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10 SUPER FUNNY German EXPRESSIONS You MUST know! (part 1)

Learn German with Ania! very common in Subic and welcome back so first of all thank you all very much for the positive feedback for my App and Vielen Dank für das Positive Feedback. a lot of rating on the app store that is what positive or two messages and everything so that’s very nice ceiling ceiling dunk thank you very very much and we are also working on the Android app so no worries that will be coming soon so so this video have at your facebook of cox vegas videos knowledge and makes this muffin for this video i asked on facebook which video should i do next or cinnamon oil tonga drugs and video you’ve already been dogging many of you set a video about german expressions or idioms so it shall create a vending and german expressions let’s get each posh fear nor sandals this literally means i only understand train station so it just means you don’t understand anything so basically when you get concerned with your book Reggie particular method so now i have the Germans you’re very quickly and you could say Anya it’s worse they are no herb and roll I only understand trade station I don’t understand anything not try to gift me off theme cakes this means you’re getting on my cookie I don’t know where it’s coming from it just means that you’re really annoying me ah to give melting cakes yeah so you’re annoying me I give me out the in sac so this is actually not very polite to say really a suitable there and it means he is getting on my fault so he is a pain in the ass and this guy is a German actor yeah I know it shush shush Bella oh and hi Steve I got his name is coach Michael and he said that once in an interview it’s about refugees you don’t have to understand anything but the last bit you will hear hopefully he and meows things back like your getting on my boss and later he also apologized for saying that but let’s have look different millionaires Ayatollah its woman Dooley up shop around in the visual effects Isola help I got business with a sickening has in the otherwise explain your back together again so what you say that was like CTN may opt in sac ish it’s like you’re really getting on my boss okay that’s Nixon it has another poll it’s like I have my notes for literally and it just means I’m fed up with something somebody for example sites i invoke inhabitance it may nguoi give a penis since three weeks and his only rained in sydney it has another foot I am fed up with it and another way to say this is a little bit more impolite it means it happyish not support this is like I I have my notes polish north is a bad word for them you can also take additional so it’s like shut up it’s not a nice word at all and that also means i am fed up with something very set up turkish not support though that is nisht my idea meaning that’s not my problem that’s not my business literally it means that’s not my dear look I’m accept that is me what this means is a sausage to me it’s sausage to me meaning I don’t care in German we can also say that is near hey guys for example be campaign why don’t be a meeting to order make them out so pardon yeah do we want to go by train or by car and you can answer that it’s mere whoops now I don’t care whatever has two additional is happening I’m chunk this means don’t you have argued all the cups in your carport so basically it means you’re crazy yeah has been acknowledged has mentioned but what did you do like you’re crazy the best for books okay so an English it would be like you must have lost your marbles I snakes the Egan’s SSC incision so this is offered literally and the meaning is anything it just means opposites attract d incessant is the opposites when seek and seein is to attract and TN can also mean to get dressed yeah I think I’m sayin is also to attract oh that letter the last one there devon has had acquired he who has joice heth agony so climate are you getting so silly yogurt yeah there are so many yogurts you to feel it too many so you have a problem basically in English it would be like more choices more problems so that is unless yours that’s all for today if you liked this video please press the like button I will continue doing more videos about expressions because we have many men even see the feliway the vending and if you are interested in watching some german slang please have a look here there is also some very useful everyday language yeah Oh Young Scot young guns Parker so you can have a look here if you want to subscribe you can do that here and please also check out my facebook because there I might ask you sometimes what videos you want me to make and put some funny pictures and stuff like that danke Schon own streets

100 thoughts on “10 SUPER FUNNY German EXPRESSIONS You MUST know! (part 1)

  1. "Cupboard" is probably my favorite thing to hear German speakers say. "Cup-booord." Meanwhile, here in Indiana, we sorta slur through "cubbrd."

  2. when you speak fast you said, when i speak german very fast can you understand something.. Yeahhh ,, ich dir verstehen

  3. when you speak fast you said, when i speak german very fast can you understand something.. Yeahhh ,, ich dir verstehen

  4. 1) ich verstehe nur Bahnhof
    2) das ist mir Wurst
    3) ich habe die Nase/Schnauze voll
    4) Gegensätze ziehen sich an
    5) hast du nicht mehr all Tassen im Schrank?
    6) es geht mir auf den Keks/ sack/ Erbsen

  5. Ich würde nie die englische Sprache gebrauchen, um Deutsch zu lehren. Ein russisches Mädchen macht Videos mit der ganzen Rede auf Russisch und ist es wunderbar, um diese Sprache zu lernen. Glaub mir, effektiver dem je … и сейчас я могу сказать, что я говорю немного по-русскии.
    Tschüß Engel!

  6. This is Daniel from Taiwan and I love your way of teaching German, which is very interesting and funny!!!! I love expressions and idioms especially when learning German because it will blow a lot of foreigners' minds hahhaha!! Thank you so much for your hard work! Vielen Dank!!!!!!!!

  7. I'd like to suggest that you upload a video teaching about the position of the adverbs, adjectives ans so on …in a sentence…(position of german adjectives ).
    danke schon…

  8. Hello,
    You are very good and the explanations are the best than any other..can you suggest me from which of your videos can i learn B1 Schreiben?

  9. Ich. heiße yenas ich komme aus eritrea danke schön Germany. ist. gut süße. learning German. als. gud. veilen. dAnke

  10. Vielen Dank. Veile Von euch . Ich verstehe nur Bahnhofstrasse. Er geht mir auf den Sack. I have Han die schnauzer voll. Days is night mein Bier. Days ist Mir Wurst. Hast du night mehr . Gegensätze, wer die Wahl hear, hat die Qual.

  11. Ich warte auf deine Redewendungen ungeduldig! Ich freue mich und ich werde gerne verfolgen! (keine Ahnung ob ich richtig geschrieben habe) Tschüüüs!!!

  12. Hello Ania. When they drop letters in a word is it consider to be High German or Low German. For an example: Guten tag or they drop the letter "t" and say Guen tag?

  13. Ania, the best part was watching your expressions while the Til Schweiger clip played! I had to watch several times. Great selection of phrases!

  14. hi Ania ✌!
    ich danke Dir vielmals, weil du mir ziemlich viel geholfen hast.Ich bin seit zwei Jahren in Deutschland und wollte trotzdem viel deutsch lernen. helft uns doch,bis weit,wie du kannst.😙😙😙😙😙😙

  15. I really enjoy your videos always!!! It will be nice if you can repeat each phrase a couple more times. For a beginner it's going a little too fast.

  16. Hi Ania,
    zunächst bedanke ich mich bei dir für das interessante Video
    Ich habe heute von meinem Kollegen gehört: du gehst mir auf den Senkel. Kannst du bitte mir verraten, was diese Redewendung von Bedeutung hat?

  17. Hallo Ania, koenntest du bitte ein Video ueber das Unterschied unter die Benutzung des Praeteritums und des Perfekts machen ? Also, koenntest du bitte uns erklaeren, wann musst man Praeteritum und wann den Perfekt (haben oder sein plus Partizip) benutzen ? Danke schoen !

    PS : Du bist ein schoenes Maedchen 🙂

  18. Hallo. Ania. ich habe eine Frage? i am from Afghanistan. Aber Germany keine Reisepass?keine Arbeits. Und keine frau? Nicht gut Germany viele problem. Es

  19. In German: Das ist nich mein Bier.
    In Spanish: Ese muerto no es mio. (That dead body is not mine)
    French: Ce sont pas mes oignons. (Those are not my onions)
    In Italian: Non sono affari miei.

  20. In German: Hast du nicht mehr alle Tassen I'm Schrank?
    In English: Have you lost your marbles?
    In Spanish: Se te han corrido las tejas?

  21. 50 years ago my uncle was teaching me to say "Du bist ein Schwein Hund" I think he just wanted to get me in trouble. Do people in Germany still use this expression these days?

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