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10 TYPES OF KIDS | Brother & Sister on Rakhi #Funny #kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

See what Sister has done She tied so many Rakhi (Bands) on my wrists If you haven’t subscribed yet, please subscribe It will be evening till I can get these off Come on let us watch the video Chalaak Brother & Sister (Smart) Mom what are you doing? Nothing, time pass Mom you know Raksha Bandhan (festival) is almost here. I didn’t knew Raksha Bandhan is almost here Is it? Yes Oh, okay And Mom I want some money Money Yes Why? I want to buy dresses, hairband I want shoes, I want earings Many more things Aayu dosen’t want anything? Yes Mom listen to me too What do you want now? I want T-shirt, jeans, shoes I want socks I want toys and a very big box of chocolate Oh you want all of this For what? For Raksha Bandhan..Hmm.. You don’t want a band for Raksha Bandhan And you don’t want a gift for sister I forgot If there is some money left, I’ll buy it Give us the money for gift too, Yess I’ll buy a small band How smart are you? You don’t want what’s necessary for the festival But want everything other than that. Am I a fool? No, no, no Go from here Kanjoos Brother & Sister (Miser) See band for Aayu It’s not a band, it’s a bracelet But you know? Should I tell you a secret If I tie this too Aayu then I will get it after 2 days Isn’t it a good idea? It looks cute right? Hmm…. Uncle can you give me the 100 Rs chocolate pack? Yes Uncle give me a 10 Rs. chocolate too If sister will eat this big chcoloate, she wll ruin her teeth That’s why I’ll give this to her, and keep this for me Online Brother & Sister Oh, it’s Raksha Bandhan today Don’t you two want to tie your band Oh Mom I sent you the band right? Yes Sister even I sent you that thing Sister your band was really nice Your gift was nice too Oh You both exchanged bands and gifts online only Yes Mom Mom do something fast, give me one chocolate and me a sweet. Oh, okay Did you get my text? Yes we both got it Sweet Chocolate You eat these online too because it’s an online world Bye Vasooli Brother & Sister (Collection) Mom give me some money I want to buy a Rakhi Mom give me the money, I want to buy gift Here 100 Rs. for Aayu, 100 Rs. for Pihu Thank you, Thank you Dad, Dad Please give us some money I want to buy a gift, give me some money Why? I want to buy a band Oh, Raksha Bandhan gift This for Rakhi And this for the gift Thank you Grandmother, give me some money I want to buy a Rakhi Grandmother, give me some too I want to buy a gift This is called Raksha Bandhan’s recovery Yeaah, 300 Rs. Sister will you buy me a 300 Rs. band Huh? I’ll buy rakhi for you? I’ll buy a 10 Rs. one Maye be I’ll buy a gift for you For 5 Rs. I don’t want it I won’t give it to you I’ll get a new toy for me For 300 Rs. I’ll buy my hairabands and clips with this money Petu Brother & Sister (Eaters) Yes, be on time then Yes Okay bye Mom what were you talking about? Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan so all the relatives will come So, Mom what’s in the menu tomorrow? Food Mean what will we eat? Lentils, rice, vegetables, flat bread But Mom everyone’s coming after such a long time Hmmm.. So, you’ll make such plain food for them It’s Raksha Bandhan won’t you make anything sweet Oh, Raksha Bandhan is a festival for the love of brothers and sisters no No, it’s a festival of sweets of eating and enjoying of getting gifts, and chocolate and of getting money only that yes, only that Mom we should do one thing We should make a Rajasthani dish (Daal Bati) Rajasthani dish yes Yes, a variety of dishes (Gatte Ki Sabji Kadi) we will love it And Mom, we should make Bheem’s laddos (sweets) Bheem’s laddoos (sweets) hmm only that Jalebi, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun (variety of Sweets) OH So, I should work in kitchen from the morning Not from the morning, from now on From now on in the kitchen Yes So, there are so many things we will order them online Okay, I’ll be free too we will eat a lot, okay (Laughing) Sister what are you doing? watching a movie Sister see what’s above you I’ll watch first, I’ll watch first Give it to me Aayu I’ll watch No, I’ll watch See it’s Rakhi tomorrow I won’t tie you a band I don’t want a band from you anyways I don’t want to tie you a band and I won’t give you the gift I don’t want your bad gift Missing Each Other Good morning Hero Good morning Aayu Today it’s a school holiday Yes, It’s for Rakhi I’ll eat sweets all day today and sister will tie a band on my wrist Yes we will enjoy today Yes Good morning Aaayu Good morning Good morning Hero and today Aayu is getting his band But where’s sister? I can’t find her anywhere Sister has gone to school But today is a holiday It’s not a holdiay Rakhi is on the 15th of August this time so there’s a function in school Means, If sister’s gone to school who will tie the band then? Yesterday you were fighting with sister that you don’t want the band so she wen’t to school What can I do? Go take a bath, get ready I’ll take a bath when sister comes back Sister’s gone to school, she will come back at 2 pm It’s okay I’ll wait for sister You will wait for sister? If you wouldn’t have fought yesterday This wouldn’t have happened I only have one sister who will tie me the band? Even I don’t have a sister What should I do? I will have to wait for sister now Mom it’s 2pm when will sister come? she’s about to come Mom Krati sister is calling pick up the phone Yes Krati sister Hello Mumma Sister Aayu speaking Oh, Aayu Okay I’ll be back by 6pm today I am working on a project Tell Mom Why sister, why will you be this late? I have some work okay Sister, but I am waiting for you No Aayu I won’t be able to come okay Aayu what was sister saying Sister will be back by 6pm Till 6 pm? It’s okay, you can get Your band tied, in the evening Why are you getting sad? Kid sister will be back by 6pm Don’t be sad Hero you didn’t got a band neither did I Come on Aayu let us play No I am now going to sleep in my room Where are you going Aaayu? Cute Aayu is now sad Bargaining Brother & Sister What are you doing? can’t you see I am playing Aayu you know Rakhi is almost here So what are you going to gift me? Mee.. First tell me what band are you going to get me? very good one Similarly I’ll bring a nice gift for you what chocolate are you going to get me? See Aayu I have 100 Rs. I’ll get a band for 50 Rs. and a chocolate for 50 Rs. Sister I have 50 Rs, I’ll get a gift with that money Why I am spending a 100 Rs. on you You are getting a 50 Rs. band so you’ll get a 50 Rs. gift then chocolates? That everyone will eat together You will also eat that If you want to eat give the money If you want the gift. you give the money Give me Rakhi money what happened? Sister I have an idea what? You can tie me a thread This way you won’t spend any money Your 100 Rs. will be saved and my 50 Rs. will be saved I’ll give you a toffee okay Good Brother & Sister This is the money I have saved up in the last year from my pocket money From this money, I will buy a Rakhi Gift for my sister One, two Four See Aayu’s band It’s cute right? He will be so happy I’ve written Aayu’s name on this too AAYU….Aayu I learnt making this Didn’t you learn this? So go and learn from our Rakhi video Hero Uncle Come on, let us tie the band Yes Mom Someone tie me a band too Huh? No one has ever tied a band on my wrist Today I will tie a band on his wrist Yeaah I’ll also get a band today Okay Aayu This year Nilkhil isn’t here instead I’ll tie the band on your wrist Thank you, Thank you He’s very happy Woww.. I love it Now Ruchi is my sister (Laughing) So should I tie the band? Yes, yes go on fast Okay Yes you will have your chance too Yes, Aayu’s chance will also come My brother Hero Uncle Where’s my gift hero? what will hero gift you? Yes He isn’t hero He’s hero, your maternal uncle And now that he’s my brother he has to give me a gift So hero, will you give me a gift? Yes, I’ll give you a gift But I am thinking, what should I gift you? I will safe guard you From whom? From brother-in-law, from your husband Now he’s definitely my brother. Wow Yes you are certainly my sister as well Brother-in-law means Dad? Yes He will save me from Dad For the first time, there is someone on my side You both always side with your Dad That’s not going to happen This isn’t happening Now I too have a member in my team Right hero? See my team is increasing now Now you two also do the Rakhi rituals Yes Mom Sister aren’t you forgetting something? Sweets…. Now Aayu aren’t you forgetting something What? Gift I didn’t buy anything I bought the gift sister Awww….

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