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10 FUNNY DIY PRANKS! || Brilliant Tricks and Pranks for Friends

Hey there Mia, what’s cookin’? Woooaaah! Did someone order eggs sunny side up!!! These pranks hare happening so fast I can hardly KETCHUP! Buckle up, we’ve got 10 Funny DIY Pranks comin’ at ya! Ever feel the need to play a harmless trick on a sibling or friend? This sneaky prank involves a blowdryer that will deliver a uh, brand new hairstyle. Get your hands on some nearby baby powder and lightly sprinkle some into the blowdryer. Not too much, just a few squirts. Now put the cap back on and wait for the magic to happen. Vicky, you are gonna get in so much trouble for this one! Okay, looks like Helly is ready to dry off her hair. Uh oh. Ok, hold onto your hats – er, towels… Oh gosh, I can hardly watch! And there it is! Baby powder right in the face! I bet Helly didn’t think she was getting a special facial treatment this morning, did she? Looks like you need to shower again! Oh, nothing to see here. Just another sleepy afternoon spent scrolling through my Instagram feed. Whew, eyelids feel super heavy all the sudden. I bet if I were to just rest my head here, no one would notice. Yeah, I’m gonna lay on these pillows and take a quick cat nap. 5, 6 mintutes, tops. Must… Keep… Scrolling… When you fall asleep at a friend’s house, you’re practically inviting her to mess with you! See? Vicky was waiting! If your friend falls asleep, grab their phone and trade it out for a shoe. Wake up, Mia! It’s for you! Um, hello? Ha! There’s no one there, Mia. Unless it’s the left shoe calling! Look at you cleaning! Good job! Who left out the blowdryer? This reminds me… Wait a minute… Why am I always the butt of every joke? What, do I have a giant target on my back or something? Ugh, enough’s enough. I’m getting my revenge! Oooh, glue? Perfect! To do this prank, pour some glue into your hand. A nice glob just like that. Now press the glob of glue against the tip of your bathroom sink faucet. And don’t forget to hide the evidence! You don’t wanna get caught. Now, we wait for someone to fall into the trap! Good morning, Vicky! Brushing the old chompers are we? Woah! What’ the heck?! Oh god, what the heck is this? Some nasty pipe water goo? That looks gross! No, don’t touch it! We bet you 20 bucks Vicky will never guess what the heck this thing is! Ah, revenge is so sweet… Look at Mia, minding her own business, giving herself a little manicure. Uh oh, here comes Vicky and she looks like she’s up to no good. Ooh, Mia’s nails are looking pretty fab. Ok, put your thumbs out like this, see? Good. Now I’m going to place my glass of juice on top of your thumbs – it won’t ruin your mani, don’t worry. Cool, right? Um, okay? Now what? Well, Mya, this was super fun, but ugh, look at the time – I gotta run! Wait! Now what happens? Um, I think I may need a little help here? Oh, geez. How do I – Ugh, I can’t move! Aw man, I have a class to get to! Vicky! Come back! Oh, screw it. Oh, man! I knew that would happen! I can’t believe I fell for that dirty trick! Vicky! You’re in for it, girl! Okay, this next prank may turn your stomach. When you’re in the bathroom, call out for your friend to bring in more toilet paper. Oh, Hey Helly. Need something? Well, look at that, all out of my trusty T.P. So can you help a girl out? Ugh, ok. When she’s gone grab the Nutella you’ve hidden in the bathroom cupboard. Grab a glob of it and hold it on your finger. Now it’s showtime. Okay, here ya go! Oh my gosh, thank you sooo much. Um, Helly? What the… Is this your poop on me?!!! See these noodles? They look harmless, right? Stick them in between your teeth and watch. Oh! My back! Vicky, my back, you’ve gotta help me! Now make your friend give you a stretch and bite down hard. Don’t worry Vicky, you didn’t break your bestie’s back! See? Just little noddles! Oh man, Helly! You practically gave me a heart attack! Ugh, I’m so over this, I’m going home! Want to spice up an otherwise boring afternoon? Alright Vicky, what do you have up your sleeve this time? For this, you’ll need a lock of hair and the sound of a razor. You can find one on your phone. Well, looks like Helly’s about to get a fresh cut! Look closely as we watch Vicky creep up behind Helly. Press play on the sound on your phone and leave behind the lock of hair! Um, Helly? Is that your hair? Oh my god! Someone came and ruined your one true beauty! Uh oh, looks like the tears are a’ comin’! Don’t cry! Oh hey, Helly! Feeling blue? Does this sound familiar? Spending a day out shopping? This is a rather boring errand, isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but is there just something a little…off about this broad? I just can’t seem to put my finger on it. Yeah, definitely off. Oh good, here’s Vicky. Hmm, I don’t recognize this person at all? Is she new in town? Okay, this is weird. If I could just get a closer look… Wahh!! Nothing scares your buddies like abruptly pulling off a mask – or in this case, a backwards wig! Looks like you really scared Vicky there! This next prank is serious… The game of Egg-roulette goes a little something like this. Boil 11 of a dozen eggs and place them in a bowl or carton. Leave one raw. Take turns smashing the eggs to your head. At any second, someone could get totally yolked! And not in a good way. Tensions are running high. Who will get stuck with the raw egg? Will it be Mia? Or will Vicky be the unlucky one? She does have some bad juju coming her way for pulling all those pranks earlier. Nope, not this time. Snack break! Oh no! Only a couple eggs left! What do you all think? Is this it? And Mia loses the game!!! That looks absolutely disgusting. Watch out for the shell! Here’s a replay for ya. If there were ever a time for a nice hot shower, this is it! Congrats, Mia. You survived your first game of Egg roulette! Kind of. Ah, lunchtime! The best part of the entire day! And a cold soda, some fresh, hot fires and dip, what could be better? Oh hey, girl! Wanna join me for lunch? Alright, fry me! C’mon, fork one over, you have plenty! For those of you who don’t like to share food, this prank is perfection. You want food? You got it! Now you have a handy new shelf at an ideal dipping height! Wait a minute. That doesn’t feel like a fry… Hold on dude, I’m gonna have to call you back… Well, I guess this is happening. Dip away, Mia. Did these pranks have you cracking up? Well buckle up because these bloopers are about to make you laugh even harder! Love these videos? Keep up with us on our channel 123 GO! Be sure to subscribe and share these videos with your friends! Prank on, guys!

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  1. I liked the bit where where maya sounds like a chicken πŸ” when she scared 😱 Vicky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚love you Vicky your awesome πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  2. Did u hear about the race between the lettuce and tomato the lettuce was a head but the tomato was trying to ketchup

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  4. Let's use flour instead of bab powder, as baby powder can cause cancer. Other than that, I LOOOOVVVEEE it!

  5. What's glue doing in the bathroom cupboard ☺
    Edit : nutella too
    What else is in the toilet coke and pizza

  6. I am a big fan of 5 minute crafts ,
    blossom and 120 go. The tricks are very funny. I saw some of the tricks in tik tok

  7. Poop is brown
    My head is down
    Who pooped on the ground
    I turned around
    HA HA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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    Who keeps glue in there bathroom.
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  10. 7:10 look closely and pause the video and look at her face you could see a little bit of egg white above her eyebrow

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