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🌙 MOONSUN ☀️ ON CRACK 3 (*≧∀≦*)

Nope!~ [MoonSun on crack 3] Leggo! (Let’s go!=los gehts!) Annyeong!~ (Halloo!~) Its me..~ (Ich bin’s..~) S: mein Gesicht nahm etwas Gewicht zu. M: das ist richtig. S: das ist richtig..? *triggered* Now you’re going to die. (Nun wirst du sterben.) (Dumme wege zu sterben, so viele dumme wegen zu sterben..) When I gonna grow up, I wanna go to the moon! (Wenn ich erwachsen werde, werde ich zum Mond gehen!) Why wait?! (Warum warten?!) I’ll take ya to tha Moon~ (Ich bringe dich zum Mond~) *Fangirling Solar-ssi* *Moonsun Interaktion* Aiii seeeee uuu! (Ichh sehee euuuchhh!) *Moonsun again* (again=wieder) Wheesa: Why r we still here?… Just to suffer? (Warum sind wir immernoch hier?… Nur um zu leiden?) S: Byul-ah… Willst du her kommen? M: Ich bin beschäftigt, ScHaTz. 🙁 S: Ich bin alleine~ (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Gotta go fast!! (Muss schnell los!!) *”landung”* ICH BIN GAY. (Gay=Schwul / fröhlich) M: Ist das, dass was du denkst? M: Dein Finger ist echt kurz. *sad Unnie ::) M: Solar.? S: Solar!. Wheesa: *disgusted* (angeekelt*) S: Byul-ah..? (Ohhh yeahh. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) das ist nasty. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) S. *versucht ihre gayness einzudämmern* S. *versucht ihre gayness einzudämmern* *hypnotiesiert von Byul’s Körper* Scheiß drauf. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh! Es sind Yonsun (Solar) und Byulie! (Moonbyul) Aberr, was tut ihr im V-romance Raum?? (Hyuna is tha best.

100 thoughts on “🌙 MOONSUN ☀️ ON CRACK 3 (*≧∀≦*)

  1. Eu não tô falando isso como uma fã que shippa vários k-idols (ou eu esteja fazendo isso sim) mas tem uma conexão muito louca entre elas, namoral

  2. I'm actually having a hard time right now. This two and the other two makes me so happy 😊 Nice vid by the way 🤗

  3. next time I see a big ass ship I will say, "It's Moonsun!" and I will most likely be with someone who has no idea what I am talking about

  4. I wish I had more subtitles in Portuguese in others on crack(eu queria que tivesse legendas em português nos outros on crack)😪

  5. I'm a new Moomoo and I came here cause I was inspired by Seulrene…and I'm gay so….To all the Moomoos out there…Pls. help me with this group

  6. Honestly… I thought Chaelisa was gay. I thought Sua and Siyeon were gay but this. I- That. It's so cute ;__;

  7. someone from this audience, could you help me and say where I can see what happens in the 1:04 min??? ….. I wish you could help me with a link or the name of the concert in which this unique moment occurred

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