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100 thoughts on “32 Incredible Easter Eggs You Missed in Harry Potter Movies

  1. Definitely not the same necklace. The ome used as a curse had cut gemstones. Where as the one seen before had really round think cabochons.

  2. 4:47 is not necessarily the starbucks logo. That logo type with the twin finned, and crown wearing mermaid has been around for hundreds of years.

  3. You guys have such eagle 👀 and ears WOW! I never caught that Harry didn't cast a spell over the film. Among the other Easter eggs. Lots of ❤

  4. Also In harry potter and the chamber of secrets you can see hard copies of Harry Potter books in a book shop in Diagon Alley

  5. Hmm. Not sure about this one. Has this guy even read any of the books? Or maybe how to pronounce Dobby or basilisk? Doe-bee. And bah- silisk. Come on…

  6. paused this video at 22 seconds cos it said the movie had more detail than the books….. so clearly this vid is going to be full of nonsense. and from the comments I can tell I'm right. I'll save myself 10 minutes and go watch something else, thanks.

  7. That Neville fogotten his Robe isn't right! In a shot before you can see the robe, what he just putted next to him, so he didn't forget that!

  8. There is a mistake in number nine when you mention Pettigrew as a rat and the photo of the family in Egypt. You say that when Sirius saw the picture in the paper, he knew that Pettigrew was alive tracked him down and took his revenge by KILLING HIM! Sirius NEVER killed Pettigrew!!!! shakes head

  9. Genny G e n y
    Basilisk B a s i l i s k
    Dobby D o b y
    Pronounce it right it's not hard and if you doing this thing about 'Easter eggs' in Harry Potter movies you should have seen the movies so you should know how to pronounce things it seems like you don't even know what an Easter egg is an Easter egg is like a cameo in a movie referencing another movie or something that's going to happen in the movie😤

  10. No.2: There shouldn't be any broken pieces from the previous game, they self-repair once the game is finished.
    Also No. 15: She says and smells spearmint toothpaste when it turns blue because earlier in the movie there's some romantic tension between her and Ron when he removes some toothpaste from her mouth (the scene you mentioned right after). She doesn't acknowledge the final color because she's slowly realizing why she's smelling those things and stops talking.
    No. 18 is a really good one, I knew he redirected the spells intentionally but I thought he was just hopping around to avoid the spells after, I didn't realize it was to grab the wands. Nice catch!

  11. even the 1st time i watch hollows 2 mcganegall and snape dwell, i know snape did it for reason and that is making sure no one get hurt.. and the prof. menerva reaction say it all.

  12. although it's not an easter egg… One scene that a lot of people have go over there head is in the beginning of the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    During the bus ride the shrunken head says
    "If you get the pea soup…Make sure you eat it before it eats you"
    And then after harry arrives at the leaky cauldron, Fudge helps himself to some of the food given to them by Tom the innkeeper.

    He offers Harry "Pea soup?" before Harry nervously responds…"Uhhh no thank you…"

  13. 7:46 when the cameraangle switches you can see his robe lying on his bank next to him , and he is not the only one without a robe

  14. I’m surprised they didn’t include how George mouthed the word “Fred” when everyone realized Harry wasn’t actually dead!

  15. Most of these aren't Easter eggs, just simple facts, co-incidences, mistakes and random things the movies decided to add (some with no actual accuracy).

    Also, I got really Triggered by "Deathly HARRlows" and "Doe-bee"

  16. The 1st Harry Potter movie is not the philosophers stone it is the Sorcerer's stone why am I the only one that's getting upset by this

  17. One more fact that I will get a lot of criticism for:
    When Voldemort announces harry is 'dead' you can see Luna and a few other people glance at Malfoy, who kinda looks like he's gonna cry
    My sad hope that Drarry is canon xD

  18. "Harry does not in fact cast a single spell in the entire first movie" eh? So how did Dudley finish up in the snake enclosure? Involuntary it may have been, but it still counts. It gets worse. Has this clown actually seen the movies?

  19. These aren’t Easter eggs at all. These are just details that may or may not have been noticed. The time turner isn’t an Easter egg, it’s part of the story that’s just not in the spotlight at times.

    An Easter egg is a hidden reference to something outside the story. Such as the Nemo toy in the movie “Monster’s Inc” or the picture of R2D2 in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

  20. اجمل في فيلم هاري بوتر, يأخذك الى عالم اخر بعيد عن المشاكل كلها مثل الحروب , مسلي جدا يريح النفس , مضحك ايضا , برغم ان الرموز في الفيلم تعني الحرب بين الخير و الشر , الا ان الخيال الوجود يجعلك ترحل لعالم اخر من مستحيل يكون موجود و لم نتعلم منذ طفولتنا و حتى عندما كبرنا يوجد عالم هكذا , حتى السحر و الشعوذة الحقيقه في حقيقه ليست كهذا , الخيال و تسليه يجعل الشخص يرحل الى مكان مسلي جدا و مضحك مستحيل هذا المكان موجود بالمنطق و لا حتى الانبياء اخبرونا يوجد عالم هكذا , تتسلى بخيال الكاتبه و تستمع بطريقه الراقيه لتمثيل و حديث هؤلاء ممثلين , تستمتع بخدع السنمائيه , الاضاءه , الديكور , لوح الفنيه , اللغه الانجليزيه الاصليه , ملابس , اخذ عطى و عبرة من قصه خياليه يوم من الايام سوف اتحدث في قناتي الثانيه عن فيلم هاري بوتر و تحليل فيلم هاري بوتر في رأيي بدون ان اطلع على تحليل احد انما هذا رأيي شخصي, اسم القناة 12sakura# , انا لم اطلع على الكثير , لا وقت عندي لاقراء و اطلع على تحليل الاخرين و رائهم , خيال فيلم هاري بوتر , يساعد على تمرين خيالك في الرسم فقط , لم ارى اي تأثير سلبي الى فيلم هاري بوتر على العقل الا ان هليود تسعى تجعل ايمان الناس متخلل في حقيقه وجود السحر و الشعوذة , و السحر و الشعوذة حقا موجود . و مؤذي جدا و كثير من الناس ضاعت حياتهم بسبب حقد نساء على بعضهم البعض بسحر و الشعوذة برغم من هليود قدمت كثير من افلام تحكي ان السحر و الشعوذة حقا موجوده مثل فيلم جوني ديب .

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  21. I read the comments and even though none of these were actual Easter eggs, I’d decided to wait for the mispronunciation of Dobby – little did I know that although expecting it I would still spit out my drink 😂 d o b e y

  22. I know these aren’t exactly Easter Eggs but in 29 were the shoes not added so you could kind of figure out what was happening before Dumbledore actually found Slughorn disguised as the armchair?

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