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부수는 쾌감! BT21 마카롱 점토 부수기 BT21 Macarons Clay Cracking, Clay Popping

Mình đã làm bánh macaron BT21 (Đeo tai nghe vào) Cái tiếng nghe rất đã tai Cù lét? Tới lượt RJ Lần này là Shooky Thật ra thì mình có làm hư một cái.. mình sẽ cho các bạn xem vì sao lại hỏng (Thất bại) Mình đã làm lại miếng trên cùng nhiều lần rồi mà tại nó khó quá (Thành công) (Thất bại) Thử lại 2~3 lần thì mới thấy nó giòn Cách làm Angel clay Nặn với màu Màu nước

100 thoughts on “부수는 쾌감! BT21 마카롱 점토 부수기 BT21 Macarons Clay Cracking, Clay Popping

  1. It'd be good to have a watermark, there are channels that just straight out take clips from other vids and create compilations, and I want people to know that you were the amazing creator

  2. I want someone to put it on my satisfying video list or im gonna kill them. It's truly satisfying, ah! I'm in love with you or the voice(maybe both😅😍 ).What happened to your finger? Is it okay?!
    Please take care of yourself. 😊😊😊🥰

  3. i was kinda shocked when you destroyed those pretty cute things but then i could see why.. it really is quite satisfying xD and god you're talented

  4. I LOVE asmr hahah you made those?? Your hands can turn anything to gold girl they looked so pretty and it was soooo satisfying

  5. Thank you for this amazing video! I was blessed by Namjoon! Thank you Namjoon for putting this in my recommended!💜💜💙💙👌👌

  6. it might sound weird but i like how in the last part music fits the characters… especially rj one… the music is so classy and calm exactly like rj is.. maybe it's just me😷😷

  7. 안녕하세요 안구정화님~~ 인스타에 글 올라온거 보고 영상보러 달려 왔어요!!!먼가 너무 이뻐서 부수기 아까운데 영상보면 또 막막 스트레스 팍팍 풀리네요
    ㅋㅋㅋ 그 한번에 팍>< 부수는 장면이 카타르시스 쩌네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. 다시한번 더 안구정화님 금손인증~~~^^ 어쩜 이렇게 뚝딱뚝딱 잘 만드시죠?? 진짜 마카롱 먹고 싶게 잘만들었어요..그리고 리와인드 영상 ㅋㅋㅋ 마법사같아요

  9. I don't really like how you squish them so quickly and loudly, it sort of gives me anxiety lol but that's just my own opinion 😂 they look so cute though <3

  10. Before the video I was excited but then I saw the band aid on your hand!!Are you ok!?Please be careful and hopefully that cut or something heals😊❤️

  11. its very satisfying to watch and listen.. and the most satisfying is that you're the one cracking/popping it😍😍 also, I really like the reverse video.. its amazing💖

  12. The reverse part is so satisfying. I watched another youtuber's video and it's not easy to make it crack so nicely, you are amazing!!

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