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10 Funniest Relationship Prank Texts | The 10s (React)

– (FBE) Can you text your boyfriend
and say, “Is there something you want to tell me?”
– Oh! – Can I set this down? – This is not me at all.
I don’t just hit her with this. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, we have been seeing
people prank their significant others in text convos and posting it online
for all of our amusement. So, we’re gonna take a look
at three different viral prank text convos,
and you can tell us what you think. – Oh, man. Okay.
That can get dicey. – I’ve seen stuff like this
on Twitter, all social media a bunch. I mean, I think they’re pretty funny.
– I go back and forth on these, because I love
seeing them from other people, and I think it’s hilarious,
but I don’t know if I’d ever wanna receive anything
like them. – (FBE) So, this first one was
popular on Valentine’s Day this year, Girls would text their crush
and ask them if they want to go on a date with them
on Valentine’s Day. – Oh, okay.
– Wow. Girls be shooting their shots now.
I’m proud of them. – “I’ve had a crush on you
for some time. Would you like to go on
a date with me this Valentine’s Day? Eye emoji, “Who’s this?” “It’s the mother
of your future kids x.” “Sandra?”
I wonder if that was actually her. It’s not?
Oh, no! – Well, that backfired
on her really fast. – I don’t know what they
were expecting, though. This person doesn’t even
have your number. Are they really gonna
go out with you on Valentine’s Day?
– It’s funny, but if you’re really texting someone
that has no clue who this is, you’re just like, “What? No!”
That’s almost an instant never. – “I’ve had a crush on you
for some time. Would you like to go
on a date with me this Valentine’s Day?”
“Is this a joke? Did Stephen tell you
I had a crush on you?” – “Nope, I’m serious.
And don’t worry about where I found out.”
– “No freaking way. I’d love to.
Stephen is so dead, by the way.” Oh my gosh.
That worked out for her! – Success!
So proud! Can’t wait!
I hope they work out. – I wish this happened every time someone hit someone up.
That’d be lit. – I like the ones
that actually work out, ’cause first of all,
it’s a ballsy move to text your crush in the first place,
but then also to ask them out on a date on the spot.
For it to work out, that’s pretty great.
– “I’ve had a crush on you for some time.
Would you like to go on a date with me this Valentine’s Day?”
– “No thanks.” (chuckles) It’s her husband!
How cute. – That’s hilarious, though,
’cause at this point, you’re married to someone.
You don’t want it to be predictable. So, sometimes you gotta
throw in that no. – Once you’re married and stuff,
this is the type of stuff you would respond with.
Like, “No thanks,” “I’m good,” “I see you
every other day anyway,” “I’ll see you tonight for dinner.” – “Had a crush on you for some time.
Would you like to go on a date with me this Valentine’s Day?”
“Yes, I would.” (claps) Yay!
I am loving these successful ones. – Very simple, very to the point.
“Yes, I would like to go on a date with you.”
– I like the ones that work out the most,
because it just gives you the optimism to think,
“Oh, okay. I can be a little ballsy and I can go
and text my crush.” – What if you sent it to someone
that you didn’t want a response from?
Like, you were just trying to be funny.
And they ‘re like, “Ya,” and you’re like, “…” – I think this stuff is funny.
If you know it’s obviously a joke, I’m gonna send you
something back. – I’m scared of shooting my shot.
I don’t really do that. I wait for guys to come to me. – It’s so different now.
I mean, we would pass notes. People still tell their friends.
I see it with the kids that I teach. They’re just like, “Oh my gosh.
Did you hear that some person likes you?”
But I feel like it’s a little easier to be bold through a phone. – (FBE) Next one is people texting
their significant others, telling them they want a baby.
– Ah! These are SO funny. I saw a few of these. – “I want a baby.
“I’m baby.” – I do this a lot.
I am constantly telling him, “Oh, I want a baby.
I wanna have a baby.” And then he’ll just look
at me like, “…Not yet.” – I can’t tell if this guy
took it personally. Saying, like, “No,
I’m baby,” you know, like people
call each other baby, whatever, or he’s saying that, yo,
he’s still a child, too. – I’m imagining a lot of these people
that are posting on Twitter are a lot younger and aren’t really
ready for babies, but they kind of do it
for the fun of it. So, that’s hilarious,
’cause how could you want a baby if you’re a baby yourself? – “I want a baby.”
(chuckles) “Matthew Xu has left the chat.”
– That’s so funny. All the guys are like,
“Wha– what? What’s that?” – Right? I mean, what else
is there to do? Just, you know, get outta there.
– “I want a baby.” “No.”
“Oh, okay.” “Wait, but don’t ask another guy.
I’ll do it.” (laughs) – “Wait, but don’t ask…”
(slaps table) Well, we know who wears
the pants in this one. – He was like, “Wait, wait, wait,
just kidding, just kidding! Like, I guess.”
Maybe I have to trick my boyfriend and be like, “Fine,
I guess I’m gonna”– Nah, I wouldn’t do that.
– I wanna see the timeline on this and know how long
it took the– after the no, like, “No.”
“Oh, okay.” And then, “Wait. No, no!”
– Right now in my life with Jillian, I would know
it’s a joke for sure. But if I just received that text
and thinking it was legit, your whole life flashes right there.
– I think, if anything, I would wanna send this one
just because I think it’d be really funny.
But then, to receive it, it would be that immediate “No.” – (FBE) So, the next prank is where
one person texts their significant other or friend
and asks if they would still love them if they didn’t
have any skin. – (chuckles) That’s so weird. – What kind of question is–
you’d die from just the diseases and germs in the air
if you had no skin. It doesn’t matter if they
love you or not. Thinking too logically, okay. – “Hey, Jen,
would you still love me if I had no skin?”
“Probably, but no in public.” Whoa! (claps)
Wow, that’s [bleep] up. – “Probably, but not in public
to be honest.” (laughs) Dang, that hurt me!
– I don’t think I would be offended if my boyfriend told me
that he wouldn’t think I was cute if I didn’t
have any skin. – “Would you like me
if I didn’t have any skin?” – “Is this, like, forever?”
– “Yes or no?” “Of course, baby.”
Awww! “I’m in love with you
for inside reasons.” – Awww. Okay, so he loves her
for her bones. That’s cute. – That’s sweet,
but I think I personally wouldn’t really like somebody
if they didn’t have skin, because they’d look
a little scary. – “Would you still love be with me
if I had no skin?” “Well, first off, yes, I”–
This is a long response. – “Yes, I believe so.
I have so many questions, though. Like, first off,
are you stuck in a bed all day just bleeding and suffering all day?”
– “Or are you just bandaged up, able to walk around,
just not able to feel things? Is it just a normal person
with no skin?” – “I wouldn’t want you to be”–
Oh my god. My brain. This guy doesn’t know
what the fuck a period is. “I wouldn’t want you to be alone,
and I’d have to put eye drops in, because you wouldn’t have
eyelids to close since that’s skin. You would have to
just stare at me”– Okay, just break up with him.
This fool is just stupid. (chuckles)
– That’s commitment and dedication. Chase is a keeper.
– He’s asking the right questions. Realistically, if you didn’t
have any skin, what kind of scenario
are we talking here? It’s sweet but also alarming
that he’s really thought of every situation. (laughs)
– This tells a lot about a person, ’cause what if we all get old
and stuff and are all wrinkly and ugly and you’re not
gonna be with me, you know, at that point, man?
Just ’cause I was young and charming back in the day,
now I’m fugly, like… (clicks tongue) that’s messed up. – it’s one of those fun trends
that’s not totally so far out there. It’s kind of what you just do
with your friends anyway. – (FBE) Now it’s your turn to try.
Brittany, can you text your boyfriend and say, “Is there something
you want to tell me?” – Oh!
– (FBE) Then if they answer “No,” you can follow up and say,
“Are you sure?” – Oh! Yes!
– Ooh! Okay. Honestly, he might be onto me.
I never text him anything cryptic EVER. – Okay. I’ll text my mom.
And I’m gonna say, “Is there something
you wanna tell me?” She said no. (laughs)
She said, “No. What?” “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Why?” (laughs) That’s a proper mom response. – I said, “Is there
you want to tell me?” No, I sent the wrong thing!
Can I send it again? – (FBE) Yeah.
– (snickers) I’m so nervous,
I’m typing the wrong thing. Can I set this down? She’s writing back. (groans) “What are you talking about?” Um… “You know.”
“No, I don’t know.” This is not working!
This might be the first time you guys have gotten me
in trouble at home. – Oh, oh, typing back.
(sucks in breath) Oh, my stomach. (chuckles)
“About?” [Bleep]. I’ma get beat up
for this one. “You know.”
“No??” “What’s wrong?”
(hits table) Ohh.
I feel bad. What should I say next?
It’s all Katie’s fault? “JK, this is for a video.
It’s all good.” She said “Biiiiitch lmao.”
(laughs) – She said, “lol hey.
Watchu mean?” “You know.”
I’ll put a period. That’s assertive.
I don’t know what she’s thinking right now.
This is not me at all. I don’t just hit her
with stuff like this. She just says, “Hahaha.”
(chuckles) I said, “I’m filming React right now.
They wanted me to meme on you. It’s fake. ILY.”
And she says, “I knew it. I’m not dumb.
I wanted to tell you….” And then she says “That I,”
and then she just stopped responding. She just switched
the tables on me. Dammit. – He’s typing. (laughs)
Oh, wait. It disappeared. Oh.
He’s typing again. He’s typing for too long.
What if this is really long than just a yes or no?
(laughs) Oh, no! He said, “Yeah.”
Oh! Oh, wait. He’s still typing. “Hurry up so we
can get breakfast.” I’m gonna be like, “No,
you know what I’m talking about. Just tell me.”
(chuckles) I put an exclamation point.
It’s serious. (gasps)
He said, “Yeah, I’ve always hated Animal Crossing.”
That’s the best game ever, and he knows that’s the thing
that gets me mad. (laughs) You know what?
I see the kind of person he is, and this has really changed
my opinion on him a lot. – Oh, there he is.
Wow, that was fast. He said, “What do you mean?”
I said, “You know.” Oh my god!
I feel like I’m arguing with him. (laughs)
I love you! He said, “What?”
(giggles) He’s so… Could you imagine
if he said something, though, and he was like, “Okay,
I guess now you know.” I would cry.
(gasps and laughs) What do I do?
Do I answer? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Hello? – (Anthony) Hello?
– Hey. – (Anthony) Is something the matter?
– I’m filming. They’re making me
send mean messages to you, baby. (laughs) You guys gave my boyfriend
a heart attack. – (Anthony) I was like,
“Wha– wha?” Okay. – (laughs) All right.
Bye. We’ve never had an argument.
There never has been any situations where I’ve had
to do that. So, I can see him freaking out
and being like, “What’s going on?” – (FBE) We want our viewers
to take part in the fun. We want people at home
to text their significant others asking if there is something
they want to tell them and then screenshot it
and share what happens with us on Twitter.
We’ll feature the best ones in an upcoming vlog
on FBE2, so be sure to subscribe. – Ooh. I’m excited to see that.
– Oh my gosh! I love that! Yes! How fun.
– FBE and React total has a very large fan base.
I have no doubt in my mind we can definitely get
some funny ones in there. – That’s awesome.
Man. Oh. We better send them candy
or something if that destroys a friendship. (laughs)
Like, “Here’s a jolly rancher.” – Thanks for watching us
read text pranks on the React Channel.
– Subscribe for new shows every week. Make sure to hit that Like button
if you like this episode. – Have you ever text pranked someone?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye.
– Hey, guys. I’m Katie, a React Channel producer.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
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  2. Pranker: something you want to tell me?

    Pranked: yeah. I'm sleeping with your dad.

    Just imagine that before you play this game, and remember, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

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    He said he didn’t frickin care

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  12. I asked my guy friend.

    Me: is there's something u wanna tell me?
    Him: yeah..
    Me: what?
    Him: are u sure u won't tell Sophie (his gf)??
    Me: yess
    Him: I've been cheating on her.. with her sister..
    I basically told Sophie and they have broken up because of me.. him and I are still friends tho 🙂

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