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🚨IT’S THE PRIUS POLICE🚨| Gabriel Iglesias | Netflix Is A Joke

– I was at a university not too long ago, very close to here. And this university has a lot of money. So much so, that they have their own private police department that’s on campus. It’s only for the campus. Now that’s not a big deal. There’s a lotta colleges
that have their own on-campus police. The difference is this college, somehow or another, wound up giving the police department Priuses to use for their patrol cars. Now some of you already
know the university. Now look, this is not even a joke. My thing is that if you’re
an officer of the law, it’s your job to fight crime. The first thing that people see when you arrive on a scene, is your mode of transportation. Your vehicle needs to establish dominance of the situation before
you set one foot outside. In California, over 65% of California Highway Patrol officers now drive SUVs, so when you get stopped over there, you feel it. You’re intimidated by it. (imitating large vehicle) And people jump out on the freeway. Don’t kill me! Now, imagine getting stopped by, (imitating small vehicle) Don’t let me get stopped by a cop, in a Prius, with attitude. You know why I stopped you? (chuckles) ‘Cause I let you. (audience laughs) Imagine the first time
they did a DUI stop. The cop probably didn’t
even get outta the car. He just stayed on the radio. Sir, step out of your vehicle right now. Okay, okay, all right. Is that a Prius? (audience laughs) I must be drunk. Sir, walk the line. Okay, all right, all right. Officer? If I gotta go to jail, can you call a real cop car to pick me up? Stop being a smart ass. Walk the line. Okay, hey, real quick,
real quick, real quick. Ay, ay, ay, charge my phone. (audience laughs) That’s it, you’re going to jail. Ahh. (audience laughs)

93 thoughts on “🚨IT’S THE PRIUS POLICE🚨| Gabriel Iglesias | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. I know he’s a comedian, but on a more serious note, I drive a Prius, and I don’t really see why they would use them as police cars, if you sit around for more than 15-20 minutes, especially if it’s hot, the battery wears down and the engine starts running at like friggin 2000 RPM to charge, seems like they would use more gas in the long run.

  2. Damn this guy keeps getting better everytime. I remember the first time I watched his video a couple of years back, made me laugh so hard I cried and I never cry 😂

  3. I travel for work and a town we were doing a municipal project had Prius' for patrol vehicles for their police (Some state program). Not their whole fleet but a couple of vehicles. I remember people would get tagged for running lights/stops, speeding because the citizens would think they were private security.

  4. Can someone pls explain why Priuses are slow (they have slow acceleration) even though they had commercials in more recent history showing that newer models are faster? I earnestly want to know what makes Priuses slow

  5. I mean, if they're trying to be environmentally friendly then why not go with a Chevy Volt? At least it's American.

  6. This is old as fuck, why does this channel release his old material like its something new and take credit for it? Reported.

  7. damn, this americans are easy to make laught ,this guy didint say one funny thing.big dislike from me

  8. Idk what he talking about priuses are the fastest drivers in la as Noel miller puts it "those motherfucker hit buck 20"

  9. The fun fact is that I am actually intimidated by a prius.
    It is so silent that you may be assassinated by sudden movement of a car.

  10. Obviously… said college hates police officers and Men so much, they're willing to hamstring their own Law Enforcement Officers, their own private force for protecting them from rioters and murderers, by emasculating them with garbage cars. The left is so pathetic in their whiny, power-hungry, pedantic childishness.

  11. I remember a guy on Fort Benning, GA, who was pulled over by an MP for doing 35 in a 25MPH zone. The MP was in a M151A2(Jeep) and the guy was on a bicycle. How do you live that down? "Can't catch anything faster than a bike?"

  12. I’m super excited I get to go see Gabriel this weekend in buffalo it’s my first time seeing him live 😁

  13. Cop do you know why I stopped you?

    Me because you were speeding, if you weren’t speeding you would’ve never caught up with me

    Cop 🤦‍♂️ I need a 🍺

  14. What happens if they need to put someone in the back?!? …honestly even if you're the 1st level of fatness, you're not going to be able to fit in the front. LOL!

  15. Officer: Out of the car, sir.
    Me: Is that a Prius? Seriously? I knew officers are cheap but this is a new low.

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