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【ENG】부수는 쾌감 🍩디저트🍮ㅣclay cracking asmr ㅣ점토부수기,claypopping,claycrack,포키

Cup cake Strawberry cream cake Cheese cake Rainbow pancake Forky-cake Carrot cake Matcha crapecake The process of making these is not that difficult. I’ll make a crape cake using a clay named Angel (korean brand). Press this using a flat tool. Cut two sides to make a cake shape. Repeat this process. And I stacked them up like making real cakes. It’s supposed to be thinner if it’s a real cake, but… I always regret it after making them like this. In my case, I paint them with paint. Then, paint the whole cake in dark green. Don’t forget to paint the sides. Next is the most important part which is that putting transparent nail polish. Put it on all sides and dry it. After that, put it on again. Repeat this process In my case, I used four bottles of nail polish . Just repeat it again and again. that is quite fun I’ve done this four times. Then place it in a cool place for half a day. Then it’s over.

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  1. I love these they are so cute and the sounds are so satisfying when they crack open and I’m loving FORKY from Toy 🧸 Story♥️

  2. 力克 四 特 股势头 目充 恶劣 比的哦 💖💖💖💖 有立刻 四 赴俄 沐浴 萨提司法从 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  3. 세상에 편집도 뒤에 부수는것만 연속적으로 나오는것도 너무 좋고 슬로우버전도 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 편집방식 굿굿굿

  4. 호오오옥시.. 태핑 영상만 따로 올려주실수는 없으실까요..? 점토 바짝 굳은거 조금씩 태핑해주시는 소리가 너무 좋은데 길게 하시는건 없는 것 같아서요 흑흑

  5. あんまり分厚く塗りすぎてもダメだし、薄くても味気なくてダメだしで、いい音を追求するにはなかなか大変だよね。

  6. 對於莫名奇妙被罵的人生 我已經習慣了(?
    對了 有華人嗎?
    have any Chinese people?

    👇 (・∀・)

  7. | 2:53:녹색 크레이프 케이크. |
    | 3:31:당근 케이크. |
    | 4:04:여러겹 무지게 팬케이크 |
    | 4:45:웃는 케잌. |
    | 5:19:치즈 케이크. |
    | 5:53:딸기 케이크. |
    | 6:33:컵 케이크. |

    —– english ———–↓↓

    | 2:53: green crape cake. |
    | 3:31:carrot cake. |
    | 4:04:rainbow pancake. |
    | 4:45:smiling cake. |
    | 5:19:cheese cake. |
    | 5:53:strawberry. |
    | 6:33:cup cake. |

  8. 저렇게 예쁘게 만들어놓으면 부수기 아까울 듯…대단하시구만 나 같으면 대충 만들고 뽀삭(나는 뭐 예쁘게 만들수도 없는 똥손이지만)

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