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3×01 || supergirl crack

a lesbian I am NOT a human I tried to be but I’m not Cara danvers was a mistake I was hoping maybe you could break the story Oh [Music] can you gonna want to get loose don’t get so far that I can’t see you okay she’s done Thanks just trying to enjoy the microsecond I have left proportions a teenager by hi okay no more little fuss are your parents who are your parents about last night this is neither the time or the place to talk about what I think you want to talk about do you not want to marry me of course I do [Music] [Music] all of my attention heads like everyone we’ve ever had all with your attention I don’t know figure it out let me know you’re more of a lunatic than your mother is excuse me lesbian request denied so Maggie and I figured it out we are going to have a really big wedding the biggest gayest wedding the National City has ever seen you know it’s it’s that let’s it’s great it sets him that’s perfect if you will to have you walk me down the aisle it’s a bird you to correct [Music]

44 thoughts on “3×01 || supergirl crack

  1. 0:57 is it just me or is she. Like tapping multiple letters just to type 'S' 😂😂

    Edit:just watch the 's' at the end of 'boss' then watch it again and look at her fingers 😆

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