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32 thoughts on “26 july 2019 CURRENT AFFAIRS CRACK NEXT EXAM CURRENT RRB NTPC gk for next exam current affairs

  1. 1-b 11-d 21-d 31-c

    2-d 12-f 22-f 32-e

    3-f 13-g 23-h 33-f

    4-i 14-b 24-j 34-h

    5-g 15-j 25-e 35-i

    6-h 16-i 26-b 36-j

    7-j 17-e 27-c 37-d

    8-c 18-c 28-i 38-v

    9-a 19-h 29-g 39-g

    10-e 20-a 30-a 40-a

  2. 21. Gujarat
    22. 9
    23. Koromandal
    24. Sikkim
    25. HP
    26. TM
    27. Jagmohan Reddy
    28. Siril ramfosa
    29. Nur Sultan
    30. Amman

  3. Sir screen m last question aur option dekhne m problem hoti h
    Screen m ni aate
    Phle bi aati thi ye problm
    Pls improve it.

  4. 1. Kerala
    2. K Natrajan
    3. Telangana
    4. RachnA Khera
    5. UK sinhna
    6. Arvind Kumar
    7. Saamant Goyal
    8. 31.4%
    9. Mete fedriksen
    10. 1%

  5. Good Morning Everyone
    Add Some National Parks,Air ports,Statdium Names,Bird Santuary,Wild Life Sanctyuary Etc

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