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– Wow, this is so close to home.
This is too relatable. – If my brother’s girlfriend
or “girlfriend” ever sent me a text like that… ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’ll be
showing you some funny texts between siblings.
– Ooh, I like this, I like this. I always text my sister
something dumb. – These have a lot of potential
to be really bad. – I don’t have siblings,
so this should be interesting. – I have two younger brothers.
It’s gonna be a lot of smartass remarks
towards each other. – My sister and I
will send each other tweets and stuff, so
this might hit close to home. – “So, your friend Kate is single?” – “Yeah, she just broke up
with her boyfriend. Wait, why?” – “Hook a brother up.”
“Gross.” – I like the little thumbs up
emoji. He’s just like,
“Come on, you can do it.” – Oh my God, I’ve definitely
had those conversations with people before. – I’m not gonna say I
haven’t been in this position. – This actually happened once
between me and my brother. He actually knows somebody
that I had a crush on at one point and I had
to ask him to hook me up in a way. – I always see a bunch with
siblings who are close in age, they always try to get
with each other’s friends or there’s always been–
I’ve gone over to a friend’s house and they always have
the hot brother or something and then there’s always that
weird tension between sibling friends for some reason. – My girlfriend, she’s got
three siblings, so I can see it being
really weird if one of her brothers asked her
to hook her up with one of her friends.
The more I think about it, it gets weirder and weirder.
It’s almost like hooking your dad up with someone. – “Broseph.”
I like that. “I know you snuck out
to see Jess last night.” – “If you tell mom and dad
I swear I’ll murder you. And they’ll never find the body.” – “Five bucks.”
“Fine.” – Negotiating at its finest. – I don’t relate to this at all,
’cause I never snuck out. I was golden only child. – I’m the blue text, 100%.
I’m up to see whoever walks in the house super
late at night, who leaves the house
and I’m always getting money. – My brother had snuck out
once, and I had to keep it– wait, I don’t wanna say that.
My parents don’t know about it. He didn’t have to bribe me
for money, but I still kept it a secret.
♪ (Price is Right losing horn) ♪ – “What’s your Netflix account
details?” – This is something I text
my parents. – I don’t know, would you–
do you let your siblings use it?
I think it depends on the relationship, really.
If you’re tight with them, then why not? – My sister has been buying
the Netflix and paying for it because she has the student
account and I’ve been stealing her information
to watch it, so wow, this is so close
to home. This is too relatable. – “How was your flight?”
“This is his girlfriend. Who are you exactly?
And why are you texting him?” Crazy girlfriends are the best. – I hope she gets schooled.
“Okay, first of all stop calling yourself his
girlfriend to make yourself feel better than the other girls.” – “We all know ya’ll ain’t
official so don’t flatter yourself.” Clap back. – “I’m the girl that can make
any girl go from girlfriend to ex real quick.” – “Now how was my brother’s flight?
Bitch.” – That’s rough.
Damn, this sister’s gotta be really protective of her brother. – Oh, that’s great.
If my brother’s girlfriend or “girlfriend” ever sent me
a text like that… – Girls are very–
they can be territorial over their siblings,
their brother, especially. I know I am over my
little brother. I’m like, no girl will ever
be good enough for him. – There’s only two women
in my life that come before every other.
That’s my mom and that’s my sister. – “Do you remember what
that scar on my chest is from?” – “I cut you when you
killed my hamster.” – “Wait, really?”
“Yeah, you were three so you don’t remember.” – That’s so casual. – This is all bad.
Just throw the whole family away. – Oh my God, that’s so crazy.
First of all, he killed your hamster,
then you cut him. Wow, what an intense
relationship. – One of these scars on my arm
and here is from when my sister stabbed me
with a pen. These have lasted and these
are great memories. – When I was younger,
I had hit my brother on the head with a rake
and it was totally on accident. He ended up getting a big
gash in his head. I’ve given my brothers
a few stitches here and there. ♪ (Price is Right losing horn) ♪ – Lil’ Sis.
“What are you doing right now?” “Reading in my room.
Why?” – “Can you get me
toil– Can you get me toilet paper?” – “I don’t know, I’m just getting
to the good part.” “Please.” – That sucks. – That’s so weird.
How do you not know before you walk in
to the bathroom? That’s your fault. – This is a good strategy here.
Just torturing them while you can. That makes a lot of sense to me.
I do it to my friends. – This still happens.
You have to ask somebody. They definitely want to
sabotage me, they would make me wait
in the bathroom for a long time.
That’s definitely happened before, but not for too long.
They end up giving it to me. – I don’t text my sister.
I’ll just yell. I’m just like, “Yo.”
She’s like, “What?” “TP!”
She’s like, “Ugh.” – “Are you on Netflix right now?”
“Yes.” – “There are too many accounts.
I haven’t been on all day. Can you get off?” – “No, I’m in the middle
of a movie. It’ll be done in 40 minutes.” – “That is an entire Gossip Girl
episode. I’ll give you 20 bucks to get off.” – I’ll take the 20 bucks to
stop watching a movie. I’ll watch it later. – I’d take the 20 bucks,
but I’d make sure he would Venmo me
the 20 bucks before I got on. – I share my Netflix account
with my whole family, so it can only go
up to three and it’s really annoying
when I really want to watch something on Netflix. – You could just upgrade
the account for a dollar extra
and everyone can get some turns on it,
but I get it, I get it. Keep it on the low. – “Hey, mom said she wants you
to vacuum the house before she gets home.” – “She told you to do it,
didn’t she?” – “I’ll pay you five bucks.”
“Make it ten.” – Another bribe. – Gotta love hustling your family. – That’s fair.
I’ve definitely known my girlfriend’s siblings
do that all the time. – Honestly, vacuuming is
kinda fun. I would just be like,
okay, I’m not gonna waste my money. – That’s a good trade-off.
I’d be down to vacuum the house for ten,
especially because our house has wood floors. – “Why is mom making me
do the dishes? You haven’t done them
in a week.” – “Because I’m the favorite child.”
“I hate you.” – I feel like that’s how
my girlfriend is, ’cause I know she’s
the favorite of the family, so she always gets
a [bleep] ton of money from her dad and
no one else does and then I remember
her brothers were asking, “Where do you keep getting
all this money from? You don’t have a job.” – This is exactly what I say
to my sister. She always washes the dishes.
I never have to do them and then when she complains
as to why I never, this is exactly what I say.
Because I’m the one that’s loved the most, okay?
I’m sure that when I’m a parent, I’ll have a favorite kid, too.
I just won’t tell them. – Oh dang, this is the
old iPhone. This is back in 2008. – “Hey, what’s new?”
“Boyfriend just dumped me. Broken heart.” – “Kay, be there soon.”
“You live in a different state, loser.” – “It’s called a plane ticket.
Now where does this [bleep] live?” – That’s so sweet.
I have a whole fraternity of guys that would
do this for me. – That’s a big brother.
Big brothers will come through for you.
I don’t have one, but I know they will. – This just seems like
a really really good relationship, but I strive for a
relationship like this with my brothers,
but I mean, I don’t think they would fly to different–
if I’m living in a different state. – The girlfriend I dated before
this current girl, she had two siblings
and I had to get in with those ones,
’cause I was her first boyfriend and they were like
“What are you up to?” I was just like, “It’s high school.” – These are hella relatable,
because I have a younger sister and this is what we talk about
sometimes. – I feel like most sibling
relationships, they’ll hate each other,
they’ll fight with each other, they have the weird history
like a hamster, but they love each other
at the end of the day. – Thanks for watching this episode
on the React Channel. – Hit that Like button
if you like this episode. – We have new shows
every day, so Subscribe. – Do you guys have
a funny sibling text? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. I would love to read some
funny stories about your siblings, so leave them down
in the comments. Thanks guys.

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  2. No bribing between us…threatening is the house style. And we all know each others secrets so if you tell on them they tell on you. 😓

  3. My sister asks me all the time what the Netflix password is. It's my mothers Netflix but for some reason I am the only person that can remember the password haha even my mum asks me once in a while

  4. there are three things in my sibling relationship
    1 I'm the favorite child
    2 i am the older sister
    3 we can never agree

  5. one time my sister sent me a picture of a huge poop in the toilet and said ew Ava wtf? And I said "Yeah wtf Ella that isn't mine it is probably one of Hudson's friend's" and then she freaked out at me-the poop was not mine

  6. When my sister and I were kids (she's 3 years older than me), we were fighting about something one day and I actually bit her back! Yea we didn't mess around when we fought.

  7. I think me and my sis ended almost killing each other accidentally, she was imitating an anime character karate kick and almost broke my neck and I outright slammed a perfume bottle to her head o.0

  8. Me & My brother’s text:

    Brother: Do you have the house keys?
    Me: Why?
    Brother: I am bringing friends over and I am locked out
    Me: Remember when you told mom I brought friends over?
    Brother: Yeah and???
    Me: Well I wasn’t supposed to bring them over and I got grounded
    Brother: Ok give me the house keys please
    Me: Stay outside❤️

  9. Here's how a conversation went with my younger sister
    Her:Cook me cinnamon rolls
    Me:It's 2:00 and you dont need a whole thing of cinnamon rolls
    Her:well then you eat some too
    Me:I dont want cinnamon rolls
    Her:make them or else I'm calling mom
    Me:do it
    (she proceeded to call our mother who then told me to make the cinnamon rolls)
    Her: haha
    Me: blocks her number

  10. The last one was soooo nice, I'm older than my brother but he's 4….. But if his girlfriend disrespects me or him imma be popping

    sister: "YES"
    Sister:"fine $5 it is"

  12. Having siblings is like forced you don't wanna love them but your mind is like "no thats you big bro and sis do you're gonna love them oh and you have no choice".

  13. Cannot relate to this because my sister never texts me she only FaceTimes me and I always text her but she leaves me on read constantly 😂

  14. I swear Daniel was my substitute teacher and when he called my name I said "that's my name what's up" he yelled at me Lmao HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HIM!!

  15. I have 3 siblings. 1 brother and 2 sisters(twins). I'm the younger and favorite child. And they are over protective with me. I'm in my 20's and my sisters say that to their eyes I'm still 15(or younger)

  16. I have 2 kids they are so protected on one another they do fight over toys tho hahaha loves this episode reminded my self with my brother&sisters😁

  17. I once tackled my cousin and started choking him because he wouldn’t let me out of the dining room, he was just laughing while turning purple. We are really close and have called each other siblings before.


    Bro : Haha
    Me : WHAT DID U DO
    Bro : I used it.
    Me : wHAT??
    Bro : I used it alongside mom.
    Bro : It's called a hussle, old hag.

    No joke he actually calls me "old hag"

  20. I have a twin brother so so much of this relatable!
    The hamster scar one….
    When my brother and I were 5 we were playing with these giant purple baseball bats.
    He hit my face and I had a black eye for a week, and now I have a scar on my eyelid.
    No joke…

  21. When i was only 1 year old and my brother was 3. He was playing a game called dog. He used to tie me up so hard that i would be blue. And my mom saw it, and she did it to him,

  22. Once me a my sister was fighting because I said DADDY LOVS ME MORE THEN YOU when she grabbed a pencil and stabbed me in my eye then my dad cared for me so when my dad left to the bathroom I said who’s the favorite it one now

  23. I hit my little brother on the head with a tennis racket when he was a baby and years later he broke my collar bone with a rubber mallet. When I was into dolls when I was like 1 or 2 my older brother ripped one of their heads off in front of me.

  24. My big sister closed the door with my little sister fingers on the side of the door and my mom came and asked my little sister why she's crying and my big sister jumped right in to the conversation and said it was my little brother and my brother was baby back then he started crying and said I'm sorry

    it wasn't his fault at all LOL 😂

  25. so me and my sister (i'll call her mae for the story) we were at a caravan site and there is a small road like the ones you get in small areas. she was riding her bike and i was about 3 and she was about 9. I kept running in front of her and she kept going on the grass and on the road so at one point she couldnt stopped and she ran me over….it was an accident though xD

  26. As I was watching this video only two things to thing that relate to me its the one with toilet paper and the one with the chores like I am to go girl when like you need toilet paper even my younger brother make me do it

  27. I actually passed my brother into the deep end of the pool when I was a baby and he was a toddler, my moms friend had to jump in because he didn't have his floaties on… I'm a good sister.☺☺

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