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10,000 IQ Vending Machine Plays | Fortnite Funny And WTF Moments Ep.78

Ah!!! Bro die!!!!! Diiieee!!! Helloo?!?! Gaammeeeuuuhhh!! Dieee! What is going on?! WHAT THE F*CK?!! Are you guys believing in me? (No..) Let’s go!!! First try! First try! Sign me up for Faze dude! Let’s Goooo!!!!! Blah bluh blah! Oh boy.. ooulp *Internally screaming* Feeling this, ah- *explosion* *laughing* Clip that. There’s no way. WE GOT SHOT DOWN! IMPULSE AND JUMP! OH MY GOD!! I’m just gonna jump away.. Couch. Atom. ..and it looks like he’s done. Why’d- Where are you going?!? Who are you? What’s tha- and that’s how.. — ends. I don’t want this garbage! *speaking spanish* *speaking spanish* *speaking spanish* *excited screaming* *laughing* *speaking spanish* *screaming* Oh.. sh*t! Nononononononononononononononononononononononononoo Oh! UUUUUuuu! Wh-haha-AT! ehhh!! *character clapping* Cause’ it’s like it’s lighter. Oh. What? Dimwits! *laugh* *text-to-speech donation* Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!! *laughing* Trickshot of the century in.. 3 Trickshot of the century in.. 2 Trickshot of the century in.. 1 Yikes! -auuuuh! You surf on that.. I’m going for the top! Going for the top! Bunny Dude: *Vietnam Flashbacks … OOF Yeahahahahahaha! -think I see building over here. Oh my god! Oh my god, this is epic dude! No! Dude! I-I-I-I-I ran out man! You’re good, right? Yeah, I think so. Coming in hot? Come back, I’ll come back up. *laughing* Wait.. *laughing* *talking simultaneously* Where ar-where ar-where are you? I’m here. Bro I’m *talking simultaneously* -boi! Coming down to you? Yeah, you wanna swoop me? Yea!
Okay. Check up. 3.. 2.. Jump! *laughing* *laughing*
Oh.. Bonus score duuuuuude!
Oh my god! Bonus score duuuuuude! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! *breathes in* OOOHAHAHAHAHAH!! *clapping*
OOOHAHAHAHAHAH!! *sigh* *speaking spanish* Ahhahaha! *speaking spanish* There’s better uses for this. Ooh my god! 😛 Subtitles edited by Side Reverse on 06/27/2018.

100 thoughts on “10,000 IQ Vending Machine Plays | Fortnite Funny And WTF Moments Ep.78

  1. 5,000 v-bucks please I’m new in fortnite and I download this game yesterday please I’m very happy if I have just 5,000 no plus.

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