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100 thoughts on “4K Video Downloader 4.8.2 + Portable – Full Version CRACK WITHOUT VIRUS

    # 1. I also have full versions of CAMTASIA STUDIO (all version), unfortunately youtube blocks this video and I can't set it public (even in slightly changed form). Right now I can offer you unlisted link to this video

    # 2. Video was based on version 4.4.10 but the steps shown are identical for newer ones – links in the description. *If you updated program you must repeat all steps from video with newer crack.

    # 3. How to Fix "Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc00007b)" – this propably mean you have problem with some .dll files.
    Let's start with the simplest to hardest solutions step-by-step that can help 🙂
    -. Make sure the program version is the same as crack and/or you not try to run 64bit version program on 32bit system architecture.
    -. Try to restart computer.
    -. Run program as administrator.
    -. Start program from the .exe file in the forder where you replace it, not from the shortcut.
    -. Try other version – I recommend 32bit portable.
    -. (this one should help) Try to update/install the latest library Microsoft Visual c++ (if you have 64bit system you must also install 32bit package) and restart system.
    -. Try to update/install the latest library of .Net Framework and restart system.
    -. Run cmd with administrator rights and enter "sfc / scannow", wait for the process to finish and restart system.
    -. You can also try to reinstall the program now (if you not use portable)
    -. Search for other solutions in Internet by entering the error code.
    -. At this point, I proposes to use cool alternative program "ummy video downloader" (see the # 6. point).
    -. Update Windows.
    -. Throw computer out the window and buy new one.
    -. If this still not working let me know, I will try harder 😉

    # 4. Common errors in program:
    There are 2 basic errors – "cant parse link" right after pasting link, and "can not download" after successful parse, before downloading.

    -When it comes to "cant parse link" try paste link several times or at another time/day. If still not working this problem is probably caused because the video is not available (blocked/removed), !HAVE COPYRIGHTS! or is otherwise reserved. About an hour after publishing, no one video have this problem so it confirms that copyright is imposed after that. NOTE! if video is private then you must log in to 4kvideodownloader.
    -When it comes to "can not download" I have found the advice to run as an administrator (properites>compatibility>checkbox run this program as an administrator), check also if you dont have blocked this program in firewall. If still not working this problem is probably caused by the fact that program can not catch video when is used by youtube servers (moved, rendered, changed etc.,idk.) -that would explain why it sometimes works and sometimes not.

    # 5. Error "[…] Qt5Core.dll was not found" probably means that the versions do not match, you have a bad shortcut or some files are missing.

    # 6. (Alternative program to 4kvideodownloader) It helped a lot of people … but not me …of course (¬_¬).When I come across this problemS I use the online program and if it also fails, I use "Ummy Video Downloader" it's created only for YouTube downloads that's why is VERY simple, no ads, can download 8k 60fps, !downloads faster! and I know how to have full version if you want write me comment (free can download only one video)

    # 7. 4kStogram I made also cracks for 4kStogram for Instagram download. Steps are the same as in this tutorial just replace the .exe file. Here you have link to cracks: Installer download from official website This cracks are for version (Latest for now). Enjoy ! 🙂 If there will be an update, and you will want newer cracks, write to me and I will update.

  2. Thank you , it works good
    Here's wishing that the new year will bring joy, love, peace and happiness to you. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2019

  3. Hola, mil gracias por adelantado, pero tengo un inconveniente: cuando lo instalo, todo parece bien, pero al ponerlo a funcionar, me sales error del sistema. Dice: la aplicación no se puede iniciar correctamente. ¿Me ayudas con eso por favor? Tengo Windows 10 – 64 bits

  4. nice 24.2.2019 😀 wow bro nice work 😀 4K Video Downloader patch work perfectly omg 😀 amazing u change something in .exe and u have premium nice ty for crack will share your wide my polski slav brother

  5. Hey, I got an error! "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." Please help.

  6. Aplikacja nie została poprawnie uruchumiona 0xc00000x7b
    edit problem fixed i just installed x86 (32bit) i działa very good thanks

  7. No notepad scribble, no 10 seconds intro, no virus (to date), no gay ass music, even update provided too! YOU'RE DA REAL MVP!

  8. So I had the full version, switched from my Desktop PC to Laptop and than tried to activate my new windows System, just to read that activation limit is reached. So what did I pay for…. Some people really fuel the pirate bay with this. Greedy owners

  9. siema, dodasz 4.7.3? na 4.7.2 nie chciało pobierać niektórych piosenek w 320 kb/s, a w nowszej 4.7.3 pobiera, tylko nie mam full wersji 🙂

  10. Yeah, Friend. It works perfectly with 4.5 version.
    Sí, funciona perfectamente con la versión 4,5. Gracias

  11. Finally, a video form someone actually looking to help people, works fine and as said in the comments use the 32 bit version if 64 doesn't work, also windows 10 may give a pop up virus prompt but just run anyway as this has no viruses.

  12. getting system error while installing "The code execution cannot proceed because Qt5Core.dll was not found."…how to resolve this?

  13. Didn't work I downloaded the 4.7.3 version along side the crack it says "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

  14. Wielkie dzięki, u Ciebie zawsze sprawdzone 😀 Zawsze co update to u Ciebie działa. Polecam łapki w górę dla tego pana! : D
    Thanks a lot! All the time working good! So many updates, and every time im coming here! Give him thumbs up!

  15. Hi, how could I uninstall 4,73 version that didn´t work in my laptop, x64 bits
    Hehe, now it is runing perfectly in my lap too.
    Thx a lot

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