Laughter is the Best Medicine

30 thoughts on “(방탄소년단/防弾少年団) BTS Suga Laughing Compilation Kpop [VGK]

  1. Jungkook has the real noisy "ahahah" laugh while Yoongi has this cute discret "ㅋㅋㅋㅋ" laugh
    And I love the fact he often fall of his chair when he laughs 😂

  2. where can I see the full video at 2.35 minutes? and where did you get it? please tell me . Thank you 💜

  3. Su existencia, sonrisa, sabiduría y todo él salva al mundo literalmente, como no amarlo??? si es un ángelito, por más que crezca seguira siendo un bebé lym, lo amo infinito y no puedo creer que en 3 días vaya a cumplir 26 años, shhhh el cumple 3 añitos ysi, agradezco muchísimo haberlo conocido, es un rayito de luz mía y el de millones de personas.💜

  4. Yoongi:

  5. Can u see that normally when he laughes most of the other members don't, and when everyone find something funny he is just calmed and maybe feels that the joke is stupid…. He just unique. I love him!!
    (he always falls from the chairs 😂)

  6. A risada do suga é a melhor técnica tente não rir com bts por suga rindo perde logo
    A espera isso é inglês 😭😭😭

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