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3 SHOTS 3 QUESTIONS with Texas Humor

On this episode of 3 Shots 3 Questions
I’m in Austin, Texas and if you’re in Austin, Texas
you gotta dress the part so I had to go to the Boot Jack
cuz I don’t own a pair of boots or a cowboy hat so Giddy up….hahaha On this Texas episode of 3 Shots 3 Questions
We are with the man behind the meme a hundred percent Texan
we’re with Jay B Sauceda the founder of Texas Humor
Jay B, welcome to 3 Shots 3 Questions How y’all doin’
I like to get right into it, so the way this goes
is we’ll take a shot, I’ll ask you a question and then we’ll repeat that for questions
2 and 3 okay
you ready? yeah
This is called the Texas Two Step It’s a shot of tequila and a ice cold beer,
it’s delicious It’s one of my favorite recipes in my book
It’s not really a recipe, it’s just a, uh, way of life and breaking bread, so yeah
cheers to that salud tasty Question number one
How did Texas Humor get started? I just kinda, honestly as a joke, a literal
joke, just you know because I was bored one night started Texas
Humor on Twitter and started posting content, and just really
talking about the stuff I thought was funny and uh a lot of the things
and yeah, it took off in the early days when we first started, we
were picking up four or five thousand new followers a day
and over time we sort of moved not from just Twitter but eventually into
Instagram and Facebook and everything else and then it, I slowly kinda stopped being
a photographer and focusing on Texas Humor as a whole and honestly became
more of like a vehicle for my obsession with the State and just gave
me an excuse and a financial means to be obsessed with
Texas as a profession which was I grew up in East Texas, south east of Houston,
in a town called La Porte and you know, my experience is the experience
that I had there you can travel across the state and people
in different areas, I mean you can go one city over and things
are completely different you know, so that’s to me what’s been
really interesting is talking through that type of stuff with people
and having opportunity and this platform of a million and a half
people to kind of put out and export all of the things that I grew up with and
that I think are important and part of what make us, you know, quintessentially
Texan I just feel really strongly, you know, not
politically speaking but just culturally speaking, strongly about doing everything
I can to keep that strong sense of Texas identity, it’s just important to
me It’s a joke, I mean, Texas Humor is literally,
a joke, uh hu, but It’s a vehicle for cultural preservation
, is at least how I look at it Shot number two so question number two What are some of the other projects that you’ve
been working on? A lot of people don’t know, I was a photographer
for a long time and the May issue of Texas Monthly, the cover
story was mine I flew a plane around the state of Texas
the whole perimeter of the state and shot photographs out the window of the
ground below and you know just kinda whatever I saw
I’m kind of a busy body, so we’ve got our our Texas Humor and e-commerce
business and we’ve got the order fulfillment business,
we’re kinda like a mini Amazon and we work with about 25 other companies,
including my friends over at uh Tecovas boots, make some fantastic boots
my first book was called “Y’all Need This Book The Definitive Guide to Being Texan”
and it’s just kind of a front to back guide on
how to eat, talk and walk like a Texan “Y’all Need This Book” it’s fantastic,
you can find it at Barnes & Noble, you can find it on Amazon
you can buy it at Texas Humor dot com if you write a note, if you buy it from Texas
Humor dot com you write a not when you check out and ask
for it to get signed and my employees will bring it to me
and I’ll sign it to ya’ but yeah, working on another book called
“Y’all Need This Cookbook” I’m gonna travel around the State and try
all these different recipes of all the different cuisines
Cajun food, we’ve got barbecue, we’ve got uh Ethiopian
we’ve got all kinds of crazy stuff in the state of Texas
which is what makes it so great I’m gonna take all these recipes and things
I learn and make essentially a collection of my favorite recipes
and with a little bit of my spin on ‘em and um, and and release
that hopefully the next year and a half or so Question number 3, which means shot number
3 Alright
This time we’re doing word association you know word association, Imma throw out
a word tell me the first thing that pops into your
mind, alright okay
FAST FOOD Whataburger SPORTS Spurs ACTOR I wanna say Tommy Lee Jones but he’s like
from Connecticut like he’s Texan, he’s got a ranch here
but he’s like, he’s from up north, he’s he’s honorary
so I’ll just got with McConaughey cuz he’s from here, for sure, a hundred
percent MUSIC Freddy Fender, son of San Benito COWBOY
Tom Nall, good friend of mine Google “Tom Nall”
T-O-M-N-A-L-L He and his brother have have really taught
me a lot of about just the cowboy way and um, being a good guy
and uh being a man of your word. They’re good people. Jay B, thank you for joining us on 3 Shots
3 Questions the Texas edition Cheers, cheers So this is what’s called a wild rag
this one’s silk cowboys used to wear these, still do
but Imma show you how to do the uh cowboy square knot
I’m gonna do it fast, it’s not true instructions, it’s more just showing you how it looks
you can wear it kinda during the summer keep the sun off your neck, it just looks
punchy and we’ll take the same wild rag you’d use
during the summer tie it around your neck, like that
so the winter version is really just more of a scarf kinda style
it’s made to just kinda keep the heat in, youv’e got maybe like a vest on
or a jacket and it’s just there to keep the cold off your neck
both of those are featuring what’s called the cowboy square knot
and that’s a old school Texan deal you don’t see that quite as much anymore
but uh it’s a comfortable and punchy way to dress

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