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2500m WORLD LONGEST SHOT!!! - Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.1258

hello you've made it to episode 1258 of your day t-49 moments I'll see you later bro we've started a special giveaway for the very rare wonder skin and you can be the next lucky winner to receive the skin code all you need to do to join the competition is subscribe and click on the notification bell as well as leave a funny original comment and a like on this video this wonder skin is quite authentic and it's currently worth about a hundred and seventy five dollars so make sure you grab your chance to win it we will be randomly selecting the winner from the comments and doing the big announcement in seven days from now on the 3rd of August oh Jesus I'll send us your moments to get featured in videos just like this link to submit your moments is found in the description of this video and in the pinned comment if you're thinking about it of course it's a great idea to visit our other episodes to leave a like in a comment in order to have a better chance of winning our giveaway furthermore be sure to also subscribe and enable that Bell ready to roast nope why what's the reason then action with whose head you got my lying I got a bad feeling about this I didn't build a ramp but he should thank you oh my god is just too cool bunny hop into the Flint oh I didn't even see him I didn't even see it when I shy he just disappeared what happened to you someone's slant you hit me with that Reebok Henry with everything peekaboo look a gun dude this will be the greatest escape ever dude just let me go my press space I swear I did I swear I did I'm not even King I know I press space Oh really the Greenville let's feature the best comments from yesterday we want to give a big thanks to Adam bryan dice plays tanya and fly elite for their heartwarming comments and support don't forget to join our giveaway for the rare wonder skin and it could be yours we will reveal the winner at the end of our video in seven days on the 3rd of august we hope you enjoyed this episode if you did leave us a like and subscribe for more 4/9 action and we'll be seeing you tomorrow

26 thoughts on “2500m WORLD LONGEST SHOT!!! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.1258


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  2. If I win I wil go and slap Donald trump. And yes I have subbed and turned on postnodyfikasjons pic me plz If it is a bonus I am 11 years old

  3. id quit my job by punching my boss in the face and getting naked before walking out for this skin and ill use code: daily for the rest of my life <3

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