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4 Bizarre Inspirational Quotes

( music playing ) Hello again. Now, Link,
you know this about me, I’m always looking
for inspiration. That’s definitely
true, Rhett. And when I think of you,
I think of a person who’s always looking
for inspiration. ( laughs )
That’s right. Which, you may not know, has led me to create
a whole collection of posters filled with all of my most
inspirational quotes. Mind if I share a few? Do you have a sweater
draped over it? I do.
Come with me. to the Inspiration Station. ( birds chirping ) Evidently, going there
requires wearing a sweater. Am I not dressed
warm enough? Should I–
I do not have a sweater. No. You just
be inspired. Let me help you. I’m gonna warm you
with my inspiration. Oh, that is a nice…
piece of material there. You know, it’s a sweater
over a sweater kind of day. Show me a poster. So this first one is related to this thing
that happened to me a couple of months ago
when I filled my water bed with piping-hot
maple syrup, which turns out
was a mistake. But I realized
you can’t go back and change what
you’ve already done, which led me to this
inspirational quote. Maple syrup. Okay, let me take
a look at that. Rhett: ( laughs ) ( clears throat ) How’s that make you feel? ( laughter ) Very dirty,
but inspired. – Mm-hmm.
– Here’s the thing, I don’t– Oh, that is
the butthole. I couldn’t tell at first
that he was showing his tuchus. He caught me
when I was taking the photo. – Oh, this is a photo.
– Yeah, yeah, I took that photo
in the distant past. – Oh, yes, you did, okay.
– Well, let me try another one. This one seems like
it confused you a little bit. I was a little…
( laughs ) Okay, the other day
I was helping a friend move a grand piano to
the top floor of his treehouse. It was so hard, I honestly
didn’t know if I could do it, but then I had
this thought. You do a lot of things. Rhett: Uh… I get it,
it’s a math joke. – What do you mean “joke”?
– Because… the calculator says “Boobs.” ( laughter ) Rhett:
Oh, I was hoping you’d see that. I’m definitely
inspired now. – All right, well…
– You have another one? – Yeah, I do.
– You have another scenario – that led to some sort
of inspiration?
– Yeah. A lot of things happen to me,
you know what about me, too. – I’m learning that.
– The other night I was swinging
from a ceiling fan while listening to show tunes
like I always do. But then I saw a little pigeon
land on the windowsill, and I was struck by this
inspirational thought. Ooh! – That’s a…
– Now think about that. Just think about it
a little bit. Because, you know,
one time I had a ticket to “Bye, Bye Birdie,” but then somebody
offered me two tickets to see “The Vagina Monologues”
in the jungle. But it turned out
to be the desert? Well, I couldn’t find
a jungle background. Oh.
( laughs ) So… I typed in “bush”
and the bush came up, and then it was just,
I thought, – “Well, I like the desert.”
– Okay, okay. – Is that doing it for you?
– I’m just not comfortable
with this one. Okay.
All right, well… we have another chance. Okay, okay, I still have
some room to be inspired. – Okay…
– Is there another scenario – There is.
– that happened to you – that has led to
an inspirational poster,
– Yeah. – which I could benefit from?
– This last thought came to me as I was trying to carve
an ice sculpture of Michelangelo’s David. Process was so intense
that I wanted to quit, but then I had
this epiphany. But how did they
get up the stairs? Uh… Photoshop. – Oh.
– ( laughter ) I do agree
with this one. I do think
cows are quitters. So, um…
you inspired now? I am definitely
inspired. I would like to take
this one and put it in my home
at the top of my stairs. Well, I have to
get you a copy because you can’t
have that one. This is for
my private collection, but I do have a lot of, like,
little post card-sized ones. Well, really business card
sized ones. Oh, you’re selling those? – Well, I can give you one.
– Oh, thank you. Click on through
’cause we’re about to
get our horoscopes read. Rhett:
Black T-shirts
are the new black, and we’ve got those
Mythical logo black tees available online

100 thoughts on “4 Bizarre Inspirational Quotes

  1. Hi! I’m not sure if this has been said yet but either my potcasts isn’t working right or you guys uploaded the same ear biscuits as last week!

  2. You guys have to let Rhett and Link explore different types of comedy. They have been doing this ,for us, for so long and maybe they just want to change things up a little

  3. i have to agree with some other commenters that this wasn't that funny. i don't know why, it was just these were really weird jokes lol

  4. I feel bad saying this because i love you guys, but this might be the worst gmm ever. I don't mind mature humour, but this wasn't funny at all.

  5. Why has Gmm gotten so comfortable and dirty recently? Sexual innuendos were not allowed before, you know? Because kids watch this show.

  6. Hi rhett and link. You guys should do a food challenge were you are presented two options. One item you know and one you don't. Then the person who eats it picks. Don't forget hot peppers. Have a good GMM.

  7. Burp burp they're pushing Star Wars in the distant past the reversing it sex and Star Wars too drunk LOL there's a chart for that and application for that

  8. The second one IS a math joke, but its not what link thought it was. the joke is that the percentages don't add up to 100, and obviously to have a percentage it has got to be out of 100%

  9. You guys say only a small portion of people don't like your new stuff but really almost no one likes your new stuff just for the most part only the weird fan boys comment that much

  10. The PAST defines our future. Without the past, future nil exist. TRUTH. Eventually, EVERYTHING FROM THE PAST WILL HAUNT YOU BACK. So be nice, and make sure not doing foolish things you regret later in the future.😂😂😂

  11. They should make the syrup waterbed thing a challenge, will it waterbed? You could fill waterbeds with difrent liquids.

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