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10 Weird Items on Amazon!

there it is haha want to boil up on chat while play and today we are looking at ten inappropriate toys for kids toys are supposed to be for kids right but these toys I don’t think any kids should be playing with these so let’s just jump right into it side them up is the my lucky mail slipper troll doll oh come on now I used to have a troll doll a little kid my mom got me a troll doll when I was like 14 years old it was one that had a guitar that I play the guitar so I made a lot of sense but who do you get the lucky mail slipper troll doll for and what kids should even know what that is oh I see it’s approximately six inches tall that’s what all the guys say it’s approximately six inches age recommendations three and up come on who’s gonna give a three-year-old this that is so bad mommy what’s the mail slipper? I think you can just avoid that conversation for as long as possible what’s next a new Channing Tatum movie for three-year-olds Magic Mike the babysitter let’s meet you wow those are some nice red tighty whities I’ve seen enough of this mail slipper quit trolling me make sure to turn on that little bell notification down by the subscribe button down there because I hang out with you guys before every video in a live chat and I hang out with you guys for 30 minutes on every upload so if you have that Bell symbol turned on you’ll be notified when I go live and when I upload a video so come hang out with me and the next toy that is inappropriate for kids is the moral John’s eggplant loungers pool float 100 inches by 39 inches okay so we got a girl in a very scantily clad bathing suit I couldn’t think of the return there for a second an eggplant hmm now I did not think this was inappropriate but my friend says eggplants mean something ah but I do not know what that means what does the eggplant emoji meanwhile it’s like already a most popular search eggplant yes it looks like okay there are a number of vegetable emojis that look like you know what for you to pick from on the vast emoji keyboard but this one takes the carrot cake ah now I get it guys I am just so innocent minded I didn’t even know that that’s what the eggplant was meaning now it does seem a little more inappropriate to have a girl in a bathing suit holding on to an eggplant nothing to see here teenage boys moving before we get into the next item please give this video a thumbs up to let me know that you liked these inappropriate toys and that maybe I should do more inappropriate toy opening and the next inappropriate toy for children is poopy head cars came the game were tougher to always wins I love it try to beat your opponent in this dirty action game two to four players ages six and up come on since six euros be playing with poopyhead stuff poopy head out now available poopyhead card game the game were number two always wins all must play their cards on a pile keeping in mind that they played the right order toilet poop paper wash your hands all of this this is an educational game of teaching kids to wash their hands after going number two once a player cannot play a card he immediately pushes the whoopee cushion now whoever has the most cars left will need to place a poo on his head after five games the player with the most poo on his head lose it I think people are running out of games to invent Baba you know what let’s order it anyway poopy hey the game we’re number two always win dhaka does not look happy i guess he does have a big pile of poop on his head so i won’t be too happy either as usual we’ve got a choking hazard you don’t want to be choking on poop now do we and look at that they even made the playing time 20 minutes that’s a great length of time to take a poop 2 plus players I don’t know about you but I like to take a poop in private ok ok let’s open this game up and see what we had all right we’ve got some poopy head game rules here oh look at those little poops let’s try one of these poops down here these are the poops you wearing your head I guess when you lose or you lose by getting too much poop on your head so let me look you know if I were single and I had a blind date to go on I think I might just wear one of these poops on my head just to see what happens huh got the deck of poop playing cards here and the game certainly could not be complete without a whoopee cushion let’s see how well this thing first there we go that’s what I’m talking about you sit on it there it is ha kind of a short quick burst of a fart isn’t it I i I’d prefer a more long elongated part I’ll show you guys how far it’s done okay ready well I can do better than that hey hang on mmm yeah that’s how the whoopee cushions should sound and I can do this and this you didn’t know I was so talented did you hmm ok now i understand that books like everybody poops teaches children like a healthy mindset about natural bodily functions but do we have to turn poop into a game of laughs for the entire family i mean do you want your children’s happiest memories to all be associated with poo friends there is a time and a place for poo and maybe we should stay with that message and our next inappropriate toy for children is the toilet trouble game oh man another game about going to the bathroom hilarious game for kids and families so another game about going to the bathroom I’m just not sure about the image on this box toilet trouble and it’s got a kid having a real good time with his face in the toilet get you slash draw some water he is waiting you happy look at that guy which flesh will cause the gush okay guys I don’t know about you but when I go to the bathroom I don’t turn around put my face in the toilet and then flush the toilet good we’ll see what happens Wow look at this caution side caution to avoid injury use only clean tap water so don’t use actual real dirty toilet water all come on what’s with this game it’s playing it too safe man well you guys know how I love my toilet humor it’s in a more toilet trouble let’s open this package up and see what we got wait a second I wanted toilet trouble and this sent me poopy head again what do i need to poopy head games for hey toilet trouble a video music toilet oh I think if they got a three out of question three times hahahaha thankin got nailed in the face oh you got lucky as the girl she’s got a budget fight is won she’s gonna get it she got it right in the face that it that’s the whole game bathrooms are not playgrounds okay think about it do we really want our children to be confused between a bathroom toilet and a sprinkler okay our next toy for children that should not be for children is the United States are a draw what is no you we don’t want children playing with attack drawns oh my goodness that is horrible drawn shoots darts by pushing a button to darts included oh man wow wow wow wow I can’t believe they made a Toyota’s who thought it was a great idea to make a toy out of this oh my god United States Army don’t waste your hard-earned money these are putts a deck too small to even find the package of all of them in the box don’t waste your money okay I was expecting a review of like oh why is this being made for children oh gosh now you can fly a drone from South Dakota all the way to package stan toy is so inappropriate guys I just have to order it oh the US Army wrong places let’s blow some things up well like Revere was to waited this thing is pretty small here this is the real deal though we can see it is the official license from the US Army since we did the US Army start making toys maybe they have for a long time I don’t know let’s open this toy up and see what we have inside okay we have our action figure here with poseable arms and legs here we have our flying drawn which is a remote controlled flying vehicle and I do see a little spot here to add some darts oh wow lots of little tools here I don’t know if you guys can see this I mean lots of little weapons i can kind of punch out here and gone a gun=m with a scope a little tiny hand gum looks like an oozy of some sorts a walkie-talkie there here’s a real big gum check this one out oh I lose it already who almost lost it guys that reviewer was right these things are small let’s get a gum in his hands huh it’s perfect look at that why do I need a gum when I’ve got a drawn to blow stuff up with Wow okay so let’s put a dart into trouble I can’t believe it made this toy guys oh it’s spring-loaded so I pushed the dart in there’s a little button here to press and it’ll shoot out let’s try it wow that shoots with some force let me try that again I’ll show from this angle this time so here’s the drone here’s the here’s the ball is stick miss will top that baby in there let’s back up Rose need to be able to hit up from really far away I can barely see you I can’t tell if that’s an in surge meant with a miss I’ll launch her or buca five and the next inappropriate toy for kids that really shouldn’t be for kids is the sure wells Friday the 13th part 3 Jason hockey or deluxe mask khaki-colored the manufacturers recommended age is three years and up because yeah the movie Friday the 13th the perfect for any three-year-old they won’t have any nightmares or anything at all well you know I’ve always been a big fan of friday 13 so I’m old enough for this one let’s go ahead and order it it’s Jason the thing was pretty cool actually it’s really hard good quality there we go try this baby on I like it I like it let me give you a close-up look of it here lots of holes for breathing and it’s got a nice elastic strap here to fit any size head I’m sure let’s become Jason actually pretty comfortable yeah i think the age of three is the perfect age to spark a child’s interest in nerd herders cereal kiln her movie slash movies might as well just get all of the boots and all of the bluff out of the way while they’re still young enough to play Hungry Hippos I mean I watched slash movies when I was three years old and I turned out normal and the next inappropriate toy for kids that really shouldn’t be four kids at all is the blue real pregnant doll suits mom doll have a baby in her tummy for Barbie dolls that is a tongue twister what do we got here oh my gosh look at this picture what there’s a hole cut out of her stomach what is that like an egg right there and then a baby okay I mean I am all for educating kids at all but as long as it’s not done in a confusing matter I mean what is this gonna do it’s going to teach kids where babies come from that they come from an oral from your belly and I like how this toy pretend that nip wills don’t exist and other certain parts of the body don’t exist yet they’re showing you where babies come from talk about selective information am I really ordering this toy guys am i ordering it am I gonna order a doll a baby pregnant beauty doll let’s go for it okay what came in the mail today okay it just comes like this just a little plastic bag so it says van do you know the toy if i remember correctly on the amazon item it said for Barbie dolls I think we just wanted to put the word Barbie in there this is not a Barbie doll at all all right let’s open her up okay all right so oh I see so the extra dress is for when she’s no longer pregnant I think I all rights to check her out she’s got a nice baby bump there I really don’t want to take our clothes from I’m ordering inappropriate toys but I do I need to make this an inappropriate video too okay fine let’s do it for you guys I’m gonna do what I don’t want to do okay we’re gonna check out how babies are made we gift up the dress and what do you know why she just have a belly button how our baby’s born pretty sure you just go like this with your arms and you go one two three and I’m baby pops out whoa okay let’s get that baby out of there come on out baby hey up a happy-looking baby congratulations you just had a baby with a shirt on or maybe that’s not a shirt maybe that’s just where the the legs meet the body I thought it was perfect t-shirt ah but the baby is wearing lipstick it’s one of those new genetically modified babies they come out with already lipstick and what they called mascara mascara on a designer baby you know I’m saying okay well Barbie put your dress back on you just had your baby there you go now you can put on your other dress I’m not going to do that for you you can do that in the privacy of your own home thank you very much I’ve had enough playing with dolls let’s move on to the next toy we got another inappropriate toy here for kids it is the smart task can I see how they get away with saying gas because sass is a donkey okay guys I’m not swearing I’m saying donkey okay because sass and donkey are the same thing so what do we get with this tin think fast talk first to win I was a game okay play smart task from university university games while they’re trying to sound like they’re all legit smart people play our games the game where it’s okay to yell out the answer even when it’s not your turn be the first to answer the who what where am I questions and move closer to being the ultimate smart donkey available for two or more players ages 12 and up okay okay so it’s not so much the language of this game that I have a problem with but it’s the teaching kids how to be a smart as I mean nobody likes a smart as I mean there’s that there’s a big difference between someone who acts like a jerk to someone who has a sarcastic sense of humor and just pokes fun at their friends or maybe gross their friends because the truth is guys nobody likes a smart as and that’s a perfect way to get your raft kicked my yes I mean donkey well you know you’re about to enter the most confusing and challenging part of your adolescence lives let’s teach you how to be less likable next item next we’ve got the wood eats fast food deluxe dinner by imagination generation um alright so I’m seeing problems already this is good food fast okay guys I don’t know about that being good food look at that burgers fries a cola stack up high quality wooden burger ingredients and add classic side creating and stacking your favorite burger combination refined fine motor skills Wow just trying to like sell the sound like no no parent parents I know it’s like I know it’s fast food and all and that’s really unhealthy for little kids to eat but they’re refining their motor skills by putting them together distributing and sorting fries and tenders into their boxes teaches counting and matching and sets really high goals for the potential job they could have when they’re older yeah french fries chicken tenders Cola burger really glad to see you guys added a fruit and vegetable option to this meal childhood obesity is not a problem at all right having forbid that we have kids like pretending to cook or pretending to go grocery shopping or pretending to garden we want them to pretend to have really bad habits right from an early age it forgot the toy cigarettes and i forgot the toy alcohol hey kids let’s play diabetes is super fun woo okay this item is a Funko p 0 p Game of Thrones Jon Snow I mean he sure is cute but game of throne should kids really be watching Game of Thrones oh here’s a nice five star review nice little guy fun little sucker yeah this looks fun guys let’s just go ahead and buy this one Jon Snow let’s open this guy up oh I thought he was gonna be a bobblehead do I ribbed his head off I want to break it okay it’s not a bobblehead it’s just a vinyl figure good thing I read that before ribbon is head off oh look at this cute little adorable cuddly Jon Snow action doll for your body Oh mommy what is game of wrong oh just to show mommy likes to watch with her brother dear now go to bed uh yeah I don’t know if cute is the direction we need to go here marketers I think we’ll just stick with a harry potter you guys are so inappropriate what do you guys do one here I think you should probably check this video out I think it’s a little more appropriate for you if you not subscribe to me go ahead and click right here but I’m sure you’re already subscribed because you are super cool why don’t you watch this one too so this one is a little bit different so hard to decide anyway I’ll see you guys will soon with a brand new video

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