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$1,000,000 YouTuber HOMES of 2016 (Miniminter, Kwebblekop, Lachlan, Ssundee, Markaplier)

Hey guys how’s it going extreme trends
here and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 million dollar youtube homes
of 2016 now because I don’t really want to get my facts wrong look like a
complete idea i’m not going to . exact price in every single house but pretty
much all of them over 1 million dollars which is completely insane if you
actually think about it that YouTube’s own 1 million dollar homes is just
absolutely crazy but anyway before again today’s video make sure you subscribe to
the channel for more extreme videos and let me know by saying I subscribe and
i’ll reply back to every single one of you so start this list at number 10 we
have a youtube who goes by the name of Wendy blogs i think that’s how you
pronounce that have no idea whatsoever but before making this top-10 I
literally never heard of a problem because she only has around 200,000
subscribers but don’t let that low subscriber count for you because she has
a very nice probably one of the best youtuber homes i’ve ever seen and he’s
definitely worth over 1 million dollars since the location surrounding and just
the overall architecture house is completely mind-blowing i highly doubt
she purchased this with her quote on quote you to your money she must have a ready good paint job
because just take a look at this entrance into the beautiful mansion yeah yeah yeah in a number nine we have a mini me into
a fee for you to be home purchase the house with several the youtubers
including big star 123 and que si I think some of these youtubers moved out
by the house by now and purchase their own house probably because they get sick of each
other but anyway any means have made a video showing the viewers of his house
to celebrate his 300th the video on youtube is not the most insane looking
you do house you’ll ever see on this list but he’s definitely want to mention
it’s not going to be wanting a house for ages so I’m going to announce on three
pictures videos so I’m gonna try to make a little bit different i’m going to try
to show you the whole house in 60 seconds so let’s go toilet greenery office in
August kitchen fridge which to laugh Derek locked thanks four separate box thailand upset just rip my judges judges yeah what the fuck was learn one knocking
this house anymore alright watch me then without that’s
tagged another step I’m not doing this sweater application below my toilet but
yeah fuck are you and nobody i think we have the biggest GTA 5 channel on
YouTube don’t quote me on that though because our the back in the day this
YouTube was growing faster than anybody else but now take this youtuber is named
rebel cop who currently has over 5.2 million cops and no i’m not talking
about your local police cops that’s literally what he calls his subscribers
anyway well cop and his friends jelly and slow
go man recently purchased a house and cost over 1 million dollars just take a
look at this welcome back ups my name is Kovac up and
i bought a house and of course I’m here for the amazing house tour so welcome
beautiful office the cops offices this is look at it look at it look get out your computer this is where
videos are made okay if you thought it was easy to make
these videos uploaded it up let’s go to the next floor if you can see up here
you see it up here you can see the fucking living room premiere which is
fucking awesome there’s someone fucking window fucking
love it let’s go one what up what up boy look at
changing here you can fall down oh whoa oh you’re another seven we have
Susie tube so round about a month ago fouseytube uploaded video we show you
around his new house which is a big-ass mansion he actually bought for his
parents that’s a really nice thing for him to do
since obviously cost over 1 million dollars if I was estimated i’d probably
put it around the 1.5 to 2 million dollar area because it is absolute really huge welcome to the dof help number six is Lachlan a
twenty-one-year-old my craft youtube who plays with some of the most popular
YouTube is in the Minecraft community his parents own a really nice house that
has a huge backyard unbelievable I don’t think local and
bought this house for them I just think that his parents were
really successful before local and even created youtube channel to just take a
look at this airlock 1 here and welcome back to reading below weren’t getting
right now this is the kitchen this is like the living room there’s like a TV
on wall of their secondary watch TV is mirror their alcohols table that’s
outside that’s why was it swear i have my school that’s pull back yard
beautiful backyard and then you some dining chairs this is the i don’t know
just hallway this is where the swag way back on my UK blogs but I was leaving
for the UK and yeah so cool so front door and then this is a living room /
bare room and that’s my one more part that we have to do anything with and
this is the other view for a backyard because this is why did the segway
challenge just over here and yeah we’re now halfway through this list at number
five we have a markiplier the guy with the best radio voice on youtube and in
my opinion uploaded one of the best YouTube house towards it’s not like the
usual house tours was like oh here’s my fridge look what I’ve got inside why
I’ve got some bread and milk he really tried to make it an interesting video
and I think he succeeded hello and welcome to market flyers new
new home tour because i am incredibly original we’re starting in the bathroom
so spaces for group activities always remember to pelvic thrust your
way out of bathrooms for everyone’s safety now under the master bedroom will get
that man everybody dance if you’re feeling fresh today that’s enough of that now under the
bachelors favorite device microwave filled to the brim with nothing because
markiplier doesn’t need the heat yeah I now on to the rest of the home look at this kitchen counter sink below
look at this table okay look at my TV and that is all for the tour before we
have another youtuber who became extremely successful or playing
minecraft gameplay videos and his name is sunday something uploaded a blog /
house tour video in celebration obvious five million subscribers that was
actually very grateful for if any of these things i would say that this one
cost less than a million dollars is close to a million dollars we’re not
quite there but then again you can never really tell since you don’t really know
the location or the surrounding areas of this property there’s our front door you
walk in the front door and this is what you see so you walk through there’s a
cat castle for Sandy arm and then you come out here and this is our main
living room ok so that’s our living room we don’t
have furniture because we suck at furniture shopping I hope and yeah okay living room and
this leads into oh and that’s our vacuum cleaner his name is Gary don’t judge uh-huh and that leads into our kitchen where da
kitchen women the main living here this is my second favorite spot in the entire
house you’re walking here we just got new carpet and we got a couch and it’s
not as echo in here we got a sweet painting that I didn’t paint again
curtains and then our TV which this is why I like this room I watch a lot of TV i’m a loser I’m kidding number three whoa too sure
wash or owns an apartment with a couple of the YouTube is which can be located
in the center of the halo building around about 30 stories high where other side men live as well the
main reason this apartment was so expensive is because of the sweet
location you know so as you may know I removal London are usually begins you
have no flat in London I’m pretty much i’m going there today so it’s a mess but
i just want to show you around with it pretty sick so let’s go so the door we go quite so I’m game
right possible we have got my bedroom which is a tick free currently unpacking
boxes I look how many books i have a look at that shit there is a ridiculous amount i have what
this suitcase is to lure shoes it is a nightmare but to make it all
better here is the main reason we moved to this
flap not at that view to come around here i’m very fortunate because in my
room i have an ensuite at all the fucks it’s freezing cold here anyway so here
is my shower I one shall lose it now you know finally we have got our living room
three again Christ and this is the granddaddy not
that shit okay number two we have the bf vs gf this couple used to upload quite a
lot of real authentic pranks bed now turned a channel into doing daily blog
which is actually a real smart move them to do since pranks and youtuber pretty
much died out and blogs have become insanely popular way more popular than
they used to be but anyway EPF vs gf and bought himself a new house / apartment
there isn’t really much to look at in this one since they just moved in and
they haven’t moved the furniture bored . verification wake it up I woke up like this this is the new spot
if you haven’t got all our stuff in yet but i figured we’d show you guys anyway
so this is our bedroom this is the bedroom and we have a cool
light Gina likes it and we have a bed that’s all we have this is the living
revocable and we’re still waiting to get a furniture here and we’re gonna have a sofa here
and the dining room table here and the TV is going to go there that’s pretty much that this is the
kitchen it’s kind of tight I mean you can’t open the refrigerator
and the oven at the same time but that’s all good bone little bathroom and then
we got to office you like the green wall you know what you guys think they’re
green well I think we’re all as don’t freshness finally taken the walls but
isn’t CaptainSparklez but it so well and healthy also known as mouthy this
YouTube couple owned four channels with a combined total of twenty million
subscribers that are all growing at a rapid pace with an average view count of
2 million views per video even though i said i wouldn’t put a price tag on any
of these houses their house in brighton cost over 1 million pounds which is
around about 1.2 million dollars is that has been the top 10 of 1 million dollar
youtube homes of 2016 but as always make sure you leave your
opinions in the comment section down below is our YouTube with a dope looking
house I didn’t include in this list let me know also makes you go check out my
latest video where i go over the top 10 hottest looking youtube girlfriends
before you keyboard warriors say all extremes people have already done a
video on this thing you’re just copying them well guess what you’re right all the
youtubers have done a video on this topic before however there are a ton of extremely hot
looking youtube girlfriends that no one has included in their place before to
make sure you go check that video out when the video is uploaded the links to
the video will be in the description but anyway thank you very much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video

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