Laughter is the Best Medicine

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– It might be poisonous. – [Dad] You think so? (Banjo Music) – [Dad] Someone else want a turn? – (simultaneously) Me. – [Dad] What are you
making this morning, Elise. – Pancakes – [Dad] You helping Muggah? – Mmhmm (Up-Beat Music) – Moving was an absolute whirlwind. And the cabin is the calm after the storm. We’re so happy to be here, and to just relax, enjoy nature, enjoy family, and have some peace. – I love cantaloupe, do-d-d-d-d-do, it’s so good, do-d-d-d-do,
I love cantaloupe. – [Mom] So Laura, I did not know that you love cantaloupe so much. – I know, cause you would always give me- not give me very much. – [Mom] Oh, I will give you a lot today. How about you what’s your favorite fruit? – Apples and strawberries. Well like good strawberries. – Mine’s cantaloupe like Laura. – I actually really love cantaloupe, it’s just a pain to cut, and I can never at the store figure out how to pick out the right one correctly. So, I love it, but it’s hard for me. – It’s down to cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and watermelon. Or blueberries, or plums or kiwis but my
top one’s probably honeydew. (slow music) – I’ll take two. – [Dad] I’m loving
Jennae’s hair this morning. – Mmmm-mmmm – Breakfast – [Dad] Should we cut up the breakfast? – Yeah. Num, num, num, num. Yummy, yummy. – [Dad] Yummy yummy food. – I love this food. – [Dad] She loves it. So, how many pancakes did you have? – Ten. – [Dad] Ten? That’s a lot. – My record’s fifteen. – [Dad] Caleb, whatchya doin’? – Helping Grandma clean- rinse the dishes. – We have no dishwasher here so. – You’re right, it is really hot. – [Grandma] (laughs) It’s gonna get warm. – (Unintelligible) – [Dad] Playing in the kitchen? – [Little Girl] I come in. (Soft Music) – [Little Girl] Grandma. – I pump it – [Dad] Did Isaac teach you how to pump? – Yeah – [Isaac] Out, and in. – [Both Children] Out and in – [Dad] You’re doing it. – I’m sink- – [Dad] Look, now he’s up. Jennea want’s to try the Zipline. (Zipline whirring) – Jennae, your turn. – Nae-nae did it. – [Isaac] Yay! (bongo music) – [Dad] You went fast. – Good job Laura – [Dad] You’re gettin’ it. – [Male Adult] You’re gettin’ it. – [Isaac] Dad, pull. – [Adult Male] It’s Heavy, it probably weighs a
couple hundred pounds. Caleb and Laura, are lifting
a couple hundred pounds. – [Dad] That’s what’s cool about a lever. – Good job. – [Dad] We were able to
get this big rock out. – Every time we come to the cabin, we work on different improvement projects. We get to use and see the other things that we’ve created here, and it just keeps getting
better and better. Can you guys remember
some of the other projects we worked on out here. – The fort. – [Dad] We built the fort. I helped Papa put in the swings. – The Zipline. – [Dad] The Zipline. I remember making some of the paths. And these fences. – [Jennae] Let’s hold it, – [Dad] You wanna hold the butterfly? – [Jennae] Yeah. (unintelligible) Wanna hold it. – [Dad] You wanna hold the butterfly? Let’s see if it will let us hold it. Oop. There it goes, say bye-bye butterfly. – [Jennae] Bye-bye butterfly. – [Dad] Do you wanna go work? C’mon, lets go. – [Isaac] That’s surprising. – [Blue Shirt Boy] Do
you think there’s gonna be any tarantulas? – [Dad] Tarantulas? – It didn’t look like it. Lichen side up. – I like layin’ these rocks
because you have to be artistic. – [Dad] Yep, try to get
it to fit for the path. (Country music) – [Dad] What’d you guys find? – Look at that, it’s like a
salamander with a blue tail. – [Dad] There it is. – It might be poisonous. – [Dad] You think so? – [Lady] You got on gloves. – [Dad] It does have legs. It’s always fun to find little
creatures out in the woods. – Yeah – What’s amazing about
this kind of project, is that thirty years from now our kids will be here with there kids, and they’ll walk on this path
that they’re making today. – My grandchildren could
watch these videos, and see me place down a rock, and then they could find that rock. – [Dad] It’s crazy, huh? – Yeah (up-beat music) – One, two, three, in place. – [Dad] How cool is that. – Really cool. – It’s starting to look good already. Like this path, even though it has holes, like, amazing. – [Dad] We made a path. – Me and grandma were
just picking up rocks, and then grandma picked up a
rock and there was a tarantula. – [Grandma] And I went “AAHH!” – Yeah. Hard work is fun at
the cabin no matter what. – [Dad] Why do you think that is? – I have no clue, it’s just enjoyable. – [Dad] You’re petting the doggy. – [Dog Walker] She’s about eight. – [Dad] Eight years old. – She’s a baby. – [Other Child] Not as old
as Hannah, right Nae-Nae? – Yeah – [Dad] Oh, scratch those ears. – [Other Child] Whoa, his eyes look weird. – Hi Dad. – Heh, all right. – [Dad] It’s interesting to
think about the pioneers, they would come out and
they would need to clear a forest of trees, so that
they could plant stuff. They didn’t have any chainsaws. Is that super easy? – Nope. Ugh. – [Dad] Someone else want a turn? – (simultaneously) Me. (Banjo music) – Yay! – [Dad] (laughs) – [Adult Male] There it is. – [Dad] Wow. You see it? That is big. – [Adult Male] That- That’s it. (xylophone music) – (unintelligible) and they say no way. (unintelligible) and then I come back, and pick you up. (unintelligible) I can
come back, and pick you up. (unintelligible) – [Mom] Jennae’s been
really busy on the phone. – Noon, I come back, and pick you up. – Oh my gosh. – [Dad] Issac decided he
wanted to make his own path. – So yeah, it comes down here. – [Dad] We gotta get some
more rocks taken out. – Yeah – [Dad] I love to see you
taking the initiative, and just working hard on
your own, that’s great. – And if this isn’t enough, then I’m just gonna drive back. – [Dad] Sweet. – This is so much fun. – [Dad] So Issac is trying
to name his little trail, what are you calling it? – I like Issac Path, or
the Isaac Adventure Path. – [Dad] Nae-nae decided to start helpin’. Nae-nae’s trying to lift rocks. Whoa! (up-beat music) – [Dad] Oh, you got it! – I helped Dad. – [Dad] You helped.
Here, put it right here. Huh, you helped make the
path! Thank you Jennae. Put it in the path. Right on the edge. Huh, you helped! Well it’s
looking really good out here. – [Adult Female] It is. (piano music) – This one. – [Dad] Mhmm – Over this rock. – [Dad] Thanks for helping, Jennae. Caleb has been working non-stop. – That little hook has to go
in there and then it’s locked. Yep, it’s hooked. – [Dad] Laura’s working. – Well I’ve been inside this morning, getting all of our stuff unpacked, and moved in and settled into the cabin. We are actually planning on
being here for several weeks, and we’re really excited
about our time here. It’s funny, my parents have
these really cool cups here, and I picked up one and look what it says. I don’t know if you can read that. It says, it’s okay,
you’re at the cabin now. That’s exactly how I feel right now. It’s been a really stressful little bit, and it was really hard to let go of, you know, the home and the
city that we love so much, but the be here with my parents, in nature, in a place where
the kids can run wild, and just play and work and be creative. It’s amazing to me that the kids also recognize how much we
needed this rest right now. How much we needed to be
here where we’re loved, in a place where we love, and just rest. So we’re having a family reunion, in just a couple weeks
up here at the cabin, and we needed to create a
spot for the cars to park, so that they don’t have
to park on all the rocks, and stuff like that. (engine noise downs out talking) – Tally-ho beau. – [Dad] So Elise has really
been tryin’ to figure out how to start it all on her own, so she can just drive around. – Press start. – [Dad] Mhmm. (engine rumbles) – [Dad] You gotta give it gas. – Now drop to first gear. – [Dad] Make sure you’re ready to brake. – [Isaac] Go Elise! – [Dad] Isaac, you know what this project reminds me of? – What? – [Dad] Easter egg rolling. Kind of like making the path. – I’m currently having
the best time of my life. – [Mom] Yeah? You’re
enjoying working hard? – Yes – [Mom] Swinging in the trees. – Oh did you just kick the tree? – Yeah – [Mom] Way to go. It’s funny my Dad said that today is the hottest day they’ve
had this year at the cabin, and to us it’s still doesn’t feel hot. I think it’s because there’s no humidity, and it was cool this morning. We know it’s gonna cool down tonight. This isn’t bad. – I love how at the cabin
you can roam free around. – [Mom] Yeah – I think we’re gonna crash tonight. – [Mom] You feelin’ tired? You’ve been workin’ hard. – Are you ready? Our little gymnast. She’s hanging – [Dad] Elise is helping with dinner. – [Grandma] Elise is the chopping queen. – [Dad] Well done. – [Mom] Papa’s grillin’ up dinner. Are you guys cooking over here, too? – Yeah. – [Mom] It smells so good, after a long day. – Yeah, it’s been a great day. – [Mom] Good day for barbecue. How ’bout you Laura, what are you cookin’? – [Laura] Grains for all the
people cause they’re poor, and they don’t have anything.
The king is very rude. He said, send all their
grains to me, and my momma. So we’re sharing the grains.
He said take care of them. – [Mom] We read a book like that recently, didn’t we. – Yeah – [Mom] A Hundred Grains of Rice. (triangle ringing) – Time for dinner. – [Mom] You guys hungry? Should we go wash our hands? – Yeah – Well at dinner we were talking about how much fun we had today and
how hard everybody worked. It was so fulfilling to
work together as a family, and to see the kids really working hard. I’m so grateful for this
chance and I’m also tired. Our whole family is actually
completely exhausted, so we’re gonna go to bed,
and sleep well tonight. Goodnight, J house out. It’s a dinosaur. – (Roars) (techno music) – [Mom] This is a bed of nails. Ooh, the nails are coming up. – [Dad] Mirror mazes are crazy.

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