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24 Hours Being PREGNANT Challenge in PUBLIC with TWINS **FUNNY REACTIONS** 🍼 🎀 | Piper Rockelle

guys hey what's going on are you okay Sophie what's going on why are you crying hey you guys right now I'm the dog the dogs this channel I don't like this channel don't do that alright so give this video a big thumbs up mmm yeah stork is gonna bring a baby yeah he's a cool guy who brought nose to my mama yeah he brought you here you look at you you look crazy [Applause] you guys crazy I'm a dude so I don't know if you're not Frank do you know yeah that guess morning sickness is a thing yeah me i don't know i have not pregnant be pregnant so yeah you guys definitely gained like a few pounds no offense no offense so when okay question to a pregnant person do i ask you if you're pregnant or if you're fat pregnant you just ask anything okay that is a no-no okay you taking right what if they're not pregnant congratulations on the YouTube video that hit 3 million nice all right this doesn't work it's showing our belly yes so uh let's go try to find something to wear yeah and by feels like oh wait squat squat squat all right so Sophie is trying on her first outfit I don't know how this is gonna look I mean our clothes are gonna look different that's enough guys Frank's dropping a mixtape you might think that this belly it's hard like my back hurts and like I'm sweaty and I'm hungry so hungry and this thing is actually I think it has to weigh about like eight I'm gonna say that's alright let's see if you can do better let's see if you can well I see if I we can do better than this I don't know my stomach hanging out all day and I don't my god that was dose of hard work what are you going to hit the gym yeah some sit-up come on Piper get up get up come on yeah I'm gonna say no yeah this outfits running where your next cafe next outfit give a big shout-out to all the pregnant women out there because like the hardest thing so far is putting my clothes on it was so hard Sophie are you ready is it difficult all right I'm not gonna lie that yeah yeah look ridiculous yeah you look pretty moms like superheroes couple in your freaking dress that's a no-no like Sam you can you better come on did you toss out or something because it's awfully quiet oh my gosh I mean yeah it's cute but piratey yeah you're not going out in public in that you do that for 24 hours in Instagram come on out okay no stomach hidden that's not okay come on easy easy okay yes you're right okay you know what I'm both of you try to find an outfit together right get in there come on Oh God that was hard satellite probably took like an hour what Wow wait Sophie no no you sure don't know no sorry how's your outfit look guys you've literally taken like what two hours Frank it's like noon I want lunch come on seriously we're just gonna wear that outfit because you guys that is like a big Frank's prank that's me they're white girls girls come on in with you Frank's got a Frank Scott we're we're gonna eat video knotless yeah I'm honestly really nervous to go to Starbucks with all these people on Hollywood Boulevard and sign letters they were fat so you don't want people to think you're I mean like you had a total dad bod going on I'm so hungry I'm so ready for Starbucks let's just go come on you know what I've noticed if I'm pregnant I get worse that people the dog does this yes of you're pregnant so oh god these cramps super-heavy outside it hurts wait my back Oh guys you know when you just have to hold your baby so I have you know I'll do the weight go to your back finally Starbucks Frank shut up we're not trying to be no caramel macchiato get that caffeine that sugar you know lots of caffeine right and then we'll get it yeah you know you guys haven't eaten all day oh yeah so Virginia yes let's go random food okay let's go eat something you need food oh my god hot when they actually I know whoever their husbands are so we're back we got some we're hungry as you guys know Frank took aware caffeine's or was hired to yeah Frank gosh such a jerk my back hurts and everything kind of hurts we're hungry and we walked through ever since you're pregnant we're gonna have some weird combos so we're gonna do this in rounds because you dislike youtubers we gotta make it interesting I'm hungry you know what leave a like down below and somebody in your family they're wanting this their mom had to have been pregnant yeah Frank everyone's got to like the video though my god Frank everyone so your first combo is salsa and rice crispy treats all right enjoy my friends all right well if Sophie's pregnant Sophie this is your go to that was disgusting like a kiss like a drop was good now mr. Brown to what you got alright guys this time is what you pigs okay for you pigs ready all right here we go enjoy what do you got pickles and ice cream first how is it would you try hochy own ice cream okay well I guess we don't need this then all right so we're gonna eat our snacks and the teacher break because our backs were really hurt from carrying this baby now all this way to meet Frank the girls have been crying they've just been in there crime should we check on him guys hey what's going on – what's more are you okay Sophie what's going on why are you crying hey guys why do you have the heating pad you guys do you want to do you wanna do you need something to eat are you hungry wait so I wasn't calling you fat I'm sorry I'm just lying on do you don't call a pregnant girl do you know if the baby's a boy or a girl that's exciting hey great they're not happy oh god baby shower yeah you're on a baby shower let's go okay okay okay hey hey guys guys okay so Frank and I'll find out the genders of your babies yeah and we will we'll have a baby shower yeah okay no no just chill just chill just chill because apparently those are costing you a lot of pain pregnant hormones make you take all right all right let's go Frank that's not gender-reveal come on okay come on frankly means to the party store gender reveal did you see that that was crazy all right all right let's go let's go but I gotta grab the balloons and we'll be we'll go to that all right the balloons are in the vehicle and now it's time for the party the sun's going down it's getting late alright guys I've been waiting for this moment all my life so I gots really dressed up and I'm really hoping for a girl I want to that's so cute okay really hope I get a girl makes you like subscribe so you can get a girl you can't the pink girl hunter set up this amazing thing and I'm really excited for my baby shower already is so awkward a blue dress because I'm hoping for a boy I really want to know what's in money so my blue dress on hoping for a boy and if it is a boy I'm gonna name him Oliver but if it's a girl I'm gonna name it Roxie editor you set this all up well Frank help me well it was a long drive Frank it was like two hours three hours just saying the question marks are just random so we don't know if there's pink in that balloon or blue in that waked those are random guys you're in the premiere chat comment down below what you think Piper's gonna get and comment down below what Sophie's gonna get if you're in the premiere chat if you're not in the premiere chat subscribe and turn on what Sophie so you know don't do that please when you're actually pregnant okay my turn and well maybe one day when you guys have kids are you happy now though it's time for bed we did a lot today oh and guys imagine going to bed like this crazy you are going to bed like that like that's the point no no like a my life yeah well that's what being pregnant is yeah we eat a lot of food we made a lot of sacrifices for you guys so make sure you like subscribe yeah I know I'm sorry I'm like this video if you look well guys it's going to be a long night because we can't get comfortable so could you normally sleep on your side well you should be fun good luck sir and you got like what 8 pounds pressure on your stomach we don't have to be know so if you have to actually do it for me you guys have gas all right well good night guys good night guys good luck sleep so good luck you look really taking a selfie you have good luck Frank we do the challenge hyper wake up guys come on so be hyper hyper you didn't even hey pirate can you wake up please Piper you have to wake up can we just finish this a betrayal oh my gosh Sophie you did it Piper you lost wake up you took you you took that often – yes you do you liar she gave up literally she wanted no you're not a cheater you just didn't pass the challenge Sophie good job Sophie okay hi good morning guys thank you so much for watching this video I guess this is the end of the video today it was crazy or mean yesterday thank you guys so much for watching make sure you like now it makes you like subscribe to my postal vacations for all my newest videos I love you guys so much frankly I'll throw a lot higher it's so sweaty look in the mirror and watch look at your face tell yourself you're beautiful Frank I wasn't expecting that yeah I thought you were gonna say like and look how boring your love you guys so much I'm gonna go take a shower I feel really disgusting and I slept with my makeup and okay I love you guys so much and shout out to all the moms because it's really hard work like I just had the tummy I didn't even have the baby so thank you guys so much I love you and top dog moms go give your mom a hug right now member

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