Laughter is the Best Medicine

54 thoughts on “不 SUPER FUNNY Moments with Talking Angela 不 Cartoon Mash-Up

  1. That's funny. I was very proud of you Angela whem I saw notification from your channel because you haven't upload videos for a while.

    Did you know that in Hero Dash, you can kill the big racoon in just one hit and the big Armored one in 2 hits. If you send the power wave when you see that you are just above the raccoon, the wave will kill him on one shot it takes 2 waves for the armored one with the trick. Also can anyone tell that if that if there's any pattern for unlocking outfit pieces cause I find it very difficult to unlock other outfits especially in double rewards it is simply impossible so if anyone has a clue please reply. Thanks.

  3. CEO = Lord Voldemort

    By the way, the CEO is the image of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. I knew this since Season 2 began.

  4. Angela, even if you have such shoals you are the same for me anyway best best, i love you ANGELA 鳶鳶鳶鳶踢賤手手

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