAT’S DUH NAHSTIEST THAYNG! ♬LOOK AT THIS GRA-APH♬ Noone will ever be able to hate you more than you already hate yourse- No, not a dresser! Yes, a dresser, yes! YES! YES, trashcan, ye’es, oh my god ♬art is a lie NOTHING IS REAL♬ If you vote for me, you can enter in
a change to win to be my new best friend *cough* *clears throat* wow

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  1. She is a bitch… B-I-C-T *hesitation* H

    Oh, there goes gravity…

    I think I want to be called… Barbara



    I spy a so that doesn't love me anymore *sadness*

  2. If you take away a 0 from the end of the video, and add the other one in front of the number 11, you get…


  3. When I watched the first episode I said cave systems and fire lizards and my family had no idea what I was talking about

  4. Wait a dang minute. If nancy and Jonathan get married will, will become mikes brother which will mean so is eleven.😲

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