Laughter is the Best Medicine


Totally calm right now this is just a
completely natural experience and not the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Wow Ethan great moves! Keep it up, proud of you. [Great moves! Keep it up! By Echorobot] Hey guys what up welcome to Los Angeles
to our new apartment here which is completely empty except for one thing we
do have… One hundred and twenty shirts! That’s right guys, you see everyone’s
been doing this hundred layer challenge… and we thought, “where’s the challenge if I can’t die
from exhaustion, overheating?” Lets get it going guys, lets get it started. So this is number one I guess so here we go lets do this. Oh my god, this is gonna take so long. Alright I gotta go fast like Sonic. We got a bunch of like twenty medium shirts and then from there, we start looking for
extra extra large’s like six XXXL shit. Because you know as I get bulkier, more
beefy, beautiful and bold and plumptious we’re going to need shirts to fit my new
curves. Ethan Klein’s Cough™ *exhales* *breathing* *Sigh* It’s like.. We’re not even at ten yet dude. Oh this one’s nothing dude, this one’s kush baby. I feel like a beef cake right now, I feel like I could fuck your girl Hila. I’m gunna fuck all your women in this beef cake shirt. Almost done here guys. *Forced exhale* *Choking* *Exhale* You’re telling me that I don’t look bigger yet? I feel like I’ve got like, I’m definitely bulked up! These mediums are kinda scaring me right now. Shit gets tighter… *Choking* I’m concerned about how I’m getting out of this, but guys… worrying is for – Fucking losers who aren’t here to break
records. Fucking be thick as FUCK dude. RRRRRGGGHHhhh Ethan Klein Cough™ Being fat doesn’t help this challenge. If you’re a skinny little twink yeah you can – probably rock on your shirt challenge a lot easier than me. Extra-large hello daddy. Fuck! There’s like five more bags! Hila: Oh my god… Oh my god *laughs* Ethan: What’s funny dude? This is who I was
destined to be. This is the body that I – always dreamed of having Hila.
I’ve been ripping hard dude I’ve been gaining pounds! Medium shirts fuckin’ piss me
off dude; makin’ me feel insecure and shit. Ethan Klein’s Cough™ *Sonic ring sound effect* I’m already feeling this is a really bad idea… Honestly, it’s not a bad look. I feel confident; I feel like if I walk down the street; if I went to the beach – you know your girl will be checking me out, like what the fuck would you do if this guy’s steps to your girl at the club. I don’t think anyone would fuck with me dude! *Punching Sound* Nobody would fuck with me dude, I’m throwing fucking fists over here boi. *BOOM* *BLAM* *BIP* *BAP* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *CLAP* *SLAP* Punch me Hila. *Hila assaults Ethan with a flurry of punches* Hila you gotta help me up dude… Aaahhh shit. Hila: *Moaning* Ethan: Ahh shit, ahhhh. Fuck! Okay I like that, I like this, I like this
this works much better for me. Ok let me lift my arms for you Hila… GUGH EEEGHHHH Shhhhhhh- Help. Hila: It’s not working! Ethan: You can do it. See now, I like this one because I
almost look like normal, maybe let’s go to the bathroom. This one covers everything so it’s
almost like this is just who I am. Ethan Klein Cough™ Ethan Klein Cough™ Hila: Oh my god, your back is massive! Ethan: *deep voice* Thank you, I know,
I’ve been working hard at it. I can help you up front here. Ohhhh my arms are getting fucked dude. Ughhhhh….The struggle is real dude. Can you call Isaac maybe; For an emergency favour?
Should we call him? We are calling my friend to bring us scissors.
Emergency favour. Let’s see if he’ll pull through here
guys. We need him, or this challenge – could end in the hospital because I will – I’m not stopping putting on these shirts. *Phone Ringing* GGGGHHHHH Ethan Klein Cough™ Isaac: Hello? Ethan: Hey Issac, we are doing the one hundred shirt challenge. I am starting to lose circulation in my arms *sigh*. This sounds insane dude.
Can you bring a scissor to us? It’s not – It’s like scissor or death. Isaac: Isn’t that cheating though? Ethan: Do you think – Is that cheating? Thats a –
Isaac: *Hysterical Laughter* Ethan: Thats definitely a good question. Ahhhh. Oh Jesus. Isaac: Text me your address. *Celebration Music*
Ethan: That’s it dude he’s going with the scissors. Dude, I am so determined to get these shirts on. If you have a dream you guys,
you have to fight to defend it. You must keep pushing because it’s your dream! – Nobody’s gonna fight for it. Nobody else is gonna fight for your
dream. Yeah, Fifty inch biceps dudes. And fucking ten pound back beef dude. To be the thickest man alive! To all the big large XXL men out there I
love you right now. Ooooh, hoo! Hila, give me a hug dude. Hila: Hooo I can almost.
Ethan: it’s good right? Hila: *Groaning*
Ethan: *Laughing* It almost looks real in a like really fucked up weird ass way. Like this is what
happens if you keep eating Papa John’s. This is a vision of Ethan like a thousand Papa John’s later I don’t know how we are going to do a hundred of this. Is this the dumbest thing we’ve ever done? Guys I just want to say it’s always been my dream.
It means a lot to me that you – Guys watch till the end it don’t skip
because there’s so many surprises – Interlaced throughout this show.
Hila: I don’t know what to do here. Ethan: Frankly, you won’t believe it. Hila: Why are they all so thick seriously? Ethan: That’s what she always says to me. Thats what the girls always telling me,
“why are you so thick dog?” I’m like – I’m born that way. Hila: Oh my god, your back! *Laughing*
Ethan: I can’t put it on! I need you help… Help! Oh my god, I can’t lift my arms to dress
myself. Hila: *Laughing* Are your arms just resting right now?
Ethan: Yeah, this is my rest. That’s why I have no circulation because they’re getting cut off. Hila: There’s so much space there.
Ethan: Thats it this is a full resting position. Hila: *Laughing* Ethan: Ahh shit.. Oh this one I can put on myself. Hila: Oh wow.
Ethan: God bless America. God bless that XXL, today I love the XXLs.
Hila: *Laughing* Ethan: Haha! What the fuck!? I am shocked every time! What the fuck is this why we’re doing
this? Hila: Oh my god.
Ethan: This is so stupid. God I hope Isaac’s almost here. Anyway I guess I better get back to work. Hila: Oh my god, your shoulders are massive!
*Both Laughing* Ethan: How do we do this? *Rock Music starts playing*
God, save me. Isaac don’t fuck this up dude! I’m being sawed right now! There’s red pieces of cloth shooting everywhere. stop, stop…STOP, STOP, STOP! AHHHHHHHHH! *Hila and Isaac laughing* Dude, when you go to war, people should just put on a hundred shirts. They would be perfectly fine. Nothing can penetrate this. Guys, what the fuck is this?! Why is that up there? Remember to eat your weedies, guys. Do you mind giving me a minute? Just need to, uh… *Hila laughing* Okay… I’m so terrified now. Have you ever had a burly ass
fucking guy go sawing hard on you before? Hila: Oh wow! Ethan: I wish I could see but… Hila: Yeah… oh god. Ethan: That’s terrifying! I don’t know how many layers I’ve got! There’s no joy left in this, this is all suffering now… Ah, shit… Aaaahhhhhhh! This is good. This feels natural, I feel like I look good and I feel even better to be honest. UUUGH EGH Hila: Your legs look small now… I skip leg day you know… guys, if you’re interested in picking up the H3 fall 2016 look, that- you can look like me. Are we seriously gonna push beyond this? There’s like another 20 shirts, are we seriously gonna push beyond this?! LOOK AT MY BACK! Any sane person would stop now. Okay? But I have promised you… one hundred shirts! Pick up H3H3 new fall summer tummer look update 2016! There’s no happy ending here. Only a good friend like Isaac would say “No dude, this is obviously dangerous but I’m gonna do this for ya- for a meme.” Thank you dude you’re a good friend. Ah, shit! Dude! Oh my god my f- It’s starting to consume my face! My head is being swallowed by this. Oh yeah, almost- I can almost put this one on normally honestly. Let’s see… I can’t move my neck! Oh my god! OOOoooohhh… there’s some like real muscle going into that! Hahaha! I can’t even see my own fucking shoulder anymore. Isaac: What shoulder? Ethan: This fucking, massive one dude! Are you intimidated by my fucking
thickness? Uugh That was ea- I’m tellin’- that… the man who wore that shirt was a proud man. Vape Naysh dude, this was destined to be. Let’s fuckin’ put it on. Dude I love this Vape Naysh shirt it’s so fuckin’ loose and huge! Rep your Naysh guys, so Vape Naysh k? This is so stupid, and our house is fuckin’ completely empty so this is the only chair! The toilet’s the only chair in the house you have to come to the bathroom to sit down for a minute! Oh my god I’m getting demoralized dude, this is the only chair in the house. OOoogh Ooohh my god… We shouldn’t continue! This shouldn’t continue. I feel like there’s a hundred pounds of weight on me right now… this should stop right now! BUT IT’S NOT GOING TO. It’s almost like orgasmic when you see a big one at this point. Hila: Are you feeling lucky? Not really… Not feelin’ lucky. Hila: It’s not that big… Fuck… oh my god… oh my god no! Hahaha what the fuck? This is the crown jewel guys. Six X’s… X X X X X X! L! I’m getting really scared, I feel like my face is getting red, it’s choking me… My ar- I’m in a fucking pl- I feel like I’m in a concrete plaster. This is fucked up, I’m starting to get scared. So when need to wrap this up so… let’s put this fuckin’ thing on me and call it a day. King size, this one’s gonna go on like buttah dude! This one’s like nothing almost! Isaac: It’s comfortable. Ethan: Yeah this is nice. Oh my god… *Hila laughing* HAAAAAAAAAAAUUUOOOW MY GOD!!! If you wanna know what I feel like right now it feels like I’m in a concrete plaster, like I can’t move my body AT ALL. HOLY SHIT… HOLY FUCK YOU GUYS… WHAT THE HELL? This is so dumb! This is so dumb, guy, I can’t promote this product enough this is one of the hottest looks we have ever done. *sigh* I think maybe I’m getting a little tired Hila, maybe just leave me alone for a minute. I just feel like taking a nap. Hila: K. Ethan: Can you turn off the light? *Light switch clicks* Hila: K bye… Ethan: Can you close the door? Close it all the way. Hila: Are you okay? Ethan: Where am I? *Hila laughing* Where am I? I look and feel great! I promise you I have never looked and felt this great EVER BEFORE. Okay guys well, the 100 layers of shirt challenge was a good challenge. I feel like we really accomplished a lot today and I feel very proud of what we did. Anyway guys, I wanna give a special thank you to our sponsor, LootCrate! If you guys don’t know what LootCrate is, they’re a really cool company that sends ya a box of loot every month. Now this month’s LootCrate was themed… futuristic! Heh, ve- pretty dope! Here’s Item #1! Futurama toy that comes with, its got a magnet… That’s dope! I like that show a lot. Next up, you’ve got a shirt. I can’t see it… I can’t turn my neck to see the shirt. Hila what does it say? Hila: Rick and Morty! Ethan: Oh it’s Rick and Morty, guys if you haven’t seen Rick and Morty definitely check it out it’s definitely one of the best shows on television. So thank you so much to LootCrate, for sponsoring this video. We’ve also got… a Megaman toy, a lil’ figure Megaman. Dope. Next up, Star Trek… it’s a sticker. Sick. I am a big fan of Star Trek, you guys maybe didn’t know that about me… so I’m really honored and proud to have received this medal. That guy could probably help me get outta these fuckin’ shirts a little sooner… Isaac. Coloring book with Rick and Morty. If you guys wanna get your own lootCrate, go to the link in the description, to get 10% off your purchase. Hila: This is scary… Ooooo! You got deep! Ethan: It still doesn’t even feel close! Ha haaaaaa! Hahahaha! Oooohh… [Wow, Ethan, great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you! By Echorobot] I’ve been through so much shit you guys… I know there’s a god now… With every layer that comes off it’s like a rebirth… *Music continues playing* Cut it, cut it. Hila: Cut it? *Ripping sound* Hila: That doesn’t help much… *Ripping sound* *Hila laughing* Ethan: I can’t even remove it, now it’s just a nice sweater. *Music continues playing* Ethan: Oh my goooooooddd, it’s like it never ends! Get off me! There’s so many shirts, stop! Get off me! Oh my god… Is this it? No there’s more! Hila: That’s it. *All laughing* Hila: This is your real shirt! It’s wet. Ethan: Feel it, feel right here. Hila: It’s wet. *Laughter* *Everybody applauds Ethan’s shirt wearing efforts* Well guys that was the hundred shirt challenge, I’m feelin’ good, I’m feelin lighter. Feel like a lost some weight for some reason. Smash that motherfuckin’ like button. I want one like for every shirt that we wore, so we need about… How many likes is that? One like for every shirt. Hila: that’s not a lot of likes. Ethan: That’s not a lot of likes can we shoot for one hundred likes on this video guys? We really appreciate that. Thank you so much for watching, we appreciate ya, and we’ll be seeing you next time.

100 thoughts on “100 LAYERS OF SHIRTS

  1. Makes me remember the guy who did this back in the day circa 2009 and was featured in the Pork and Beans song by WEEZER. With contemporaries such as star wars kid and chocolate rain

  2. It sucks ethan you couldn’t salvage them and donate them probably. That resonated after he cut into them. They looked like nice shirts

  3. Papa forgive but we have finally found out what Ethan would look like if his body matched his face.

    Edit: Torso, If you want to be technical.

  4. I love seeing new people in the comments who are just discovering Ethan and Hila for the first time with videos like this 😂

  5. When Ethan put the orange shirt on he looked like he went to prison and had nothing to do but lift and now he's all buff from the freaky prison food that somehow contained suspiciously high levels of protein

  6. You could have donated all the shirts but you wasted them 😑 I know it's kind of jerk thing to be hating on somebody but there people without clothes and without other stuff that could use that stuff

  7. Imagine Ethan getting stabbed by some robber in a dark alleyway with 100 shirts on, the stabber just gazes into Ethans eyes with fear because he is unable to penetrate him

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