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25 thoughts on “10 Funniest Standup Jokes on Women

  1. There are very few female comedians that I find funny, but there are a few. Jo Brand is an example. But I would like to see a list of 10 Funniest Standup Jokes on Men by Women. Surely in all of comedic history there are some jokes that are so funny that even us men can't resist laughing, even at our own expense.

  2. Guys, do yourself a service and listen to Patrice O'Neal's "Black Phillip Show". Everything you need to know about the female nature and how to handle women is there together with pure comedy gold.

  3. Don't get me wrong, Kevin Hart is a good dude and is obviously funny most of the time but most of his jokes require him to repeat shit he's already said like 20 different times and repeating the punchline in a high pitched voice. Again, cool dude but.. yeah

  4. Connective tissue ? The real name for titty meat? Shit, I do t e an know what it's called and I'm a girl!

  5. Eddy was dumb. Like im post to glorify black women. I went to Lincoln high school in tacoma wa,
    Its literally like 95% black. An the dime piece's there we're HEELLLLAAA
    stuck up, cocky, loud, bratty, self centered high maintnianced an always act some kinda way. Like they just cant chill, or be down to earth. THEY DO ANYTHING FOR CLOUT. In short there gold diggers that treat you like a raunchy fart. Sooooo… They gets no honor… Not one decent
    Black girl there. They we're literally all hoe's an even hood checked me my first day. Im not a gangster anyway😠

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