Laughter is the Best Medicine

3 minutes 38 seconds of jeff blim laughing

*Chuckle* Yeah! *Cackle* *Cackle* *Wheeze* Do you remember this guy from the Book of Samuel? David! You know, King David? Dave! *Giggle* He made a science outta knockin’ out giants! The bigger they come, the harder they fall! *Clap* He didn’t like math or geography… *Surpessed laughter* *Wheeze* *Chuckle* Synchronize your time piece with mine. *Trying not to laugh* Is that an iPhone? Yeah, it’s a 6S *Giggling behind hands* *Laugh* I do like this hat. *Unintelligible* You just gotta tug yo nekd umsticals Yeah, yeah, yeah *Titter* I have… There’s lots to learn! Ho~o ho ho ho! Ho ho ho ho ho! Ha! *Laugh* Ox like me! *Laughs harder* *While laughing* There’s no music. *Cackle* *Laughing while knee-slapping* *Wheeze* *Laugh* *Cackle* *Breathless laughter* (…go on to be a grandfather and live a happy life… Or, you can keep your one-hit wonder and never have another hit again. And then, Verve Pipe…) The Verve Pi… *Laugh* And then Verve Pipe. I have a three-octave range, you have a two-octave range. Well, that is actually true. That last part is true. *Breathless laugh* I have… I think I have a two-oct- The dates for the show are… *Cackle* It will be on YouTube and the dates for the show are on the Kickstarter. Yep! Yep, you guys can check out that Kick- *Cackle* …and more! I want the Moon! I want to live on the Moon! And eat it in a pie! And keep it as a pet! And wear it like a gemstone in my hair. And someday soon, People who say I’m just dreaming, like Father and Jafar Will know how wrong they are! As I laugh in their faces through mouthfuls of moonbeam pie! *Snicker* You got me thinking about the fact that you saw… Uh, speaking of movies- …people in the room in AVPM and he begins the invisible person search by just walking around and waving his arms and stuff like that. That’s a really good part, yeah. Yeah, yeah Jim as Firenze is always, like that to me is Jim’s true form anyway. It is, yeah, yeah. That was always really, really funny to me. Yeah, I like that one a lot. Um, uh, Brian, do you remember writing this one line for A Very Potter Musical That we wrote it and we were like, “This is specifically here for Jim.” And it was our favorite line as we were writing it, when- Is it the drop line? Yeah, when they- There’s one line where they’re sneaking through the hallways, and they run in- Harry, Ron and Hermione are sneaking, and they run into Crabbe, Goyle, and Malfoy, And Malfoy goes, like, “Did you hear something?” and then- YAY! Bu-bye! Bye! See ya!

100 thoughts on “3 minutes 38 seconds of jeff blim laughing

  1. I love it when any of the Starkids break character but Jeff specifically is always a joy in those situations.

  2. THANK YOU!!! I was really waiting for someone to make a compilation like this one! (To the point where I was lowkey wondering if I'd have to do it myself, but fortunately, your talent and superior editing skills saved my life and snatched my wig). Jeff is legit one of the softest and most wholesome member of Starkid, even when he acts like a gremlin it's because he is so happy and excited!!!

  3. God I love him so much wowie!!! 💞💗💞❤️💝💞❤️💝💕💓 extremely good content op!

  4. omg at 2:09 I was like ‘omg that sounds like liana flores’ then I looked at the bio and have never been more proud of myself

  5. I genuinely feel like Jeff doesn't always get the love he deserves. I also feel like that fake controversy kind of hurt him a bit but I'm really glad that people still love him. He consistently remains my favorite part of almost every show he's in.

  6. Liana… Flores?


  7. I cannot forget Joey singing theres lots to learn hohohohohoh OX LIKE ME!
    and then Jeffs laugh,, when I watch trail to oregen I always want that to come up instead, then when it doesnt I find the blooper and watch it again and again and again

  8. parents if you ever see your child laughing it doesnt mean that their chatting their boyfriend/girlfriend it could be because their watching a video about jeff blim being adorable

  9. This video is so blessed I smiled all the way through. If you ever consider making a part two… please go for it

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