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10 Dirty Adult Jokes Hidden In Famous Disney Movies

No one ever said Disney movies were only made
for kids, and it seems that with so much of the adult humor slipped in, the filmmakers
are keenly aware of how broad of an audience their films receive. Children may be savvier with each generation
with the help of social media and web sites that sneak through the parental blocks, but
some adult humor still goes over the head of most kids. There are some kid’s movies that only insinuate
something naughty while others are anything but subtle.  Here are 10 Dirty Jokes Hidden in Famous
Disney Movies. Beauty and the Beast
Sometimes Disney does not have to make a single joke to be dirty but creates an entire character
that seems a bit too adult for young minds to fathom. Babette is a French feather duster and an
oddly sexy character when considering she is a household cleaning tool. Luckily, the end of the film shows that being
attracted to Babette is not without merit as the human version is quite a catch. However, she is still animated so it is not
a wholly rational attraction. Beyond illustrating a provocative French maid
duster which is clearly a reference to the sexual fantasy of a scantily clad maid with
a saucy accent, she also has a physical relationship with French candlestick Lumiere. Their sensual exchanges are much funnier to
the older crowd. One disturbing moment in the film shows a
man plucking the feathers from Babette’s lower half. Since her feathers are her skirt while she’s
a duster, the man gets a little too aggressive and handsy for a kid’s movie.  So while the presence of Babette is an amusing
joke, the treatment of her is occasionally alarming. Hercules Greek tragedy and Disney do not seem
like the most logical pairing so it was a bit mind boggling when Disney’s Hercules
references the play, Oedipus Rex. To be fair, the character of Hercules is the
son of Gods in Greek Mythology, so mentioning the play almost makes sense. In the film, Hercules speaks with his love
interest Meg, where he brings up the tragic play of Oedipus the King by saying “That
play, the Oedipus thing. Man, I thought I had problems”. It is a brilliant joke for those aware of
the Oedipus story and considering the many other allusions to Oedipus in the animated
film including the journey Hercules makes to Thebes which is the same place Oedipus
is king, the film certainly has layers. Even though the film is a tale of characters
from Greek mythology, noting a play in which the main character murders his father, marries
his own mother and then gouges his eyes out at the end, is not kid’s stuff. The shocking reference is one of the slyest
dirty jokes in Disney films as it is only inappropriate for those who know the story
and only the most inquisitive kids would ponder the meaning of such a wisecrack Toy Story
Toy Story was the first Pixar film thus beginning the long tradition of films for children that
are often loved by adults just as much. In the film, through a series of unfortunate
actions Buzz and Woody end up in the home of neighbor miscreant Sid. Sid uses his toys for demented experiments
including taking them apart and attaching random pieces of toys and other items found
in the home to create a whole other horrific object. Sid has problems, or perhaps he is a burgeoning
found-art genius who isn’t appreciated in his own time. One of his pieces is a pair of Barbie or similar
doll, legs with the torso of a hook. It certainly is a strange creation but it
also is a literal hooker. The Pixar animators were probably pretty proud
of themselves for being both clever and a bit too on-the-nose with their design and
word play. Muppets Treasure Island
The Muppets have always been more than just foam and fleece. Even though they are puppets and usually keep
their material family friendly, everyone can enjoy Kermit and the gang. Muppet Treasure Island was not released by
Disney but it was their production. The film is rated G which suggests that it
is perfectly fine for general audiences and since there is nothing overtly sexual or offensive,
the MPAA rating is acceptable. Leave it to Miss Piggy to be the naughty one
with this dirty joke. After Kermit returns from sea, Miss Piggy
apprises him of what she has been up to while he was gone which includes fraternizing with
other men. It all still seems innocent enough as she
is a young and vibrant porcine around town and deserves the company of men and does not
specify the activities. However, things are cleared up once Piggy,
and Kermit, run into Long John Silver, and Piggy emphasizes the word “Long” to which
Kermit asks “Him too?” The joke both assures audiences that Miss
Piggy was not keeping things platonic with her gentlemen callers and it also gives audiences
too much information about what is hiding under the pirate’s trousers. Inside Out
Inside Out is a sweet family film about growing up and had plenty adults bawling like children. The actual children were probably not nearly
as touched by the exploration and pain of adolescence. As the many emotions who hang out inside the
mind of a young girl, characters such as disgust, anger, and sadness spend plenty of time together. Just like any work friends, the characters
get into a lot of discussions that may not be directly related to the task at hand. One of these moments is when Fear asks whether
the sound they heard came from a bear to which Disgust informs him that bears do not live
in San Francisco. Anger notes that he saw a big hairy guy who
he thought was a bear. A bear is a common term used in the LGBTQ
culture for a certain type of burly, and typically hairy, gay man and considering the film’s
location of San Francisco, this is obviously a wink to the community. The dirty joke in Inside Out is not scandalous,
nor is it particularly dirty but it is a fairly adult reference. 101 Dalmatian
Live action adaptations of cartoons or animated films can sometimes feel bizarre. When audiences have grown accustomed to the
animated classic, any actors or sets may seem surreal. Disney’s 1996 live action version of their
1961 perennial favorite stars Glenn Close who gives an entirely new generation of children
nightmares as the puppy-killing-all-in-the-name-of-fashion, Cruella De vil. There are a few humorous jokes that somehow
made it past the censors such as one puppy-napper telling another that taxidermied animals give
him a shrinky winky making audiences rest easy that the dog nappers are not complete
weirdos who get their jollies from stuffed roadkill. However, 101 Dalmatians dirtiest joke deserves
a spot on our list as it concerns bestiality. After Roger and Anita share their exciting
news of expecting a new baby, Cruella De Vil does not say much. When they let her know that they are expecting
puppies, De Vil responds “Well, you’ve been a busy boy, haven’t you?” While it is obvious that the puppies are the
work of Pongo and Perdy, Disney managed to fit in a truly filthy and disturbing joke
in a children’s flick. The Avengers
The next dirty joke is so hidden you would need a British slang to English dictionary
to even catch it. Since The Avengers is rated PG-13, it can
get away with a lot more than some of the other movies on this list. However, even with its more mature audience,
not every insult can be so blatant. After the Avengers team captures bad guy Loki,
he can be seen seething with hatred which is directed toward Black Widow. He mumbles to himself about how the Avengers
are failures and provides a few more forms of mockery. One term he uses for Ms.  Romanoff is a “Mewling
quim” which may not immediately activate any alarm bells. For those who may not know, quim is a word
in British slang for female genitals. Loki is basically calling Black Widow a whining…
well, you know. So while Loki‘s “See you next Tuesday”
slam is not exactly a joke in itself, the sneaky way in which Joss Whedon slipped the
forbidden word for PG-13 audiences, is hilarious. Toy Story 3
Since the Toy Story franchise is rife with innuendo, it seems impossible to narrow down
the dirty jokes. While Buzz Lightyear’s excitement in Toy
Story 2 displayed by his erecting wings is a solid example of Disney’s naughty immaturity,
we don’t want to forget the one that may be overlooked in Toy Story 3 but not because
of its subtlety which it severely lacks. In Toy story 3, Andy has grown up and moves
away to college. Since he has no use for his toys, they end
up as donations in a local day care. As the toys begin to interact with the other
toys that have been there for years, Barbie meets her dream man, Ken. As the two walk toward each other, the attraction
is part because the scene is in slow motion with the song “Dreamweaver”
playing in the background but mostly because it is Barbie and Ken, Mattel’s royal couple. As the two give each other compliments, Barbie
says “Nice ascot”. Sure, Ken is wearing an ascot but we suspect
Barbie’s emphasis on the “as” was no accident and was certainly admiring Ken’s
derriere. Cars 2
The newer films made by Disney seem to only be dirty for those who are aware of modern
terminology. One example of this is an event that takes
place in Cars 2. The beat up old cars are having a party. The cars in question are in the style of Pinto
and Pacers which are well known for being lemons. The fact that all of these cars are together
while also using lemons as their centerpieces is what many would consider cute and even
funny. However, for those who grew up with the internet,
the term lemon party is something completely different. Deep in the dark underbelly of the internet,
you may find that a lemon party is not exactly a squeaky clean Disney event. We won’t spell it out for you but if you
are curious, you can search for it yourself but please be sure to keep the safe search
on and whatever you do, do not look at images. Zootopia
Disney’s 2016 smash success, Zootopia is beloved by critics and audiences for its endearing
story of a smart and motivated rabbit reaching her goal of being the first bunny police officer
in the big city of Zootopia. The bunny, Judy Hopps is laughed at for her
big dreams since she is an animal of prey and bunnies are not known for being tough. She is tough though and never says quit. Although she makes it through the police academy,
she is given the dull and unglamorous job of meter maid. Judy knows giving animals tickets for petty
crimes is beneath her as she has the fire in her to stop real crime. Since she puts everything she’s got in everything
she does, she is dedicated to doling out tickets too. Zootopia is definitely appropriate for the
kids and it teaches them useful lessons about acceptance and working hard to achieve what
you want, but it also gets a prime dirty joke in there for good measure. While adding up the fines for Nick, the sly
fox, Judy recounts all of the fines together and states, “I might be just a dumb bunny,
but we are good at multiplying”. The look on Nick’s face says everything. It is a naughty joke for such a nice bunny. So there you have it, 10 Dirty Jokes Hidden
in Disney Movies. What do you think of our list? Were there any suggestive jokes that slipped
past us just like they slipped past the censors? Tell us what you think in the comments below
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  1. i renember in zootopia when the parents mentioned a carrot farm, theynalso said they had big dreams, but tthen gave them up, and then they said they settled and hard. 😉

  2. what about on zootopia whn nick made the joke "what do you call a three humped camel? PREGNANT !" thats disturbing

  3. When I had a party as age 10 I have a party based around lemons cuase they were my favourite fruit and it was just a dinner party based around meals with lemon in them – I referred to it as a lemon party and now I regret my life

  4. The meaning of zootopia's joke is "we are good at multiplying" means a sex joke because if you look at the population of bunny burrow you see 81 million bunnies born and counting which means a sex joke.

  5. the only movie where I caught the dirty jokes was
    "Angry Birds" there was a birth control joke and prostitute joke I think

  6. In zootopia you missed the " what do you all a three humped camel? pregnat!" joke, it might not be hidden totally, but a dirty one.

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  9. What's lemon party? I'm not gonna look it up, but come on, it's probably not something too bad, like old men porn!

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  12. Hey there is a dirty joke with in the movie zootopia that you missed that Was when Nick told flash about the three humped camel joke, which did not seem too funny.


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