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07-25-19 Laughing at the Eight Worldly Concerns - BBCorner

so this is day four of you now is that right anyway third full day so this is a program I'll speak for myself I really love this program we can't attend it much anymore because the crowds are too big but I just loved the fact that we would hear teachings from venerable every day and then have these discussion groups where we got to hear how the whole community including the guests in the program we're doing with these very vital topics that really look it has to look deeply and I don't know if this is your experience but every time there was a discussion group I'd get to the sort of initial level of what the questions were addressing and then after about two hours you know of hearing I'm thinking about what went on I realize there are many many layers beneath those questions that we need to really think about so just for fun today I thought I'd have more fun with eight worldly concerns minimal children has been teaching on this a lot this year and she's asked us to meditate on this and there's a wonderful passage that addresses the eight worldly concerns in the foundation of Buddhist practice this is a volume two so I'm gonna read a little bit from this and then give you some ideas and I'm gonna give you examples I'm gonna make fun of myself today so if you hear yourself in me making fun of myself that's your view so just remember that I'm making fun of myself please don't write me emails later are you talking about me I guess if the shoe fits as my mother would say so now the first question is is do I wear the glasses to read out of the book because I look dorky or do I try and read it and I have to sort of concede to the fact I'm gonna have to put on the glasses then the big question early was could I find a better-looking pair of glasses and this is all I've got right now so I'm gonna use these so we're going to start with you selling us and Venom all children although we have such precious potential we often fail to recognize it or even if we do we're often distracted and do not utilize it our tendency is to pay more attention to gaining immediate happiness and avoiding unpleasant situations and this is far stronger than a clear awareness that sees the value of creating the causes for a fortunate rebirth liberation and awakening our chief obstacles at present are subsumed in the eight early concerns for pairs of delight and dejection that produce attachment and anger so there it is right there these I'll speak for myself I don't know where you're at but these are the chief obstacles right now these four pairs and I love the language that's used in this book about these four pairs they're in a slightly different order but the language is so immediate and useful gain and loss disrepute and fame blame and praise pleasure and pain these eight worldly concerns revolve around the world and the world River revolves around these eight concerns so I'm just going to jump to each of these pairs and give you some kind of extreme examples from my life and their extreme on purpose because they're easier to look at and if we can laugh at ourselves we can start you know zeroing in you know when we're on the cushion and really looking at what's really driving us so the first pair financial and material gain and loss the first pair of the lights and ejections involves our relationship with money and possessions we're elated when we have a lot of money nice clothes a comfortable house a new car good sports equipment and we become upset when we are unable to procure the things we desire when they're destroyed or when they're taken away from us sadly many people measure their success in life by their material wealth no matter how much they have they are never satisfied and never feel fully successful so I'm sure that before we all met the Dharma we had this experience that was certainly my orientation that I was successful if I had things and a house and a partner and all of that and oddly enough when I did get all those things there was still that big hole in my heart and so now we may think wow but I'm so much I'm beyond that I've been you know doing Dharma things for quite some time I might even be ordained and I don't know I don't know how long it's gonna take me to get over some of these things that cuz like I'm not the first one to say Oh money and possessions no problem no problem that's not the one but then I just have to think back to a time not so long ago when someone handed out little red packets to everyone in robes and I happened to look over the amount that my neighbor got and then I opened up my packet and it was like oh oh oh I got five dollars she got twenty five so what does that mean about me as a practitioner what does that person think about me I'm not a very good practitioner obviously if I get five dollars in my pocket no there must have been a mistake I know they switched the envelopes for supposed to be my packet or every now and then you know it doesn't happen so much anymore but for a little while you know you'd get your room and then one day a new piece of furniture would show up I mean like oh that's kind of nice okay I can do this with that I can put that in there and that's very attractive I kind of like that and then the next day it's like gone and something else is in there and it's kind of a funny-looking old thing and you think well okay easy come easy go I did have the thought once though I'm gonna get one of those power screwdrivers you know and just bolt it to the floor and then I would be assured same thing with lumps sometimes the lamp would show up like oh that's really quite nice I can use that when I sleep a few days later it's gone or socks you know we got socks here from our kind donors I love getting a new pair of socks so we all take the time to get out our sewing needle and thread put our little marks on it with a special color right there's no way these socks are gonna go missing these are really nice socks there's no holes yet there to warm they're not too high they're not too short one laundry day that's about it that's about it they're gone that is painful I'm sorry it's painful to separate from those nice warm cozy socks but we're renunciates remember this is not a problem we better move on here because I don't want to take the whole hour here we've got it eating so very quickly then put on my ugly glasses good and bad reputation and image we feel elated when we're well known and have a good reputation and dejected when our image is damaged continually preoccupied what of what others think of us leads to self preoccupation and emotional instability we pay a lot of attention to appearances and lacking sincerity we use others for our own advantage many people succeed in achieving a good reputation or a high rank but lack internal peace and true friendships okay so let's be honest what kind of reputation do you want to be known for you know what do you want to what do you want to be known for after you die so maybe you have thoughts like this remember these are extremes but it's so that when we get to the cushion later today we can sort of think about what's really driving us here I'm the only person on the planet who has memorized Dan Purdue's book the course in Buddhist reasoning and debate and I can recite the entire text word-for-word just give me a phrase you know in the meantime I can just trash people behind their back I act like a jerk most of time but boy you give me a phrase nut book I can do the whole page or maybe it's the bbc's write my BBC has had the most visits of anyone here just look I must mean that a must give good if you cease or you know why doesn't everyone here read my long application form don't you know that I spit speak six languages with me this be in the e-news not just once a month it should be on the Ino so that everybody in the planet who clicks on the Shivaji obby website knows how many languages I speak and I'm getting invitations people want me to translate I should have my own section of the e-news than what you need that's dedicated to my activities with pictures or maybe I'm the person who has written the most emails to venerable children of anybody on the planet and it's going to be now put into a book that a committee here is going to examine for the next ten years and the book is going to be called my brilliant and incredible ideas that are the key support behind spreading the Dharma of them in the West that's the title and there's gonna be pictures just of me in the book and on the website that's going to be promoting this book and then we'll have to have it on a Facebook page that everyone can see what I've done to spread the Dharma in the West by myself alone I don't know His Holiness says this as a monastic I'm not so concerned about gain a loss of wealth however as the Dalai Lama I sit on a high throne when I teach and sometimes in the corner of my mind the thought arises I hope people respect me when explaining the Dharma I sometimes wonder does the audience like this talk sometimes our minds are invaded by defiled thoughts what a great practitioner I become I hope others notice it's important to free our minds from expectations of receiving offerings respect and appreciation when we share the Dharma we should talk about our faults and let others speak of our good qualities you can tell me those later way back when I was much younger your age I was part of a Japanese drum group in Edmonton Alberta we were the northernmost Japanese drum group in the entire world we were largely self-taught there were some Japanese people in the group and there were a lot of Caucasians the Japanese people in Japan fit that Caucasian people were interested in learning this art form so because we're the only group for a while in Western Canada and we're mostly self-taught we're an immediate sensation in Edmonton and the local radio station got on to us and we're being filmed constantly and everyone thought we were absolutely fantastic and we were sort of getting the feel that we were becoming like you know the Rolling Stones except we didn't have that kind of talent but because it was so unusual and people didn't know about Japanese drumming yet everyone thought we were absolutely fabulous so it got to the point where we were performing on New Year's Eve events you know and this the whole room would be filled with thousands of people they'd be chanting the name of the group outside when we were waiting to come in it was just like wow we're really good and then we'd come in and the whole room would sort of jump to their feet and cheering and clapping and yeah and pretty soon you know you'd walk down the Main Street in Edmonton Oh your party oh we know we'd love you well yeah but then you know one day the real Japanese group came to town you know from Japan okay and actually you know what all of that sensation initially it was kind of a really big high but you get over the high and then there's a big drop and there's nothing to it and then you got the problem being sort of notorious and you don't want to be notorious it's a total drag okay maybe I should stop here and do the other two another time just for the sake of time so these are problems in our practice their problems in our life and if you want to know the solutions I'll come back for the second one another time but foundation of Buddhist practice has the solutions for this and sitting on our cushion really looking at what's important is that Dharma or is that just more about me

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