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2015 RAW Comedy National Grand Final – Rohan Ganju

Oh hey, I’m Rohan Ganju. I’m 22, from Melbourne. People would laugh at me even when I wasn’t trying to make them laugh so I figured like, I might as well have them laugh with me than at me. I’d probably describe my
comedy as like pretty high energy. Yeah, if I could get paid to just tell
jokes that would be ideal but um… that’s probably not gonna happen. Adam Hills: Alright ladies and gentleman this is someone who has got their under 11s participation certificate in cricket. Oh yeah, so here’s the thing with every
act that comes out normally you would introduce them by saying what credits
they’ve done. Normally you’d go “You’ve seen this guy in movies. you’ve seen him on TV” You’ve not seen any of these people
before. If you’ve played under 11s cricket you might recognize this next guy.
Please welcome to the stage Rohan Ganju! *crowd cheers* Oh hi, how’s it going everyone, my name’s Rohan Ganju, I’m going to tell some jokes. I hope you guys like them. So I heard the key to a good comedy
routine is to start strong and then finish strong. So I wrote two good jokes…
That was the first one. *crowd laughs* I used to piss my pants every time I had to stand up in front of my third-grade class and it cost me my teaching career. *crowd laughs* I wasn’t able to kill two birds with one stone but i was able to injure a possum. *crowd laughs* So, a consolation prize I guess. I tried to join the army but they said
they didn’t need to win that badly. *crowd laughs* Lying about your height in person is a great
way to demonstrate confidence *crowd laughs* Letting go of a loved one can be hard
but sometimes it’s the only way to survive a rock climbing catastrophe. *crowd laughs* RIP Mum. *crowd laughs* I was at the gym the other day and… no
one’s buying that. *crowd laughs* A good book is like a good puppy, easy to pick up but hard to put down. *crowd laughs* Got some book fans in the audience. *crowd laughs* Winning a knife fight is ten percent confidence and ninety percent stabbing
your opponent to death with a knife. *crowd laughs* A stripper at my local strip club gave
birth so the other day I stole a baby from Candy. *crowd laughs* I once found myself trapped in a cycle
of masturbation after discovering my fetish for wrist pain. *crowd laughs* Stepping on a snail by accident is a bad
feeling. Stepping on a snail on purpose is the
best feeling. *crowd laughs* They say it takes fewer muscles to smile
than a duster frown but it takes even less to leave your face an
expressionless mask because you’re dead inside. *crowd laughs* Do you ever get worried you’re just
someone else’s imaginary friend? *crowd laughs* When you think about it an ambulance is
just a really sad taxi. *crowd laughs* Trying to force a nickname is never a
good idea… take it from me the Jackhammer *crowd laughs* I tried to give myself a sex change but
I couldn’t quite pull it off. *crowd laughs* Talking ’bout my dick. *crowd laughs* Watched a game of soccer the other day.
It was pretty exciting except for the 90 minute stretch in the middle when
nothing f*cking happened. *crowd laughs* Do you ever wonder if people who see
UFOs are just bad at identifying sh*t? *crowd laughs* This is my last joke, everyone thanks for listening and sh*t *crowd laughs* I don’t know about skiing, if you ask me
that whole sport’s going downhill fast. Thanks very much ladies and gentlman. Adam Hills: Give it up for Rohan Ganju.

100 thoughts on “2015 RAW Comedy National Grand Final – Rohan Ganju

  1. This guy is a lot more like Steven Wright than Mitch Hedberg and is nothing like Anthony Jeselnik. But he's good at what he does. He keeps it moving, quick paced for his style of "set-up, punchline" comedy.

    Also, he's an amateur comedian you guys. Stop comparing him to the people who do this professionally. He ain't bad.

  2. these YouTube conments, man.

    if this guy had the same type of shtick as hedburg you would be creaming yourself

  3. I don't know why people are hating on him so much. It's alright not the best, but you don't need to hate on him for it.

  4. when he reads the jokes, it feels like I'm hearing someone read aloud the top commentaries of the daily reddit front page topics.

    They're all "funny one punch line cheesy jokes" about the current topic at hand (which is good, sometimes)…

    no wonder Reddit users have top voted this to the front page today!

  5. Not bad jokes in and of themselves, but there's little linking the jokes together. It might as well be a buzzfeed page.

  6. dang what's with all the hate, this guy is pretty funny and heads up if you dont like it then just go, your useless opinions aren't needed

  7. The jokes are pretty well written. If he's only 22 and he wrote all of these then in 10 years he will be a stand up beast.

  8. TIL most puns go over peoples heads so they don't have the ability to find them funny. Dude had some pretty funny one liners. If you didn't laugh once, you don't like comedy.

  9. Good act, but the mc trying to explain his joke: We get it it's just not funny dude, stop beating the dead horse and jack off a live one ffs….

  10. A good comedian knows their jokes off by heart. Having the cards makes him no better than your everyday chuck saying a few jokes they found off the internet, even if he wrote them himself.

  11. Ok truth he seems like a funny type cool dude, I don't think they were haha funny but funny in a different way like bro stfu funny. but cool dude hope he makes a couple bucks of it.

  12. I have to say that this guy actually started out strong, but in my opinion towards the end of his routine, some jokes became a little dry. Still, this guy definitely has a knack for comedy and I'd definitely watch his stand ups.

  13. it's like a loser version of anthony jeselnik. still some good ones, he'll probably find his own identity eventually

  14. I swear i've heard his first joke some where else, the one about "starting and ending strong, 2 jokes, that was the first one". In fact some other jokes too felt like theyve been lifted off from other peoples material. As funny as the jokes were, if the arent his original material, he shouldnt be getting credit for em.

  15. that moment when you actually get the punchline correct the moment you assume it for the first time but then not know it when you do and not get what the actual punchline is

  16. His comedy style is very similar to Mitch Hedberg. Mitch would wear glasses on stage and sort of have his hair in his face because he had a fear of public speaking. He was a brilliant comedian whose main (more like only) jokes were one liners. 😊 One of the first comedians I ever listened to after I'd found some Dane Cook years ago. Much prefer Mitch H. to Dane now.

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