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10 Donald Trump Quotes That Made You Laugh

Ten Donald Trump Quotes That Made You Laugh
No matter who becomes the next President of the United States, this presidential race
has been one for the history books. Would you have ever thought that a reality
television star with no political experience would ever make a run at the Oval Office? Despite having millions of dollars of funding
and the support of the Republican Party, Donald Trump seems to find it hard to keep a handle
on his facts and on his comments. The media and public enjoys roasting him for
a reason. We count down ten Donald Trump quotes that
made you laugh. Shooting down an internationally recognized
media executive, who has earned awards and someone who runs one of the most powerful
online media outlets is probably not a good idea. It’s no surprise that the normally unbiased
and politically informed Huffington Post has little positive coverage of Trump. Could it be personal? Could it be that there are not a lot of good
things to share about Donald? Huffington filed Trump under “entertainment”
for months. You decide. Let’s pretend for a second that you live
in a bubble where you know nothing about global warming and why it is actually a really bad
thing. Don’t pretend, because apparently that bubble
exists in Trump Tower somewhere. Apparently global environmental awareness
is not high on “The Donald’s” list of things that the President of the United States
might need to be aware of. Kyoto? Not a type of sushi Mr. Trump. We had to repeat this again, because we’re
still finding it hard to believe that someone who wants to run one of the world’s superpower
countries thinks that Global Warming, which has been irrefutably proven by researchers
around the world, is some kind of propaganda. Maybe the delusion comes from living in a
tower all the time, thousands of feet above the floodplain. That’s our theory. Could it be that Obama has a family who still
resides in the same place where he was born? Or that he might be protecting his community
or family members by not stating his birth place? That would make too much sense, right Donald? It has to be something nefarious. And you clearly don’t get the Muslim vote. Like, we’re guessing not even one. Obama released the long form birth certificate
in 2011. “Ew”. Okay wait, let’s repeat ourselves … “ew”. One of the rules of Fatherhood is that you
never ever ever look at your daughter like she is someone you would date. Who was more creeped out by this comment,
Ivanka, or millions of American parents? It’s just gross. And imagining whether she would pose naked
for Playboy, dude, that’s messed up. Friends don’t let friends make a mockery
of the Presidential process, and Bloomberg dropped a bomb on Trump in July of 2016 to
let him know exactly what he thinks of Trump making “America Great Again”. Bloomberg has a net worth of $42.1 billion
dollars compared to Donald Trump’s estimated net worth of $4.4 billion, and his opinion
is trusted. Bloomberg asked America to “just say no”
to Trump, calling him a “dangerous demagogue”, which is pretty much a liar who will say anything
he thinks will help him win. Ouch… Unless they are Muslim, or black or Mexican
of course. Then you want to build walls around them and
keep them out. But it’s generous that Trump claims to affiliate
with the poor, especially since he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. That’s why he can afford to grossly underpay
his workers at the Trump International Hotel, many of whom are Latin or Mexican immigrants. And the middle class? Come on Mr. Trump … there is no middle class
left in America. Did you fall asleep in economics? Apparently you also fell asleep in Political
Science and History. Russia invaded the Ukraine in 2014. So… what were you saying? Russia doesn’t like or trust America. And America doesn’t like or trust Russia,
so why exactly are we “double dog” daring them to hack into Federal computers and commit
espionage? Isn’t national security one of the jobs
that a President is supposed to do? And if you have that kind of buddy-buddy relationship
with Putin, we’ll all be sleeping better tonight. That is what Donald Trump had to say about
Hillary Clinton in 2008. But then again, he wasn’t even thinking
of running for President. It’s what he wrote in a blog post about
the Clinton’s, and it was particularly flattering support of Hillary, who he described as “a
very nice person” and a “great trooper.” We really can’t make this ‘S&$t’ up.

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