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Now think about the people that speak your other language that you speak – that is not English- and they are looking up topics about the Bible. How many videos are going to pop up in their search feed in your language? Hey, fam! It’s Rachel. Today on “Crack Your Bible.” I want to talk to you a little bit about ministry, merchandise, and meetups. Now before we get into that make sure you hit Subscribe, with the bell, with the parentheses so you’re notified of a new Gospel message because, of course, Satan and YouTube and Google, they’re one and the same, but they do not want you to know the Gospel, and they will never notify you of a new Gospel message unless you hit Subscribe, with the bell, with the parentheses. So, let’s get started. But before we do, I always have the people coming up in my comments, that they have, like, they’re crawling with religious spirits. They’re nuts. But anyways, I’ve had somebody, they were like, “I saw a tattoo of yours peeking out from your clothing.” Number one, I don’t have any tattoos. Number two, this is kinesiology tape on my trapezius muscles. So I have my muscles taped up right now from a kettlebell injury (laughs), but anyways, it’s not a tattoo, so let me just get that right out of the way. But anyway I want to talk to you a little bit about ministry stuff going on with the channel because I’ve noticed a lot of people are telling me, “Hey, I”m not getting notifications,” I’ve had other people straight up tell me, “I have been unsubscribed from your channel even though I know for a fact that I did not unsubscribe myself.” So, I’ve reached out to YouTube and they’re like, “Well, do they have notifications turned on?” And it’s like, “Well, does that magically unsubscribe people when they didn’t unsubscribe themselves?” So, I’m not getting a clear answer from YouTube. So, with that said I need to basically figure out another way to go around YouTube to get notifications out to people that “Hey, we have new videos out”, “Hey, we have new stuff going on with the channel”, because even in the Community tab, just the amount of people who interact with that, I get maybe 100 comments, maybe 50 comments. We have almost 62,000 subscribers. Like, clearly, something is up. Like, this just, it doesn’t make sense. And we know, we know about shadow bans and all this other stuff, so we just have to work around it. And one of those work arounds is getting a new website so that I can put those videos onto the website so that people can access those videos from the website. And likewise, not everybody has heard of this channel so if people are looking for Bible questions on Google, which they do all the time, we want “Crack Your Bible” videos to show up so that they have access to the information. The whole point is to make videos more accessible to people, and that is why I am having rebuilt. I have already contacted website builders about this, SEO specialists (that is Search Engine Optimization) so that when people type in certain keywords, videos pop up. So, I have that in the works right now, but when I mentioned on my channel that I was having the website rebuilt, and this is what I’ve been saving up everybody’s donations from Patreon and PayPal for, I had some people that were like, “Why don’t you just get a volunteer? Why are you spending money on this? This seems, like, very expensive.” It is expensive. Prices start at $5000, but, again, we want stuff to come up on the very first page of Google, not the 20th page of Google. So this is why SEO is really important and I don’t have time to learn this. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people, they have a good heart and they want to volunteer, but they don’t necessarily have the skill set to be able to achieve the results that we need for this channel, which is why you have to go with a paid worker, somebody who is like a paid professional. And Scripture tells us that the workman is worthy of his wage. But not only that, I find it funny that people are like, “Why don’t you just get a volunteer?” So, I’ve put out multiple times on this channel that all of these videos are auto-translated by Google, not only into English, but into all foreign languages. But, for captions, the description, tags, the title, to be translated Google wants somebody else who knows that language, including English, to double check all of Google’s work and then once you double-check it, you press submit, and then it auto-publishes English captions so for people who are hard-of-hearing, or can’t necessarily watch with the volume on, it will show up in English. Likewise, same thing with foreign languages. No matter what foreign language you speak, Google will auto-translate it, you double-check it, and then you press Submit, and then all of a sudden, the title, the description, and the captions are going to be in this other language so that when people who don’t speak English look for certain topics, Crack Your Bible’s videos will pop up in their feed even though they don’t speak English, but they can still understand them because they have been translated. So, I’ve mentioned this multiple times. I have it on my website. I have it in every description box. We have two people out of 62,000 subscribers who consistently and regularly volunteer, adding English captions and a foreign language subtitle. 2 out of 62,000. So, while some people like to pontificate about how I shouldn’t be “wasting” money on a website build, this is how people have decided to support this channel. I have specific goals that I’ve talked about that I want to meet so that we can get the message of the Gospel of Jesus out to more people. People who can’t donate their time through double-checking English captions or foreign-language subtitles, they financially donate, and that’s what has made this project possible. I just want people to think about like, collectively, how many languages do we all speak combined? There’s almost 62,000 of us, and I know that people are multi-lingual on here. Now think about the people who speak your other language that you speak that is not English, and they are looking up topics about the Bible. How many videos are going to pop up in their search feed in your language? Well, if we have subtitles, if we have titles and descriptions that are translated and they are checked by you, these videos will pop up in their feed, and that way, even though they don’t speak English, hey, now they have access to the Gospel. They have access to these messages that they would otherwise never hear, and you were the one who made that possible. It’s like, if these people end up getting saved because of what they hear on this, you’re directly responsible for that, and God sees that, and I want people to understand, like, this is a team effort. We’re all God’s co-workers. So, that’s why it’s so important to get these titles, these descriptions, and these captions translated, and likewise it’s important to have the English language captions on there too, because there are people who are hard-of-hearing, people who don’t have English as a first language, but there’s not another language they can read captions in. That’s why they need the English captions done for them. I want people to understand, like, we are all God’s coworkers. So I understand that some people, they just don’t have the time and likewise, some people they’re just not comfortable with donating. So that brings me to a new way for people to support this channel: We now have a Teespring store. So if you are watching on YouTube, if you look right down below you will see a bar that has different types of merchandise on it from the Crack Your Bible store and they were all designed by me so we could save money on not hiring a designer, so I made them all myself. So I wanted to create a couple pieces of clothing that were conversation starters for people who don’t have a lot of practice starting conversations about their faith. I know it can be scary. I know it can be kinda awkward, but if somebody sees a shirt and they’re like, “Hey, what is all that about?”, that gives you an opening where you can be like, “Well, hey, let me tell you about this,” because we know that our whole goal is to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel. We’re here to spread the message of Jesus Christ, but also we know that we have an adversary, the Devil, and he goes about like a roaring lion looking for people to devour. That is why I decided that I was going to create some clothes that were also conversation starters about spiritual warfare. Not only do we have merchandise that has the Crack Your Bible logo on it in a couple different styles, but we also have merchandise that has “Demon Eviction Squad” on the front and then for almost all of the clothing except the tank top, it has Mark 16:17 on the back, where Jesus says, “These signs will accompany those who believe. They will cast out demons”, because, people, they need to know we have authority over demons. We are supposed to go out there and engage in spiritual warfare. If you are truly a believer, a true Christian, you will produce these fruits. And one of these fruits, one of these signs, will be that they can cast out demons. So, that is why we have the “Demon Eviction” merchandise, but not only that, I created, and this came to me while I was driving home from the gym, Serpent Squasher Socks. So, on the top it looks like a serpent. You can see, like, the snake tail and things like that, but on the bottom, it has scorpions and then the serpents’ heads because Jesus tells us in Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm you,” and I want people to remember that when they are engaged in spiritual warfare. We have authority in Jesus Christ to overcome our enemies. So, you can always have a little bit of the Word of God with you in a secret place even if it’s in your shoes because you need to remember you have authority over the Devil through Jesus Christ. So that brings me to my last thing. I wanted to talk about our meetups, because we are supposed to fellowship with one another. We are not supposed to neglect from meeting up with one another, but at the same time, I wanna keep things safe, because there are a lot wierdos, there’s a lot of creeps, there’s a lot of false brothers out there, and, likewise, I know so many people are like, “Hey, where do you go to church? How can I find a good church?” I don’t know. If I knew, I would tell you, but I don’t know how to find a good church. I will say that our current church system is not biblical. People were meeting in each other’s homes, they were fellowshipping together, and that’s what I want to facilitate for people who attend meetups. I want them to be able to find like-minded believers who they can start friendships with, that they have people who they can fellowship with on a regular basis, even when I’m not there. So that is why I’m doing these meetups. So, we have meetups scheduled for 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada Phoenix, Arizona Kalispell, Montana Dallas, Texas St. Paul, Minnesota and Washington, DC and I did do my first meetup in New York City earlier this year. That was really cool, but I definitely want more people meeting up, fellowshipping, dealing with spiritual warfare, praying for each other, bearing each other’s burdens. That is the whole point of these meetups. So that you can meet fellow believers. It’s not about me. It’s about all y’all coming together as a family and realizing, “Hey, I actually do have some like-minded family in the area that I can start fellowshipping with”. So, we have meetups, so you can go check out the links for those in the Eventbrite link in the description and also the Facebook events link, also down in the description. Those are the four things I wanted to talk to you about. I’m so excited about it, but yes, we still need people who speak English to add captions. We need people who speak foreign languages to add subtitles. Google auto-translates it. You just double-check their spelling and grammar and then press submit. So you guys can find out how to do that straight through YouTube (no special software needed or anything like that) down in the description box below. I made a special tutorial on how you do it, but y’all can check that out down in the description box. Second of all, we have a new website coming so it’s going to be more functional for you guys to find out, “Hey, do you have a video on this topic or that topic?” and that is coming soon. Number three, we have new merchandise out, which you can purchase now, so that you can have something that’s a conversation starter when you’re wanting to share your faith, or even talk about spiritual warfare. And number four, we have meetups already scheduled so that you guys can start fellowshipping together and now you guys have some new friends and you have some backup when it comes to spiritual warfare. So that’s what I wanted to share with you guys. I hope you will Like, Subscribe, and Share and make sure to check out these videos right over here because we can’t put on the full armor of God unless we know God’s Word, so check those out right over here and I will talk to you guys later. Bye.

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  2. When you said how people are poo pooing you about using the donations for your website I just hear hmmm Judas said that the nard could’ve fed the poor. Donkey shit. Mmhmm. Just like Jesus called out Judas, I call out those people. 😏

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  4. Love your video Rachel, your always straight forward in your approach and easy to understand. God bless you Rachel.

  5. I'm always alerted when you have a new video but I have heard of this happening to other youtubers I watch. Fellow subscribers – Lets keep this in prayer not only for Rachel but for those that are here preaching sound doctrine on youtube. We need more of that as our world darkens.

  6. Thank you for your time in helping others. And your dedication to God does not go unnoticed. 🙂 That's not the easiest way to live.
    I'm thankful God chose your parents and you. Praise God for your ability to learn His Word and not just keep it to yourself. You encourage others, educate and help prepare for battle. You are doing great and I'm praying for you when He brings you to my mind.
    Thank you for helping change my life through the authority of Christ!

  7. I have an e-commerce store mugs are a hot seller. May I suggest you add one or two more? Perhaps a mug with more feminine colors, because women buy tons of stuff online.

  8. Hey Rachel! I see that the Luke 10:19 crew socks come in one size. Do you know if they’ll accommodate my women’s size US 8 feet? 😃

  9. Hi Rachel, I am sad that Indiana is not on your list, I do know that you can't go to all the states but do you have a place where people can just chat and maybe meet others from their own town or state ? thank you.

  10. Hon..even pastors need money. And if I online purchased..Those Socks.
    Crushing snakes! are ministering. Even missions cost money. You're good.

  11. As crazy as it sounds I only speak English, I never learned additional languages. Great product idea – the Demon Eviction shirts are a must have!! See you in DC in September.

  12. I like that you mentioned that the modern church model is unbiblical… this is something I have been questioning for some time. I plan to do a deeper study on this, but I love how you go about teaching the word!

  13. Demon eviction… Hmmmm… where have I seen that before? lol

    Also, for people looking for believers who believe as we do, I recommend the map on the Last Reformation website. I've connected with several people that way, and many on the map go to home gatherings and embrace tongues, healing, and casting out demons. If there's no one near you, put your own name on the map and someone will likely reach out to you at some point.

  14. Wow this is awesome so blessed to hear there will be #crack your bible meet ups!! I am from SD but I am willing to drive those extra miles to Vegas or AZ to connect w like minded believers and come together as a body of believers!! All for the Glory of our King Jesus 🙌…thanks for the info Rachel GBU

  15. Omg, I’m sooooo bummed! I will be in Florida when you are here in Texas! Would love to do a meet up! Would love a meet up here in the Houston area! Love the T-shirt’s! Will for sure be getting one for myself! You should make children’s sizes too…..

  16. Amazing work Rachel! I will start to save money for those socks, import restrictions here are a bit problematic but not impossible to sort out.
    God bless you!

  17. Hi Rachel! The people questioning the way your investing into this ministry need to realize that you’re working for Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and He wants this channel, and ALL the YouTube channels doing His work, to GO FORTH & spread the Word; why would you think that doesn’t involve reinvesting monies to do that? That’s what you need to ask yourselves, stop wasting Rachel’s time & focus on your own calling saints

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  19. Rachel, I don't have a computer but is it possible to check English subtitles on a smart phone? I f so I'd be happy to help when I can. Or if not, could I use a public computer?

  20. Any chance of a Houston area visit? I could use a different posse. My old one is either not where I am in my walk (comfortable and settled) or they just don't believe.
    I need that circle.

  21. Good point Rachel. Like the saying goes, (You get what you pay for). Your doing the right thing. Dont worry about what people say. Your doing a great job to spread the word of God.

  22. Certainly do the search engine results optimization! Google and “You”Tube are infested with favoritism to the big corporations!

    Hopefully Im not the only one who wants a meet up out here in Albuquerque, NM?!?!?

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