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🎯 How to Crack GRE Exam in 30 days  | Week by week study plan to score 320+ | MS IN USA

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing amazing. Welcome to my youtube channel. In todays video, I am going to give you a
30 day plan to prepare for your GRE. Now this will be particularly helpful for
people who have their GRE in June or in July and you are preparing mostly for Spring 2019
, then this video is for you. So, lets get started !
Now, before you get into any preparation or any collecting material stuff like that, the
first thing that you should do is go on ETS website and download the powerprep tests which
are free. Download both of the tests and on the first
day you want to take one of the tests, Dont worry about have you prepared or not
or dont judge yourself before getting into preparation. Our goal is appear for a test. Once you give that test, you will have a score
for both the sections like verbal and quant. This score will be our reference point in
the future for the next one month. So first day just give the test and get your
scores. So, Now you are done with tests, the next
thing you want to do is start two things 1. start studying atleast 60 words a day . do
in a pattern of 3 days you study the words and then 1 day you revise the words that you
did. Second thing that you want to start parallely
is try to start the quant section. Now why to start with quant is because its
very easy to grasp the concepts because its school level maths and you can study it really
fast. Its just a revision that you have to do. I would recommend manhattan 5LB as the book
and if you have magoosh account go through the videos that they have given. So you start both of these things in parallel. Finish the quant in 4 days . So after 5 days
you will be done with atleast 200 words , 200-300 words and complete quant. Going into the weekend, what you want to do
is you want to study all the techniques which are involved in solving sentence equivalenc,
text completion and RC. Dont worry about mugging it up or stuff like
that. Just get to know are the techniques and how
you want to tackle those questions. So this was the plan for the first week. Now in Week 2, what you want to get started
with is verbal , week 2 is completely focused on verbal. Now there are two things, 1 thing which is
always going in parallel is doing the words. Once you are done with the barrons 333 words
, I would recommend there are other options like manhattan 500 words or you can go with
magoosh 1000 words list. and stuff like that. All these things are given in the description
section below. So dont worry about it. But keep that in parallel. Another thing that I want to recommend is
in 2nd week when you are practicing seperately each section in the verbal section like text
completion, sentence equivalence and stuff like that , WRITE DOWN ALL THE MISTAKES that
you are doing and refer them before you start new tests. This is very important because, a lot of times
we dont keep track of the mistakes that we do and we keep repeating them . So what I
want to do, what I would like to recommend is , start with RC . Its the easiest to get
over with and the tips are really easy. On the other hand for sentence equivalence
and text completion you will need to know bit of the vocabulary, which you are already
building. But start with RC and master RC. Out of 20 questions that you generally get
in the exam , you should be able to get atleast 10+ right. Learn all the nuggets to solve , there are
different tips and tricks around it. There is a very good article published by
crunchprep. I always share that link with lot of my friends. Go through it and learn all the strategies
and master RC. In second week , your goal is to finish atleast
, in the first 3 days, finish mastering RC, with all the tips and in the second half of
the week , start mastering your silli mistakes. Start mastering atleast the sentence equivalence,
and text completion. On second weekend , you want to give another
test, which will be mostly powerprep 2, which is a free test you get and see if you have
improved. In the analysis you will see, what are the
like where are you making the mistake and thats what we need. After these two weeks, what you should be
ready with is you should know all the quant by heart , you should know all the tips to
solve the verbal section and you should have been done with a little bit of practice for
both the sections. Now you have already given two tests and you
already know the score. You already know what you are doing wrong. Third week is completely on giving time to
both the sections like verbal and quant. Give equal time , like 50-50 % of time to
both the sections and work of the mistakes that you are doing. Put a lot of time, analyzing wherever you
are going wrong rather than just practicing. The key is to understand why you are going
wrong more that just making mistakes. So you want to keep a log of mistakes , like
all the mistakes that you are doing and go through that log every time you practice the
section again. That log will really help you excel in the
exam. Keep note of odd words, like there is another
list that you should maintain for verbal is tough words. which you always forget, like you them but
you tend to forget. You just want to go through them and revise
them before the exam. What I would recommend is master time. Now GRE is a 4 hour test and you dont want
to mess timing in the sections. So practice solving all the questions within
the time. Ideally you should solve every question in
1 minute. That will give you time. Another tip is if you think you are taking
a lot of time on a particular question, mark it and skip it , keep it for the last. Solve all the questions which you know and
which you are confident about , FIRST. So you secure those marks. Another psychological thing is when you get
stuck at a point, it kinda affects you for the upcoming questions also. So if you are stuck at some questions just
skip those questions. Another thing that you want to do in week
3 is start preparing for AW writing section. Build a framework for both issue and argument
topics and go through some of the topics. There are certain tricks which you should
know in the way you should write and those tricks are available online. Go check those and start writing on issue
and argument topics. So that is really important. Another thing which is really important is
you will be giving another test which is a test 3 at the end of this weekend. So you want to attempt that AWA section also. By the end of week 3 you should be done with
atleast 900 words , you should be good with math , because you are practicing all the
sections , all the type of questions and you are getting over your mistakes week by week. You should be pretty good with verbal section. Personally I would recommend by week 3 you
should be getting 35+ answers right out of 40 questions for quant and atleast getting
20+ answers right in verbal section. That should be your goal. Give the third test and at this point you
want to compare your scores with your first and second test scores and see how much you
have improved. Basically, compare your third test score with
first two scores and that will really help you to figure out what exactly you need to
do in the last week. In the last week you only want to work on
the things that you are messing up till now . Go through all the mistakes that you have
written down in your mistake log, go through all the words that you have written down in
your tough words list and perfect the art of writing AWA because its very important
, a lot of times we dont give importance to that but it does matter when you are applying. So in the last week what you want to do is
take atleast 1 test , I would recommend take 2 tests. By the end of the third week, if you are not
above 300 , or you are not above 300 by end of 2nd week then I would seriously recommend
you to go through everything that you have done in last two weeks again very fast in
1-2 days and see where you are really going wrong and see what type of questions you are
doing wrong . That will help you to go above 310. Master timing in week 3, that is very important. Apart from that maintain logs that is very
important. Practice as much as you can and give as much
full length tests as possible. Go through all the magoosh practice problems
if you have. I would highly recommend getting a second
hand account if its available for a month. Dont mess up with a lot of preparation material
because one of the problems that happen with a lot of people is they get everything that
is out there and they get confused with what to use. So stick to one or two books per section and
just go through them and master them. Two days before the test I would recommend
just going through what is going wrong , learn strategies and you will be set. This was kind of detail plan that I had in
my mind and I wanted to put it out there for you. I hope this helps you. If you feed that there is something missing,
or something can be done , share it with me. I have facebook group and then a whatsapp
group , you can be part of that , Just let me know. Ping me personally and see you soon with a
new video.

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  26. My GRE story: I took the test in January 2019 three months short of my 71st birthday. I am a graduate student at the thesis stage of an M.A. program.

    I did no prep whatsoever except for one math problem I looked at months earlier. I did try to get my head together and get a good night's sleep. Also to avoid drinking too much liquid (senior citizen, use your imagination). The head together part worked out pretty good. The good night's sleep part not so well. But a couple of swigs of sugar free Rock Star took care of that.

    I immediately saw that the verbal part was immensely easy. Because I did not want to score too high (will explain), I did not go back to check the answers I was not sure of. The quantitative part was, well, not exactly hard, but it required a lot of work, and I just kept on working and working on it. End result: V 162, Q153, Analytical writing 4.

    Well, it would call that a designer result for my purposes. According to my research, about at the median for graduate admittees in my subject at the Ivy League, not that the Ivy's are on my radar in the event I go on to another program. A high score is good, but too high might just raise questions.

    The thing I would do different was do some prep for the analytical writing. A 4 is the gate for PhD programs at research universities but I would have liked to have done better and could have if went in knowing what was expected.

    My adivce, as the voice of experience, is this. Prep for the analytical writing, it will help if you know what they expect. Do not expect prep to increase your V and Q scores any huge amount, but it if your situation is marginal for the program you want to apply to, getting noticeably above the minimum I am sure will help.

    Another thought I have is that it is better to have the Q and V scores closer together. Most people know which one they are going to do better on. What they should concentrate on is raising the one they are weaker in.

    I took the the GRE the first time in 1972, three times in the 1980's, again in the early 1990's and again this year. Across almost 50 years of experience, my scores have been pretty consistent.

    What I did find though is that the best prep might be to take the test and then take it again.

    My scores went up and up a up in the three tests in the 1980's. Converted to the old 200-800 scale, my V score this year was the lowest I have ever gotten, and the Q score about the same as the first time I took the test. With prep and taking it again I would probably do a lot better. But I don't need it. Math is hard, and I'm not going to do any unless I have to.

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  29. Totally agree about keeping track of your mistakes. I got a 340 on the GRE and this helped. I give some more general tips on my channel.

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