Laughter is the Best Medicine

2019 Tamil Movie | Gorilla Movie Scenes | Jiiva Comedy | Sathish | Vivek Prasanna | Madhankumar

– Hello
– Look the phone is ringing. Attend it Sorry buddy, I thought
it was the door bell Hello. Would like to borrow
some coffee powder or sugar? You had asked me to come We usually never ask men to visit us Anyway, come in Please, come in and
lied down, sir Dude, his face ain’t that
bad to make you wanna puke What’s the matter? Did you forget what you said
at the bar, last night? How can I forget?
After all I was the one who ordered Two double larges, one double large,
one chips packets , 2 omelet and… half boil Yes, one half boil Look at my best friend, sir! He named all the liquors
we had yesterday! Stop talking like a fool Last night at bar, didn’t
we decide to rob a bank? What? Rob a bank? Are you still high
from last night? Why are you asking us to join? Get out or else I’ll
order Kong to bite you We all come from good families.. We eat only at hospitals – But last night you guys where showing off..
– You! What’s your problem? You look soft and innocent…I won’t
break but I’ll rip you apart! Ask him to get lost Get out! Sir, please leave Dude, from where did he come up
with robbing idea out of the blue? I guess he got the wrong mixing
last night for his booze We must also keep a check on
the water we pour on the booze Promise me! – Promise
– Promise Aiyo… That oldie is torturing us again and again.
Watch me break his head You! Dude… It’s JonC – You could have gone through with the blow
– Yeah right! Do you have any idea how many
times I called you last night? You didn’t pick my calls
and it got me worried – That he’ll ditch you?
– Get lost! That doofus tried to commit
suicide for losing his job Why did you stop him? After
all he is a burden on earth Excuse me! I am God’s child!
Death will never find me! Hey, I wanna tell you something.
Come – What is it?
– Come on Hey, let me at least refresh myself – Why did you bring me to the terrace?
– Come, I’ll tell you What’s the matter? My parents are seriously
finding a groom for me I’m confused Please, try to postpone the
groom hunt a bit for my sake I’ll wait forever for you But my family is putting lot of pressure Fine, sit down Ok I shall manage as much as I could If it reaches the break point
then I’ll come here to you You have waited so many days Just a few more days Ok? Kong! Son of a… I missed a kiss because of you! After all he is your friend!
He is just like you Yeah right! – So?
– I’m leaving. Bye – My kiss?
– Bye Kong Listen, I’ve brushed my teeth Listen to me. Kisses are
really good for the heart – Hey Kong, what happened?
– Hey, where’s my kiss? – You want me to sit. Sit. Sit
– Jhansi! What? What is it? Feelings? Shouldn’t have made you
watch ‘King Kong’ movie You’re just an ordinary Chimpanzee.
Got it? Don’t try to imitate King Kong and fall in
love. She isn’t the lady love of your movie Can’t you hear me? Stop feeling yourself
as someone from Hollywood…Aiyo! Hits in the wrong place
every single time What happened? I was climbing the terrace since
there was no range. Tell me now I asked you for some money for your sister’s
wedding. Why can’t you act responsible? Behave like an
elder brother… I’m elder, still single and she
is bothered about sister’s wedding! – Catch hold of him!
– Let go off me! I’m gonna suicide – Dare you stop me!
– Come on! Aren’t you God’s child? Leave me!
I’m the son of the demon! Catch hold of him.
Pull him back! – Catch hold of him!
– It’s putting his hand inside my mouth! – Why should we die?
– Why should we live? Listen, I have decided That robbery is the only option to solve
all our problems. What do you say to that? Order a couple of half boil Shut up, you football! Look, It’s our bhai brother He seems to be lonely, Lets go
check on him. Hello brother! Didn’t he promised to show up yesterday.
Hey, brother why are you sitting all alone Why didn’t you show up
yesterday as promised? You planned everything, why weren’t
you there for executing the same? Why didn’t you come dude? I am extremely mad
at you people! You guys better leave! Your funny face does tell us
that you are mad. Let’s face it Why have you brought your
medications to a wine shop? I have seen people take
medications after their meal First time someone’s take
medication after boozing! It is Viagara, I guess Sit down brother. Please sit You planned everything for us,
but you dint turn up at the time His majesty got scared, I guess What’s there to worry about? We’ll make a perfect plan and
execute it in the gorilla style We’ll loot the money… and live happily forever. Sounds good? Dude, on one condition! – What’s that?
– Only stealing money should be our motto We should not harm women
or children at any cost Don’t worry.
They don’t touch your shadow. Of course, I’m a hero and
that’s how I should talk – Cheers buddy
– Cheers! Cheers! Of course, that’s
how a hero must be! Bye brother! Bye! Don’t forget to show up tomorrow morning We’ll plan and loot Don’t forget, brother Sathish, get the door! Look at him! He thinks
he is in a salon Now, who’s that disturbance
at this late hour? Hello Bathroom cleaning? You had asked me to come But you’re not the one who
comes in toilet cleaner ad! Hello! Hello! Excuse me! Where are the
cleaning equipments? Brother, didn’t we make it clear yesterday
morning. Why are you disturbing us repeatedly? Hey Kong, move aside I’m not here to waste time We are going to rob
as per your plan Who’s this crazy fellow? Why does he
keep saying ‘your’ plan repeatedly? Leave or else… shall I call the police? – Tell him
– He must have heard you. Leave! We’ll make a perfect plan and
execute it in the gorilla style We’ll loot the money… I look so smart in the video Shut up, you doofus! Boss, we keep blabbing and
making up stuff when we are high Last month we blabbed a
plan to kidnap Nayantara Doesn’t mean you must
take it seriously Sir, we were drunk and making jokes.
You seem to have taken it seriously Ask him to leave Please leave, sir – Hello, leave!
– Look! – Stop it
– He’s furious I’m anyway gonna rob
according to your plan If I get caught, I will
take you guys with me Even if I don’t get caught, I’ll forward this
video and frame your guys for the robbery Come with me and you
will get your share You will get caught
even if you don’t come Sir! Why are you so serious about this? We were just blabbering
after the booze Dude, I am leaving. Will meet
you guys for next holiday Hey! Stay! Sir, I came to the town
to spend my holidays I got news that my grandmother
passed away this morning Sir, I got to go – My grandma will miss me, sir
– You act really well Myself? Look he acknowledged
my acting skills He started blabbering again I’ll be back in the evening Better make a good
decision by then Hand me the video before
you leave, please – Video please!
– Will send it through WhatsApp! What do we do now? Dude… How come he is saying no to booze? He is checking the time Buddy, we are not going
to rob anything right? When are we going for the loot? Dude, go with him to the bank for
depositing money and still we’ll be caught Setting out to rob with him,
we’ll be busted for sure! Trust me, it’s a risky job I have made up my mind If we don’t get what
we want in life… why shouldn’t we choose the
life that’s presented before us? Not the time for philosophies It is not that easy to rob a bank Who knows, we might get killed Do not think about losing before playing Play so that you don’t lose! Dude, this is not angry birds.
It’s Blue whale! We will definitely die There is nothing to be afraid of.
If the plan is flawless… – .. you do not worry about anything.
– Shall I come in? Here comes the curse! Here comes the agent
to the Lord of death So, what have you decided? Won’t you drink until we give an answer? So, when do we rob the bank? Forget the police,
team up with him… and the security
guy will nab us! I agree Let’s watch all the bank robbery movies We will analyze all the ideas
and will apply the same here Does it seem fair to you? If we start judging what’s
fair and what’s not we can’t live an honest life There is something common in all the
movies that we watched. Guess what? Indeed buddy.
All the heroines were hot! They use gun to execute a robbery So… we need a gun, first I can arrange that I knew it!
You’re here well prepared We’ll need Rs. 25,000 to buy a gun If we pile up all the
money that we got… we can buy only one gun – Give it to me – For what? So that you
can take it and escape? Dude, his plan is not to
rob a bank but rob us – Then come along with me
– No. I have a ‘hairache’ – Have some Parotta
– You think Parotta will cure my ‘Hairache?’ – Make sense while you talk
– You do that first! Shut up! What do we do for the remaining amount? Exactly Don’t look at me.
I have no money with me Kong There not even a single penny in there Here Card number “2656” How do you guys even find it out? Are you behind all this?
You disloyal mongrel! Acts smart and look what it’s doing now! Don’t end up hurting yourself!

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