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고양이와 장난감으로 놀기   funny and cute cats

Start the morning fresh with a fight! One more round? Let’s get some rest! It’s not fair to press me because you’re big. Where are you running? Let’s get some breaths. evening play time My cats really like this toy. But cats can’t catch this toy very well. Why is this toy so hard to catch? I’ll catch this toy~~~ I don’t think I can catch this toy tonight. Cats look tired. Shira always holds the toy in his mouth and doesn’t let it go. This time, I’ll catch this toy. I was surprised because I thought the cat was falling. Cat conti, it’s really full of energy. Are other cats tired? Let’s stop playing! Human Come on! I’m gonna bite this toy Where else are you going with your toys wow! new toy! Cat coni likes new toys. This toy is hard to catch, too. From the morning, the cat shira exercises while playing with toys. I’m worried that the cat shira will get fat. Are you tired already? Coni, a cat full of energy. toy is creeping out. OMG!!! Shira!! Let’s play a little more! He again runs away with his toys in his mouth. When kittens were playing, The mother cat Boris is just only watching. I don’t know the exact reason why Boris is just looking. I’m sorry for my poor English translation. I don’t know if it’s right for me to translate it online. I’d appreciate it if you could understand me. See you again

4 thoughts on “고양이와 장난감으로 놀기 funny and cute cats

  1. 꽁띠 너무너무 잘놀아서 집사님 진짜 힘드시겠어요 ㅎㅎ 그래도 애기들 넘 이뻐서 괜찮을거같아요 ❤️

  2. 잡힐듯 잡히지 않는 너..ㅋㅋㅋ점프도 잘하고 놀기도 잘놀고~집사님들도 덩달아 운동이 되는거쥬~?^^보리스..명당자리는 창틀이네요~^^

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