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10 Dirty Jokes From Animated Movies You Missed As A Kid

Animated movie are for kids, right? Well, if 2016’s Sausage Party taught us
anything, that’s definitely not always the case. But, it turns out animated movies don’t
have to be that outwardly raunchy to still deliver some very dirty jokes. For this video we are taking a look at some
dirty jokes from animated movies that probably slipped past you as a youngster. We’d like to thank Screen Rant for their
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to stay up to do on all our new videos! Without further a due, here are 10 Dirty Jokes
From Animated Movies You Missed As A Kid. The Brave Little Toaster
The Brave Little Toaster is a very underappreciated animated kids movie that tells a very fun
adventure story while bringing many different household items to life. Unfortunately, the personification goes a
little too far in one scene where a computer basically has an orgasm on camera. The machine gets very excited that his memory
banks are being “stroked” by a professional and starts to freak out with pleasure. The scene continues to escalate and the computer
starts to say how good it all feels. Things get really out of hand when the computer
says he can’t take it any longer and then proceeds to print out some white papers as
a form of release. Shooting out white stuff as a way of releasing
pleasure isn’t exactly the most subtle metaphor we have ever seen… Frozen
Fans of 2013’s Frozen are eagerly awaiting the movies sequel that surprisingly still
has no release date announced. We can understand why people are hungry for
more as the first movie delivered a fantastic story, hilarious characters and some undeniably
catchy tunes. As it is a Disney movie, Frozen also made
sure to sneak in some moment to please the adults in the room and some of them were dirtier
than others. In a scene between Anna and Kristoff, the
two characters are discussing foot size and Kristoff seems to be insecure about his own. Anna, the sweet princess that she is, responds
by saying “foot size doesn’t matter”. Any adult watching will instantly realize
that this is a thinly veiled joke about penis size. The Incredibles
2004’s The Incredibles sequel, Incredibles 2, is set to come to the public in summer
of 2018 and we are guessing that lots of fans will be re-watching the first film before
checking out the long awaited second installment. As it will have been 14 years, we are guessing
that a lot of the fans are now adults and we are sure that they will be able to pick
up on the more mature jokes hidden in this animated superhero film. There’s one mature moment that is dirtier
than all others and it comes in the first encounter between Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Their meeting starts with witty banter, but
it quickly evolves into a more sexually charged conversation that is capped off by a very
suggestive line about what Elastigirl can do with her flexibility. Cars 2
Cars 3 is set to come out at the start of summer 2017 and we are really hoping that
it is better than the first vehicular sequel, Cars 2. While, that may have not been anywhere near
as good as the original movie, it did give the world one of the sneakiest and most risqué
dirty Disney jokes of all time. In one secretly mature scene from the film,
the cars are all gathered having a party. That’s all fine and dandy until you realize
that they are having a lemon party. If you aren’t sure what that means why that
is included on our list of dirty jokes, that’s probably for the best as Lemon Party is one
thing you will definitely regret Googling. A Bug’s Life
If you are too young to remember A Bug’s Life, we strong recommend that you go and
check it out as it is one of the best animated movies ever made. Along with creative storytelling and some
hilarious characters, the movie also showcases Pixar’s famous talent for sneaking adult
jokes into their flics. In a scene from the movie, the bug world has
gathered to watch some female bugs perform on stage. As a clear reference to how gross men can
be when they cat-call women, the movie has one of the grossest looking bugs yell out
“Hey cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug?” Pollinate, of course, means to fertilize,
so any adult watching this scene could pretty easily decode what the nasty bug was really
saying. Peter Pan
Peter Pan is a classic Disney movie and has sparked many different spinoffs and adaptations. The story is great and the movie is very innocent…for
the most part. As it turns out that the movie actually featured
a pretty dirty adult moment that you definitely had to be grown up to catch. Near the beginning of the film, Peter is dancing
around the kids’ room and at one point he is dancing with his shadow on the wall. Well, if you pause the movie at right time
you can see that his shadow has his…well for lack of a better word…”peter” hanging
out. It’s a very quick moment that we’re guessing
went right past most kids, but we have to think that it totally shocked any adults who
happened to catch it. Zootopia
Zootopia is now officially an Academy Awarding winning film and with good reason as it truly
presents a meaningful story, some incredible world building and just a an overall great
movie for the whole family to enjoy. While kids loved all the fun animals, we are
guessing that the adults in the room definitely appreciated all the cleverly placed adult
messages and jokes. One of the best ones comes from a scene between
Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and when Hopps makes a joke about how bunnies are great at multiplication,
adults in the room can clearly pick up the reference to the old adage about people “getting
busy like bunnies”. This is a great example of a joke that sounds
like nothing to kids but likely made mature audiences laugh. The Road To El Dorado
The Road to El Dorado is a criminally under watched kids movie and with talks a remake
circling around we hope that more people go and check out the original flick. El Dorado presents a very fun story and they
also made sure to slip in some pretty dirty jokes for older audiences to enjoy. For example, there is a moment when Chel gives
back the set of dice to Miguel and Tulio. The explorers pause for a second and then
Miguel asks “Where was she keeping them?.” This line likely flew right past kids but
adults who notice that she is barely wearing anything will likely understand the implication
that the dice may have been hidden somewhere naughty. The Rescuers
Back in 1999, Disney actually had to recall the home video version of their 1977 animated
feature The Rescuers because it contained an “objectionable background image.” The image in question was one, which appeared
in a scene approximately 38 minutes into the film. While rodent heroes Bianca and Bernard were
flying through the city in a sardine box, the background actually showed a photographic
image of a topless woman in two different non-consecutive frames. The story behind this R-rated slip up was
never really released and the film was re-edited and re-distributed and we are guessing that
Disney is hoping that this story just goes away. Shrek
While Shrek claims to be a kid’s movie, the satirical humor is so strong and the adult
references are so plentiful that we have to think that DreamWorks truly made this film
for all ages. When Shrek and Donkey first show up to the
castle they encounter some seeing singing dolls at a kiosk. The dolls sing the following line: “Keep your
feet off the grass/ Shine your shoes, wipe your… feet”. We are guessing that all of the adults watching
this scene definitely thought that the dolls were going to say something other than “feet”
and rhyming with “grass”. This dirty joke is so sneaky that the movie
didn’t even have to say the word, they just made the audiences members think of it themselves,
bravo! So there you have it folks, there is our list
of 10 Dirty Jokes from animated movies that totally slipped past you as a kid! Which one of these shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments section down below
and a big thank you to Screen Rant who helped us out with this video. If you are new here because Screen Rant sent
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  8. There is another moment in sherek when Shrek and donkey is going toLord Farquaad's castle. Sherek says that it's a very big castle and thinks that Lord Farquaad maybe is compensating for something… Also when Lord Farquaad is in his bed, he askes the magic mirror to see Fiona and when he sees her he looks under his blanket….

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  14. I found a dirty joke from the new smurfs movie: papa smurf and the other smurf were stuck in the cage and papa smurf said "time to shake the cage" other smurf stuck with papa said "don't be weird"

  15. Also, there is a great one in HTTYD when during the training in the arena Hiccup is running away from a dragon, he jumps off the wall and lands on Astrid in awkward position with twins in the back whispering "eww.. love on the battlefield"

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