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10 Disney Moments That Only Adults Will Understand

Disney movies are supposed to be for kids,
right? While that might have been the idea originally,
it seems like the studio has been more and more keen to crank out content for the whole
family to enjoy. While this sometimes means more compelling
and mature stories, it often also means some very targeted and often risqué adult jokes. For this list, we are taking a look at some
of the best ones for our video of 10 Disney Moments That Only Adults Will Understand. We hope you enjoy this list and be sure to
subscribe to Screen Rant for more awesome content, every single day! Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3 is one of those Disney movies that can make even the most grown up viewer,
totally break down in tears. Along with some seriously emotional moments,
the movie also brings us one of the most ruthless Disney villains to date in the form of Lotso. The evil bear is maniacal and rude, so it’s
no surprise that he actually prompts one of the most risqué adults jokes in the history
of Disney movies. At one point, Lotso doesn’t like what Mrs.
Potato Head’s is saying, so instead of telling her, he just pops the lips right off of her
face. Mr. Potato Head was not too happy, and he
responds by saying “nobody takes my wife’s mouth but me!” If you don’t understand that joke, it’s
probably best we don’t explain it to you. Toy Story
When you are talking about kid’s movies that can easily be appreciated by adults,
the Toy Story franchise might just take the cake. The original film might have less sneaky adult
moments that it’s two sequels but it does have one mature moment that, once you understand,
will definitely make you laugh. In one scene, we get to see some pretty messed
up toys and one of them is a flirtatious plastic fishing rod with Barbie legs attached to them. If you take a second to think about it, it’s
pretty clear that the filmmakers were creating a character that was literally a Hooker. It’s a very clever joke, and we doubt that
many children were able to catch on to these play on words. Inside Out
Inside Out is one of those classic Disney Pixar movies that, although kids can enjoy
it, is really better suited for adults to take in. The movie features very mature ideas about
mental health and it was clearly well received as it took home the Oscar for Best Animated
Feature. Inside Out also features some pretty hilarious
jokes that were definitely sprinkled in for adults to enjoy. At one point, Lewis Black’s Anger character
says, “I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear.” While kids may think this is a joke about
the animal, adults who are aware of LGBTQ slang know that “bear” is a term meaning
a burly and often bearded gay man. What makes this joke even better is that the
story takes place in San Francisco, one of the most famously gay cities in the world. Frozen
Frozen took the world by absolutely storm in 2013 and ever since it was released kids
and adults alike just haven’t been able to Let It Go. The film features lots of fun jokes for the
whole family to enjoy, but there are also definitely some moments specifically designed
to connect with adult viewers. In a scene between Anna and Hans, the two
characters are discussing foot size and Hans seems to be insecure about his own. Anna, ever the loving character that she is,
responds by saying “foot size doesn’t matter”. Any adult watching will instantly connect
that line with the age-old idea of “does SIZE matter”, if you know what we mean. Cars
Regardless of how disappointing the sequel was, the first Cars movie was definitely one
of Disney’s best original concepts and hit a chord with kids worldwide. The story of Lightning McQueen was a whole
lot of fun, but hidden between the races are some pretty sneaky adult jokes. One of the best moments that definitely slipped
past kids is written in plain sight on the Truck Stop sign. The sign advertises that it’s restaurant
features “All Convertible Waitresses.” This, of course, is a joke saying that the
restaurant has topless waitresses for customers to enjoy. Adults with a keen eye and quick mind might
have caught on to this one, but we are pretty sure no kids did! Aladdin
Aladdin is one of the most fun Disney movies ever made, and even though the third film
went straight to DVD, Disney still made sure to include some jokes for adults to enjoy
while their kids watched the film on repeat. Robin Williams’ Genie is undoubtedly the
best character in the franchise and it just so happens that he also delivers the best
“for adults only” moment. Right before Jasmine and Aladdin are set to
get hitched, The Genie says these words: “I thought the earth wasn’t supposed to move
until the honeymoon”. The phrase “earth moving” is a metaphor
for reaching sexual climax and it’s pretty clear that this is what the big blue magical
man is referring to! The Little Mermaid
The hidden adult joke from The Little Mermaid was so risqué that the studio was actually
forced to edit the moment out when the film was re-released in 2006. After a movie’s worth of obstacles, Ariel
winds up with her prince charming in the end, but the film’s wedding scene featured an
R-Rated moment that adults watching closely were definitely shocked by. When the minister is officiating the wedding,
there seems to be a particularly large bulge protruding from his pelvic region. The Internet has argued for years whether
this is just his knees or it was actually his….”bishops staff”… but either way,
it was definitely not a moment meant for kids. Zootopia
In 2016, Disney achieved incredible critical and commercial success with their animated
hit, Zootopia. Although we could spend time talking about
the specific adult jokes hidden in Zootopia, like the Breaking Bad references or the implication
that bunnies are very sexually active, it seems like there might be some thing bigger
going on with this movie. Zootopia might technically be a kids movie,
but pretty much the whole plot of the film is centered around ideas of race relations
and the war on drugs in America. These aren’t ideas meant for young kids
and we have to think that the brains behind Zootopia were just using the cute animals
to get across a bigger, more important message. Job well done. Moana
While the hidden adult joke from Moana may not be a racy or sexual one, it’s definitely
one designed for adults to enjoy – or any young kid whose parents actually let them
watch Mad Max: Fury Road. Halfway through the film, Moana and her mythical
traveling companion, Maui, a tribe of anthropomorphic coconuts called kakamora. While the two travellers think they are cute
at first, that quickly changes when these coconuts turn out to be part of a enormous
pirate fleet that end up chasing them down. While there is no guy playing guitar on the
front of truck, like in Fury Road, the costumes and moments featuring characters swinging
on to the ship are definitely an homage to 2015 film and something that adults who have
seen both movies will definitely enjoy. The Incredibles
The Incredibles brought the world a really great superhero movie, way before the superhero
movie craze started to dominate Hollywood. Like every movie on this list, this film also
features some sneaky moments designed to make adults chuckle. In the first encounter between Mr. Incredible
and Elastigirl, there is definitely some sexual tension in the air. While their meeting starts with witty banter,
it quickly evolves into a more steamy connections capped off by a very suggestive line about
what Elastigirl can do with her flexibility. We’ve heard on people having crushes on
anime characters before, but who know Disney could take fans to that level as well! So there you have it, there is our list of
10 Disney movie moments that only adults understood. Which one of these moments took you by surprise? What other dirty Disney moments do you know
about? Let us know in the comments down below and
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  2. I remember when I first watched Incredibles I saw that part (I was about seven) and being like "hmmm….why would she want him to be more flexible?" Let's say now I know……

  3. I caught a very few of the comments when we saw the movies but I'm not looking for that when I'm watching Disney movies with my kids. I also think some of this is reaching and meant the way it's originally meant. And in Little Mermaid? It's his knees you perverts…lol.

  4. How could you have missed a scene from cars where the 2 Mazda Miata's come up to McQueen after the race, and flash thier pop up headlights, if you didnt get it, basically they flashed McQueen which is why they were taken away by the security car

  5. SOMEONE PLS TELLME THE FIRST ONE I WANT TO UNDERSTAND I'M 23 THIS IS HUMILIATING, the no one take my wife's mouth except me, what is that means 😔

  6. One of my favorite Disney inuendos is from Cars. 🤣

    I text messaged my friend, "Did those two cars flash Lightning McQueen in the first movie?" He said "Yeaaaah! XD"

  7. dude. These jokes are not meant to be dirty. It’s KIDS movies! And all of these are meant to be funny for kids! This is what dirty minded people think of🤦‍♀️

  8. A lot of this list are just HUGE stretches. I don't think most were intended that way at all. You can take a lot of innocent things in a dirty way if you think that way. But it's not their intended purpose

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