Laughter is the Best Medicine

10 times George H.W. Bush’s humor brought laughter to his loved ones in mourning

-Known by all close to him, he loved a good joke,
the richer the better, and he’d throw his head back
and give that great laugh, but he never, ever could
remember a punch line. And I mean never. -On the primary campaign trail
in New Hampshire once, he grabbed the hand
of a department-store mannequin asking for votes. When he realized his mistake,
he said, “Never know. Got to ask.” -He would look at me,
and he said, “Baker, if you’re so smart, why am I president
and you’re not?” -You can hear the voice,
can’t you? As Dana Carvey said, “The key to a Bush
41 impersonation is Mr.
Rogers trying to be John Wayne.” -Always the competitor
each night, Gampy challenged
all of the grandkids to the coveted
“first to sleep” award. -He said, “Aha! I see the media is shooting
you pretty full of holes.” Actually, he said it a bit
more pungently than that. And he said, “Why don’t
we go up to Camp David?” At that time, his popularity
rating was 93%. Mine was .
93%. And so off we went. The media, of course,
all gathered as we headed to Marine One. And George said, “Now wave to your pals
over there in the media, Al.” And they didn’t wave back. -“Fluency in English,”
President Bush once remarked, “is something that
I’m often not accused of.” Looking ahead to the ’88
election, he observed, inarguably,
“It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecideds
could go one way or the other.” -In his 90s,
he took great delight when his closest pal, James A. Baker, smuggled a bottle of Grey
Goose Vodka into his hospital room. Apparently, it paired well
with the steak Baker had delivered
from Morton’s. -All four of us were singing as we went back
to the White House — ♪ Don’t cry for me, Argentina ♪ And a few days later, he’s getting hammered
by the press for some extraordinarily
petty bit of trivia, and suddenly, he sings out — ♪ Don’t cry for me, Argentina ♪ The President wrote that he was
finally losing his marbles. -He loved to laugh,
especially at himself. He could tease and needle,
but never out of malice. He placed great value
on a good joke. That’s why he chose
Simpson to speak. -So, the punch line for George
Herbert Walker Bush is this — you would have wanted him
on your side. He never lost his sense
of humor. Humor is the universal solvent
against the abrasive elements of life

100 thoughts on “10 times George H.W. Bush’s humor brought laughter to his loved ones in mourning

  1. It’s beautiful to watch George sit there with laughter whiles his father is being tortured in the torment of hell! Allahu Akbar!! Today he pays for all the innocent lives he took and all the children lives he stole by killing their parents. Everyone sitting there are war criminals and one by one they will die and pay their price!

  2. it's about time that the wole rest of this fcking family dies out. i bet, Barbara Bush will be the next in thr next year. what do you think?

  3. Melania is a luck woman…. she marrying a rich guy – for his money…. and before she knows it… becoming a First Lady and sitting next to former presidents… to a former presidents funeral…

    She better networking…

  4. What does he mean by “humour is the universal solvent against the abrasive element of life “ don’t get it someone plz explain. Thx

  5. he's so cute. we'd almost forget he started an unsanctioned war that led to 15 years of civil war that resulted in the birth of ISIS that resulted in terrorist attacks/ waves of migration in Europe that resulted in the far right rising across the continent and the fall of Europe. but how cute.

  6. he killed a thousands of innocent people in Iraq specialty the children made them hungry for many years god forgive him plus that’s he destroyed ours country’s by booming and uranium

  7. Was this the music playing at the funeral?? Why do people posting feel they have to have some type of music on a video?

  8. H.W.B. is from a time before the Internet and the massive political polarization and division in the United States and the world: Are we too far gone now?

  9. You know you all can sit there and make him out to be the greatest man of all time but there's a dark chapter that we all do know about and the cover-ups and these lies are not going to continue the truth is going to be known it is no and it's going to stick with it and these deceptions and Corruptions are going to come to an end

  10. As I've said before, I will say again, regardless of what you thought of him as a politician, let the man rest in peace. He was hardly my favourite cup of tea either, but I was brought to up to have more respect for the dead then you it would seem.

  11. God bless him W # he's gone to heaven to meat the 72 👰👸👰👸 version I think Muhammad and Jesus and Ibrahim waiting for him he is in better place now👀

  12. He certainly not laughing and joking in his grave now. sure he is paying for his brutality against the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi children men and women, whose life he was responsible for taking based on lies and false claims of WMDs……such a sick character him and his idiotic son…

  13. Standing in public service you will get so much hardships. I salute you for daring to have an opinion. This is what carries a democracy, whether I agree or not, Lest we forget, salute the people we disagree with and build for sound disagreement being the foundations for a mutual understanding and what makes us wonderfully human kind. This is humanity

  14. He was EXECUTED… bring on more !! Time for the Deep State to be brought down and brought to account ! Went the same way McCain did. YES! Keep going TRUMP. You are doing a fine, fine job. 10/10.

  15. Fuk bush son and father you guys ruin whole world and america hope father rottens in hell or a place worse and the son hope his gone soon to same place.

  16. viejos cagalitrosos de graciosos con el maton del George H.W bush por favor riensa bastante verdad los que el mato en sus guerras ninguno de esos que se rien lloraran despues malditos

  17. i have no respect for this man he is a TRAITOR to america he had a hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and i hope hes rotting in hell

  18. The man was a tyrant, a rapest, murderer, evil AH.
    He was the one that wanted to head the NWO.
    We would have all been killed by beheading if killary had won the election. Shes in it too.
    They're all in the illuminati.
    They're demonic!

  19. "Ha, ha remember that time I wasted billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the middle east to pimp for my VP's oil company? That was some good times!"

  20. "Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life." And the abrasive elements were in extremely high attendance that day indeed. MF's!

  21. I Love The Whole Thing, But I’m Sorry To Say, I’m Not Going To Like This Video, I Wouldn’t Give A Like To The Washington Post.

  22. George Bush , do you know how many mothers cried when their sons returned home in a bodybag because you sent them to fight in a war in Afghanistan and Iraq that YOU STARTED !. When USA Military service personnel returned home with body limbs missing ( arms and legs) been shot and blown off ! 3000 innocent people that lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks that YOU CORRUPTLY WAS INVOLVED AND THE MASTERMIND IN THE 9/11 ATTACKS !

    George Bush , Did you CARE AND CRY FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE """" NO """"

    Now you CRY PUBLICALLY for your fathers death ???

    IT HURTS WHEN IT'S YOUR OWN , Mr George Bush doesn't it ?????



  23. Most noble words spoken by H.W: "…now is not the time to gloat…" (regarding celebrating the demise of the Soviet Union)

  24. Un peu lot de crapuleux qui ce moque du monde que l'on doit envoyé sur une autre planète ou les dévorés et cahier sur place des sacs à merde rien de plus des déchets à manger


  26. He should not have the sense of humour because he has killed the millions of innocent Muslim citizens in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

  27. I love President Reagan and his families. I also love President Bush and his families. They are all patriotic for America’s safety by America’s principles. They are all very kind with great manners and courtesy. Let’s forgive each other and reunite together again by our own generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s service and mistakes this together as our own grace and decency. Let’s unite together again get things done quickly together again together. Let’s govern by principles afterward together for America’s greatness of freedoms, entrepreneurship spirit and equality of opportunities as well as our country America’s greatness of the safety, prosperity and unity altogether. God bless America always!

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