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10 Times The Loud House Wasn't Meant For Kids

the lighthouse is one of the most popular cartoons around but for some reason the show likes to toe the line of what's appropriate and what's not stay tuned to find out why Lincoln sharing a room with one of his sisters had us super weirded out are you new around here don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to the things for more great videos like this now on to 10 times the loud house wasn't meant for kids name-calling let's start this list off with a moments from season 1 from the episode intense debate in the episode all of the loud children are annoyed about their upcoming family vacation Lincoln suggests that they just ask their parents if they can go somewhere different the parents actually agree for the choice of where to go then falls in Lincoln's hands unfortunately his sisters are split on where they want to go half want to go to one place and half to the other in the moments where his sisters are harassing him to make a decision Lincoln decides that he actually needs more time to decide this is where the inappropriate moment comes at this news will though reaches out to hurt her brother and says but is cut off now let's think about that for a second what was Lola about to say whatever it was it couldn't have been appropriate for kids this isn't the first time this show has done something like that in fact the producers of the show love to input little instances where the characters seem like they are going to say something inappropriate and then pull back at the last second Dennis problems in the episode a novel idea it is bring your daughter to work day at the loud kid's dad office unfortunately Lincoln is the only boy so he's the only one left out of the day feeling bad about it his mom brings him to work at her dentist's office the problem is that the dentist's office isn't exactly the most fun place in the world Lincoln is immediately bored at the office and as soon as his mom leaves him alone he tries to find a way to make the best of the situation as we all know Lincoln is obsessed with space so naturally he plays space games while his mom is in the other room while pretending to be an astronaut he says I can see Uranus from here and boy is it gassy now seeing the planet Uranus from space is no big deal but his sentence is definitely double-sided especially when he says that it's quite gassy we don't need to describe to you what he is inferring Dewey what made the writers think that that was an appropriate joke to me luckily for them most kids probably won't even catch on but if an adult happens to be watching the show with them then they will definitely get the joke bathroom foyer when you were a child you share a lot with your siblings especially if your siblings are the same sex as you you'll probably end up sharing everything from clothes to food well the loud house is pretty much overrun with children so naturally they have to share a few things the bathroom is one of those things that the children have to share if you know the show then you know that most of the kids are girls in fact only one of them is a boy so if he probably feels like he needs a little extra privacy that his sisters unfortunately for him in season two's episode a locking loud his sister Lisa admits that she has set up cameras in the bathroom because of the cameras I installed last year now we get that she likes to do experiments because she is a certifiable genius but come on that's taking it way too far if this had been an adult show people probably would have called it out for being inappropriate but because it's a cartoon somehow I was just able to slide by unnoticed we're just wondering what Lisa actually did with all that footage because we are sure that it's definitely not suitable for anyone to see harmful chemicals let's take it back to the intense debate episode for a minute there was more than one thing wrong with that episode as we mentioned before Lisa is super smart she may actually be a genius so in the episode she gives Lincoln a gift he thinks it's cream to be rubbed on his face but it's actually a super harmful chemical Lincoln rubs it all over his face without knowing what it actually is of course it causes him to turn extremely red in real life if someone had rubbed that chemical on their face there would have been much harsher consequences the stuff could cause serious burns or worse if children were watching this episode they may think that giving your sibling harmful chemicals was a fun way to get back at them that could not be further from the truth chemicals are nothing to play around with this episode was definitely not created with kids in mind if it was we doubt that Lisa would have tricked her brother and so harming himself and what's worse is that Lisa is so smart that she should know how horrible that chemical was which means that she tried to hurt him on purpose the whole thing just wasn't nice subtle language cartoons are supposed to be things that you can watch with your children without worry and if you're a kid you were supposed to be able to watch – without parental controls the LAT house is a show that toes the line sometimes the show is great and clean and suitable for people of all ages to watch and then other times the show is anything but the show gets in a lot of hot water because of their outright inappropriate jokes but you may not have noticed though is that there are a lot of times in this series where the inappropriate things in the show aren't so obvious for instance in the episode making the case the camera zooms in on the trophy case in the family room if you look at Lin's portion of the case there is a certificate that reads kick a plus what do you think that that certificate really means right we are thinking that – the moment goes by really quickly and the camera doesn't really focus on the trophy case for too long so it would make sense of you missed the moment all together we seriously wonder what the purpose of putting all those inappropriate subtle things in the episode is Space Invader the log kids are not ones to hold their tongues even though there are a lot of kids in the house they each find ways to speak their minds the episode Space Invader is no different in the episode Lincoln is super happy about the fact that he doesn't have to share a bedroom in fact he is the only one in the entire house who doesn't but this particular night as he is going to bed he hears Lynn and Lucy having a fight Lynn decides that she can't deal with her sister anymore and asks Lincoln if she can sleep in his room he allows it to but then things go south and this is where the speaking their minds thing that we mentioned earlier comes into play Lynn and Lincoln soon realize that they get on each other's nerves as well at one point Lynn throws one of Lincoln's stuffed animals on the ground he didn't picks it up and starts baby talking to it when Lynn sees this she said you know I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room oh that comment is even awkward for Lincoln and he pauses and just stares at her she does eventually bring actual balls into the room but the whole thing is just weird and that's suitable for kids hidden cursings humor is different for everyone what you find funny someone else might find completely snooze city and vice versa it's the creators of the show's jobs to find things that the majority of people find funny or amusing and put it in the show apparently the creators of the loud house think that most people find inappropriate jokes and hidden curse words hilarious if they didn't then the when you put these jokes and so when you have the episode to AJ in the butterfly effect episode there is a prime example of a hidden curse word in the episode Lua tell us where Brandon thank you bro I uploaded a song I wrote about our family going down my Highway – hello she is then distracted by getting more hits on her song so she doesn't complete the curse word you don't have to be a genius to see where she was going with that sentence do you especially not see that song is already a legitimate popular song in real life so the creators of the show definitely knew what they were doing and they put that line in there we aren't really sure what the benefit is of hiding curse words in the show but someone must really love it since it keeps happening but jokes earlier we already mentioned the joke on this show about Uranus but apparently the show really loves to make jokes with that times so here we are again with another Uranus joke in the episode back in black Lincoln is working on a science project when answering the door while working on the project he asks rusty did you bring your rayna's meaning the planet instead of simply replying yes or no rusty says never leave home without it which leads us to think that the Uranus that he was referring to is not actually in the solar system listen we get it okay the show has a kid who loves the solar system so that Uranus jokes are pretty easy to make but seriously how long can they use the same inappropriate joke before someone does something the arguments for most jokes that are kind of mature is that kids won't understand them anyway but if you use the same joke again and again eventually kids are going to start to catch on pull off the first time we heard the joke and maybe even chuckle the second and third time what come on inappropriate love we all know that Lincoln's friend Clyde has a crush on Lauri that in and of itself is not all that weird we all had a crush on our older siblings friends didn't we they all seems so cool and grown-up but in the case of this show the age difference between Clyde and Lauri does make things a little uncomfortable sometimes especially when Clyde makes remarks about Lauri for instance in the episode heads hell with two tables Lincoln needs to prepare to eat dinner with grownups and who better to help him do this than his good pal Clyde in order to help them train they make cardboard cutouts of their people and Lincoln has a practice run eating with adults whenever Lincoln does something wrong slyd blows a horn at one point Lincoln takes the bread off of cardboard Lori's plate Clyde gets mad at him and then turns Laurie and says don't worry beautiful I'll share my buns with you if this comment was innocent he would just have been talking about bread buns but since Lincoln honks its horn after Clyde says the comment we all know that that remark was not innocent at all new girl in town in order for a show to appeal to people it has to cover things got real people go through dating is definitely one of those things but when the show is a cartoon it has to be really careful about the way it deals with dating on the show the show can't be too explicit but then at the same time it should give people enough hints of romance in season three's white hair a new girl moved to town Lincoln is instantly attracted to her and wants to get to know her the episode is innocent enough except for a few jokes that were a little out there when Clyde asks Lincoln if he needs some help talking to the girl Lincoln responds thanks but there are some things a man must do alone fly then says I said the same thing to my dad's the first time I used a public restroom that line was weird enough but it doesn't stop there later Danny and Warren are talking and Danny is lovingly talking about Betty when Warren hears this he gets a funny look in his eyes and Danny asked are you picturing her hopping through the woods in slo-mo again doesn't that seem oddly sexual to picture someone you like in slo-mo the whole episode has lots of innuendos that we aren't even dirty enough to get into and that dip for 10 times without house wasn't meant for kids were you surprised by anything on this list let us know in the comments thanks for watching

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  1. I came for the thumbnail just to realize the person that made this video is dirty minded 🤦🏽‍♀️ shake my head

  2. I watched this show before (all the episodes you brought up) and all the things you said literally made me feel like you're just overreacting. I never thought any of this, and if I did, it was because it was stupid jokes ever child used atleast one. Btw, almost every child says worse.

  3. Omg soo over dramatic Like no one would notice and it's not even inappropriate your just soo dirty minded it's u taking it the wrong way

  4. OK kids this daus no more then they need to no and they are worst then this song OK and I no all this end I'm 9 so

  5. On the chemical one that wasnt true, Lisa gave him the sunscreen and the other siblings sabotaged it by putting chemicals in his sunscreen

  6. 4:57 they made it seem like kick a** but it really said kicks A+ as in she did really good on her kicks they are really just trying to find reason to post videos

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