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$425 Million Powerball® Winner Shows off His Sense of Humor

It may have been April Fools’ Day when Raymond
Buxton claimed his colossal $425 million Powerball jackpot, but this faceless picture is no joke.
That’s Buxton holding his giant check over his face and wearing a Yoda t-shirt that reads,
“Luck of the Jedi I Have.” No doubt, the force was with him.
“’Unbelieveable!’ is all I could muster,” Buxton said about the moment he realized he
was the sole winner. The Northern California retiree hit the jackpot
back on February 19th, after buying his ticket from this store… the Dixon Landing Chevron
in Milpitas. Local and national media swarmed the place
shortly after… and for good reason… the jackpot was the largest ever won in California.
“This really proves that anything can happen.” Parmeet Singh’s father owns the store. Singh
says he didn’t believe the news at first… and now he couldn’t be happier.
“It’s fantastic. Really, I have no words to express how it is actually.”
As for Buxton… he didn’t tell anyone about his huge win. He waited 6 weeks to claim his
prize as he worked to secure legal and financial help.
During that time, both new and old customers flooded into the Chevron, offering up their
own ideas on how to spend the jackpot cash. “I’d take a nice vacation”
“Travel. Pay off bills, travel.” “You know I want a Bentley. Probably silver”
We’ve learned that Buxton does plan to do some traveling and he’s going to start a
charity focused on pediatric health, child hunger and education.
“It’s amazing how a little slip of paper can change your life,” he said.
Buxton isn’t the only one who may be smiling more due to this win.
Parmeet Singh’s father received a retailer bonus of $1 million for selling the winning
ticket. “We’re really happy, we’re really thankful
for this opportunity. This is great.” In Milpitas, I’m Melissa Villarin with Your
California Lottery news.

19 thoughts on “$425 Million Powerball® Winner Shows off His Sense of Humor

  1. Congratulations, Raymond Buxton!!….My lottery win is manifesting now, it is already done(I claim it)!!

  2. I am from the southern San Diego area. It seems like San Diego never wins the big prizes. It's always Orange County and up.

  3. I have already won see u have to speak these affirmations into existence. As a result, they won't have a choice but to come true.

  4. He loses half of his 426 million bucks to the government buy weapons and send it to Israel hhhhhh and after this he wants to spend his half million packet doing charity business that is supposed to be done by taxes people pay for the government.

  5. Show your face man! If I won the lottery. I gladly gonna take a lot of pictures… with these money I can travel to Bahamas with my five kids…

  6. I'm glad he was able to cover his face lol!He seems like a very funny guy and im so happy for him! I also looove that shirt!
    But I've always wondered why the California Lottery doesnt allow winners to remain anonymous, especially in these days and times where people have been in danger (and even murdered for their winnings in other non-anonymous states)?.

  7. Lottery time with lots of fun and money would some tell Michigan lottery the Michael Nesbitt did no receive his payment. The Michigan lottery is in Lansing Michigan

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