Laughter is the Best Medicine


– There I am, oh I look ticked off. (Jeremy and Kendra laughing) (upbeat music) It’s a bathtub.
– No. – [Kendra] It’s a car? – Nope. – Say hello. (kids yelling) – You guys got a hammock? – [Isaac] Three, go! – Sometimes I feel like I
live at the grocery store. Like I’m always here. (happy music) – So all the deli meats are
gluten free, which is great us. – Well I flew in late last night. And it’s good to be home with the kiddos. I’ve been snuggling and having fun. And we’re also cleaning up a lot. We have some friends coming and
staying with us this evening and so we have a couple
projects to get done. Mwah. (jazzy music) So we spent the morning cleaning up. The house is clean now. We’re doing lunch. ♪ Next level ♪ – [Kendra] For lunch today I’m having leftover barbecue
chicken on top of a salad. Hey bub.
– I’m just have to get another rag. – [Kendra] Are you gonna help Dad? – I asked him. – [Kendra] What’s he doing? – He’s cleaning so we
can put the furniture in. – [Kendra] It’s gonna be awesome. Thanks for helping. – Try not to get any slivers. So we’re trying to deep clean out here before we bring up our
new rug and the chairs and the–
– Furniture. – The furniture.
– Do we have to clean these? – [Jeremy] If you want
to that would be great. You guys can clean whatever you want. – [Kendra] Yep, you guys helping clean? – Yep. (happy music) – You getting into it? – [Caleb] Uh huh. – [Kendra] Doing little dance moves? – I’m doing the moonwalk. – [Kendra] That’s the moonwalk? – I got some good helpers here. – Got the rug. So this is the one we chose. What do you think of the color? – It’s amazing.
– It’s my favorite color. – [Isaac] I’ll help. – [Kendra] Ooo, that’s a nice, big box. We could do something fun with that. – That could be a little boat. – I don’t know if cardboard
works very well in water. – If you have enough duct tape. – I wish I could sleep here. ♪ Rain rain comes flying ♪ ♪ And you’ll sit there
in the sun with your ♪ – [Jeremy] Thanks for holding it for me. – [Kendra] Are you guys Dad’s holders? – Um hmm.
– Uh huh. – With this piece too, it’s
actually really helpful to have them holding it still. – [Kendra] You guys have
made a lot of progress. You can already tell what it is. It’s a bathtub. – No.
– What? – It’s a rocketship?
– Nope. – It’s a car?
– Nope. – [Kendra] What it is? – It’s a couch bench. – [Kendra] Oh that’s a
special kind of a bench. How do you know it’s a couch bench? – Because it’s gonna have cushions. – [Kendra] Oh, like a couch. – Yeah.
– Do you think it’ll be comfy? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] One, two, three. – What?
– There we go. So you’re gonna be turning to the right. And you might actually wanna
do it long way, like this. ‘Cause of where it’s located. – [Kendra] Caleb is
helping tighten the screws. – Good job buddy. – Turn it that way, ‘kay? – [Jeremy] Good job, you’re tightening it. – It’s already almost done. (happy music) – [Caleb] Wow that looks a lot better. – [Laura] Can we step on it? – Nice.
– I like the color. – That’s comfy.
– And I think it matches, ’cause this
lighter color, it works. (upbeat music) I love the smell too, it smells like new carpet. – I love the smell of new stuff. – [Jeremy] Try it out. (Laura sighs) How does it feel? – Oh that feels amazing. – I wish I could just sleep
on this for a little nap. – You can.
– You probably could. – [Jeremy] No, that’s what
we got the hammock for. – You guys got a hammock? – We did.
– We got two. – We gotta hang ’em up. – [Jeremy] ‘Kay, you gonna
help me with the next piece? – Yep. (happy music) ♪ Dancing, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Dancing ♪ ♪ Dancing I’m better when I’m dancing ♪ ♪ Hey, I’m better ♪ – So we just got seven
identical packages in the mail. – You guys know what they are? – Yeah, our passports! – [Caleb] Passports! – Okay. Mom’s gonna keep these, but I’ll let you guys look at ’em, okay? Let’s see if it’s what we think it is. If so that was fast. – [Jeremy] Yeah, that was fast. – It took a long time, for real. – There it is. We have passports. – Whose is that? – [Jeremy] Alright, let’s go on a trip. – It’s Dad’s. – [Laura] Oh, let’s see Dad. – [Jeremy] There it is. – Now we need to go somewhere. Where should we go? – Puerto Rico! – [Jeremy] We don’t need
passports for Puerto Rico. – China!
– Okay, there we go. – Florida!
– We don’t need it for Florida, it’s for
international travel. – Laura.
– Alright, so in the comments, where should we go outside
of the United States? Let us know. We’ll have a lot of fun
looking at your comments. Also if you see one of the places that someone else wrote that you like, give it a like, ’cause it’ll be fun to see which ones get the most likes. – [Kendra] Janae! Oh my goodness, she’s adorable. Look.
(Elise shrieks) This is gonna be the passport she has for the next five years. Just a little baby.
– She’s a baby. – Look guys, look at Janae. – [Kids] Aw. – Isn’t that cute? So these pages, Lise, every time you go somewhere they stamp it so that you know where you went. Like you went to France. You went to China. – Oh! – So we get to try to fill this up with all the neat places we go. – [Jeremy] Janae opened the separate box. – [Kendra] She like just opened that. – [Jeremy] What’s in here? – [Kendra] She’s like I’m taking
matters into my own hands. (gasps) There I am. Oh I look ticked off. (Jeremy and Kendra laughing) Look at this picture of me. It did not look like
that, how I remembered it. I look mad, like. – [Jeremy] Ah, it looks fine. – It’s ’cause you can’t
smile with your teeth. Like there’s no. – [Jeremy] The kids are so excited. The Schmoyers from the
Schmovies channel are here. So the Schmoyers are
gonna come stay with us for a couple days. – Hello.
– Hello! Welcome! (bright music) (kids squealing) Crack the egg. He’s still. He hasn’t cracked yet. – [Boy] He cracked. – [Jeremy] He cracked. – [Isaac] One, two, three, go! – Nothing. (laughing) Crack the egg is a game where
I’m happy we have nets now around trampolines. When I was growing up we played that and you would often get
bounced off the trampoline. Girls are helping make dinner. (happy music) Isaac’s in heaven playin’ Stratego. – Can you say hello? – Hello. – Say hello. – [Jeremy] Hello. – Hello. – Hello.
– There it is. Alright, for dinner we’re
doing a big spaghetti dinner. Kendra always adds a lot of vegetables. The kids are totally outnumbering us. The ranks are outta control here. (jazzy music) – Still have to be jumping. The last one as an egg jumps next. (child squeals) – [Child] Don’t, roll over. – [Jeremy] Oh, she rolled. So now you get up and join in? (kids squealing) She rolled over. – [Child] Ding ding! Ding. – [Jeremy] So here’s how we got it set up. We’re thinking of a couple different ways, but it looks good. (happy music) So Laura where are you
gonna be sleeping tonight? Um, in the Dora sleeping bag? – And Caleb’s sleeping right here. – [Jeremy] When we have friends over, they often sleep on your bed, huh? – Yep. – [Jeremy] And down in the basement. Thanks for sharing.
– Bye bye. – [Jeremy] Bye bye. – You guys ready? One day on the farm, Duck got a wild idea. (happy music) Oh no, now the Eetle was
wearing the hoo oots. – [Elise] Oh I love this part! – What? The Eetle is wearing the loo
oohs and jumping on the ed. (kids laughing) Quick, you have to help me. Only you can say it. Come ack. – [All] Come back, come back! Ack, come back. – This is not a
recommended bed time story. – (laughing) Bravo, brilliant, you did it. You fixed it, you put
the B back in this book. – [Jeremy] What are you guys playing? – [Kids] Who Knew? – Who Knew? – [Jeremy] Who Knew? – Clearly. – Who knew that we were playing Who Knew? – It’s so fun having our
friends, the Schmoyers here. We’ve known them for
almost four years now. And so it’s really great
to see the kids together and see them all kind
of growing up together. I’m glad that they were
able to make a stop at our house on their trip. – [Laura] Goodnight, J House out. – Mom, we don’t need to
go to the dentist anymore. (upbeat music) – Let’s put a TV in our room, yeah.

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