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10 Grossest Jokes In Big Mouth

Big Mouth might be the crudest adult animation
going. That’s quite impressive when the likes of South Park and Rick and Morty exist.
But since Big Mouth is on Netflix, it’s unshackled from the standards of network television.
Today I’ll explore how far they pushed the boundaries and grossed us out. My name is
Georgia, and this is 10 Most Disgusting Moments in Big Mouth. This video is definitely getting
demonetised by YouTube. 10. Jessie’s vagina (S1E05)
Jessie sees her own vagina for the first time using a mirror. Her vagina then talks to her
and the two get to know each other. This show takes a frank approach to displaying
puberty and early sexual experiences. It’s a refreshing take on an important subject
which a lot of parents think is too taboo to discuss with teens. It’s also admirable
how the show gives the boys and girls equal treatment, as they also showed Andrew’s
penis back in episode 1. However, it’s easy to see why this is so
controversial. These may be ugly cartoon children with adult voices, but the show is still depicting
teen genitalia. ‘Ballsy’ doesn’t begin to describe Netflix’s hands-free approach
to this show. [SOUNDBITE: “Isn’t that just child pornography?
Holy shit, I hope not! I mean, maybe if it’s animated we could get away with it.”] 9. Nick sees everyone as human-sized penises
(S1E01) Andrew’s penis is worth mentioning for another
reason: after Nick sees it, he can’t stop thinking about it, as he worries he’s not
hitting puberty quick enough. His insecurity expresses itself when he sees everyone as
massive penises. This happens in Big Mouth’s very first episode.
It sets a great tone for the series both by teaching a great message of how we all go
through embarrassing changes but at different rates, and by weeding out viewers offended
by the sight of genitalia on their TV. If you stick with it after this episode, there
is so much more depravity waiting throughout the rest of the series. 8. Andrew’s pile of crusty socks (S1E10)
Instead of grabbing a disposable tissue like a respectable horn dog, Andrew sticks it in
sock after sock after sock, until he has an entire pile of shame lying before him. He bins them all instead of washing them,
which then makes him a murder suspect when a dead body is thrown into the same dumpster
chock (sock?) full of Andrew’s DNA. This leads to everyone in his school seeing the
leaked CCTV footage where he attempts to sack the soiled socks but keeps dropping and falling
over into them. Nick Kroll says much of Big Mouth was inspired
by his own teenage years. Some teenage boys do wank copiously into socks, so there’s
probably a real-life Andrew out there with his own dirty laundry. 7. Coach Steve pops his choo choo (S2E04)
Coach Steve is a naive, lovable, sexless goof who has been saddled with a useless hormone
monster since puberty. Yet, at the ripe age of 47, Coach Steve finally popped his cherry
after Jay’s mum comes onto him, mistaking his earnest confession to being a virgin as
roleplay. Because Steve has the mind of a toddler, he’s
not only clueless about where things are, but he has to use the analogy of a choo choo
train entering a tunnel to understand what is happening exactly. Steve pretending to
be Thomas the Tank Engine is funny, sweet, and helps make the scene less uncomfortable.
It’s still not something I needed to see. 6. The dick joke that never happened
It might seem like a cop-out putting a joke that wasn’t even in the show this high on
my list, but surely you want to know what was too gross even for Big Mouth? According to Nick Kroll, it was a graphic
shot of a thermometer coming out of Maurice’s urethra. Despite Netflix pushing for more
depraved humour in other episodes… [SOUNDBITE: -‘In fact Netflix insisted on
it.’ -‘Really?’ -‘Uh huh.’] … this was “the one thing they didn’t
like”. The writers themselves weren’t so sure either, as they were 50-50 on it until
Netflix voiced their concerns. It was at that point they probably decided ‘Actually, yeah,
no one wants to see this. Why would anyone want to see this?’. Messing with a peepee’s pee hole is no joking
matter. 5. Daniel the Head Pusher (S1E08)
Daniel tries to push Leah’s head down to put some lipstick on his dipstick, but of
course she’s having none of that. The show manages to make a serious conversation about
sexual assault funny, by making Daniel’s head-pushing antics the subject of merciless
teenage ridicule. It’s also framed in a Seinfeld spoof that I’m sure all the teenagers
watching will definitely understand. 4. The cat clock crotch crank (S1E01)
In yet another moment from the show’s very first episode, Andrew is visited by his libido
made manifest while sleeping over at Nick’s house.He encourages young Andrew to beat his
meat around the clock. Andrew protests, but his primal urges soon take over. However,
starved for wank material, Andrews beats it to a clock shaped like a cat. He talks dirty
to it and everything. It’s weird, and highly inappropriate behaviour. I mean, it’s a cat clock. Nick’s grandmother
gave it to him! Andrew doesn’t even clean himself up afterwards. [Soundbite: “Sleep
in it pig. Mwah!”] I’m not sure what message we can draw from
this… Teenage boys have no limit to their perversion? I really hope this bit isn’t
based on Nick Kroll’s youth. 3. The Pornscape (S1E10)
After Missy breaks up with Andrew, he spirals into the hole of despair that is the Pornscape,
a world composed entirely of Andrew’s own porn history. Here, Andrew drowns his sorrows
in porn so he can forget about Missy. Nick and the hormone monster Maurice follow him
in but Nick is nearly molested by Andrew’s sex subjects. Seeing his friend threatened
by his own debauchery, Andrew snaps out of the junk funk he’d sunk into, and admits
that this was not the healthy way to deal with missing Missy. Orgies litter the landscape, and rivers of
urine flow like wine, showing how gross Andrew’s binge became. I mean, I’m not one to kink-shame,
but 12-year-olds probably shouldn’t be jumping to the old lady piss porn. Poor Nick clearly
wasn’t ready for this level of debauchery, as much as he wanted to be. This was just
as much an education for him as it was for Andrew! 2. Maurice the hormone monster has sex with
Garrison Keillor’s severed head in his wet dream (S1E07)
When Andrew goes on a date with his new girlfriend Missy, his all-too-friendly neighbourhood
hormone monster Maurice turns up drunk and threatens to sabotage the whole thing with
his sexual energy. In an effort to fend off Maurice, Andrew imagines former host of the
NPR radio show ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ Garrison Keillor, the most sexless being imaginable. As the date escalates, Maurice becomes more
and more desperate to break through to Andrew. His solution? Behead Garrison Keillor, and
then screw the severed head right there in front of the kids. It’s not clear if hormone
monsters are like imaginary friends who represent the teenage sex drive, but if that’s what
Andrew daydreamed of his own volition, then wow. He probably needs to get off the internet.
Yeah, this one was bad. Even the show thought so too. [SOUNDBITE: “What did you think of the Garrison
Keillor part? Too far? It made me uncomfortable.”] 1. Pillow Sex (S1E06 and across Season 1 and
2) Ever made love to a pillow? Jay has. Jay had
sex with his pillow using microwaved soup. Then the pillow came to life, and became pregnant.
Jay’s pillow girlfriend gave birth, but the pillow-baby looks a little too much like
his older brother. Ewwwwww. In another episode, Jay questions his sexuality
by sleeping with – yes, with, not on – his masculine couch. He essentially cheats on
his pillow girlfriend. She finds out, but the whole drama is resolved when Jay, the
pillow and the couch have a threesome, which helps Jay accept himself as a bisexual. He
also banged a bath mat. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why
this is at number one, and I don’t really want to. Which Big Mouth moments do you think deserved
a place on my list? Let me know in the comments! For now, I’ve been Georgia, and I’ll see
you next time!

100 thoughts on “10 Grossest Jokes In Big Mouth

  1. I mean if parents are upset with teenagers seeing things that are apart of their bodies then really who’s the actual children?

  2. This show can go too far at times but I like it. I remember when I first watched the scene where nick sees everyone as dicks. My ribs were killing me from laughing 🤣

  3. We can all agree that this “lady” is exaggerating. She should just stop trying to throw shade at the show since the show is comedic and it’s about teens going through puberty.

  4. I mean, just go to a middle school and you see the same shit. Jk but seriously just grow up of course it’s gonna be weird it’s about 13 year olds going through puberty..

  5. Fucking girls and there liberal thoughts they’re fucking 13-14 year old boys who are going through puberty and not only that it’s only a cartoon 😭 fucking libtard

  6. If anyone is actually grossed out by aby of these THEY'RE OBVIOUSLY NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO WATCH THE SHOW. Seriously though, the video looks like it was written by a 12 year old.

  7. Big Mouth like "They aint finna teach em the entirety of sex ed so we will do so in a fucking hilarious animated comedy series."

  8. Lmao it's a puberty show don't watch it if you think it is uncomfortable tbh I think the show is pretty funny lmaoo

  9. I don’t think you should be watching this type of material given your points of view and humour, clearly this isn’t a show for you. You don’t need to ruin it for others who might enjoy it and can take a joke for what it is instead of over analysing everything.

  10. Bruh this is show is fuckin great why would u make a video on a show that is literally made to be perverted and complain on it

  11. This show is honestly so good, it really shows how middle school is like and how we discover our bodies

  12. Honestly it reminds me of my childhood because I was nOt innocent, i don’t like the show for itself but it give fun nostalgia

  13. Fucking pillows, busting nuts in your pants, getting caught masturbating to a bathing suit, man this show is weird

  14. Fucking pussy its not very bad to see a dick or vegina because you have one of those or your not a fucking human if you have both your a good

  15. I fucking love this show. There was so much I found I could relate to growing up. If you don’t like the damn show then don’t watch it and stop complaining.

  16. Bro of course its gonna be inapriate i mean its about 13 yrs old groing through puberty and i can confrim 13yrs olds are inappropriate because im a 13

  17. By saying a vagina is disgusting, you’re influencing girls going through changes to think that their body is disgusting? Are you serious

  18. Okay okay yeah it's a bit inappropriate but it's literally 13 years olds going through puberty..I mean what do you expect? That's just how life goes. You don't see me crying about how inappropriate the boondocks were considering on how old they were and all the references made in that series.

  19. Kinda crazy how this commentator is praising this disgusting perversion of teens along with many(most likely bot accounts) showing completely one sided support for such a debased show. And before anyone jumps on me, we're all expressing opinions right? Freely and equally right? Okay, seeing as how this show is obviously targeting children theres nothing refreshing about big mouth teaching kids about this warped form of puberty on top of promoting sexual confusion and degeneracy. Sadly most people will like and defend this awfully influential show because they themselves have a debased mind. We all know tv and music have an incredible effect on the behavior of the viewers so its no wonder the us is being flooded with sexual confusion. Not to mention the viewers are basically watching animated child porn…..which is insane. How far has this gone? What kind of people do you think are playing these characters? Who comes up with this script? Yet on the legislative side of things Pedophilia is getting closer and closer to being legalized and even protected and people not only doubt it but can't figure out why. This is what our society is being programmed into. People are being payed to review these shows in a positive and misleading light. Wording the title as if its inappropriate then turning around and taking every horrible thing about this show and praising it as creative and new? I'm ready for the world to end because the stupidity is getting beyond what any sane person can handle. "making sexual assault funny" "screwing severed heads" "pillow sex" ?? All this for kids to consume………People may say something like get a sense of humor or not understand why I'm I take this stance but I don't understand how people at home aren't outraged or can atleast take this seriously. Look up James Charles or anyone of the famous youtube stars that kids look up to and tell me why its all the same crap? The same assault from all corners of mainstream media. I'm losing hope that people will ever wake up to the destruction of our youth and themselves. So sickened to see people not just defend this but love it. Its a brave new world and more people need to stand up before its too late. Before you can go to jail for not hiring a pedophile. Don't believe me? Look up the equality act, or even or lacticia the 11 drag queen boy dancing for grown men at a gay bar, converse's new line of clothing, or maybe dragqueen story hour where a library hired grown men dressed as woman one of which was a convicted pedophile to read to children without informing the parents. Adults who sexually assault children are soon to be protected by law. And we wonder why……….

  20. Ok this video is stupid if you don’t want to watch it don’t watch it and plus your if you know about it that probably means you watched it. And your making most of the scenes even more sexual because your describing it But hey you do you I’m just not a fan of this 🤗

  21. It's funny to see adults think that adults are the people who watch this and not teenagers who relate to this stuff! XD

  22. These examples are not gross, they are exaggerated plot devices in a story that is universally uncomfortable. Please stop reviewing Big Mouth as you are clearly not compatible with it's content. Thank you.

  23. Did anyone else notice that the one dood that looks like Roger has a penis looking like nose?? ._.

  24. Sho" Big mouth" meant for people that can see puberty has something funny you can laugh about that can handle this context. if you think that show is gross maybe shouldn't what the show in first case.

  25. okay i just finished my 7th grade year and this show is my favorite. i’m 12 (yes i’m 12 my birthday is just after everyone else’s) so i’m the same age as the kids in the show and honestly this show was super relatable and i can’t believe you guys really think that it’s too inappropriate for us because without this show my 7th grade year would have been a lot worse. people who can’t handle big mouth’s humor are the weakest links.

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