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5 AM at Freddy’s: The Sequel

well shit. (Springtrap in the distance) Security guard! Where are you?! You ain’t touchin’ my buns…. hun. Oh god dammit. When I’m done with you your face will look like mashed potatoes. Yeah whatever man. (Balloon Boy sound) Okay I’m gonna go find that child, but then I’m gonna kill you! Okay bye! Happy travels! HUGHG Okay let’s see here… NYEAH There was no child in there! Double check. *Balloon Boy Sound* I know you’re messing with me! Where’s that child? WHERE ARE YOU HIDING IT?! DOOOD I don’t know! Just um…. uh…. Freddy’s behind you… Freddy? Hello! 😀 Hello, Freddy… Hi, Freddy! Hi, security guy! Freddy, don’t talk to this guy, he’s an asshole! AHH! PROFANITY! Freddy… He’s hiding a child somewhere and he won’t show me where. Do you know what that means? *da fuq u talkin ’bout* We can’t throw a birthday party, Freddy NO! YES! We need to find him, Freddy! He wants birthday cake! I’ll do my best, Ma’am! Stop reading fanfics! They’re confusing you! I’m starting to think there is no child… You just gotta look harder, man. THAT’S IT FUCKER I’m coming in there! *boops a ballon boy sound* But first, I’m gonna do one final check to make sure that child doesn’t exist *Scoffs like a sassy woman* This job is a total joke. *Yes, the sound is from One Night at Flumpy’s 2* WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? Hello! 😀 *c’mere bitch* *SCREAMS GIRLISHLY* *screams girlishly but distant now* Oh, this is my chance to catch him by surprise! HAVE AT THEE! *get that shit outta here* AH MY FUCKING KNEES! GET CROWBARRED, BITCH Thanks for the crowbar, Foxy Foxy! WHAT THE FUACK?! I don’t know. I’m bored! Hey Springtrap. WAT Do you hear that? Oh, god fuck yourself. SUBSCRIBE TO THESE PEOPLE OR I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL

100 thoughts on “5 AM at Freddy’s: The Sequel

  1. That's me when I play FNAF

    Me: ugh where's Springtrap
    Springtrap: right here mother fu**er
    Me:I'm dead

  2. Freddy: Ah profanity
    Me: Get crow bar and hit spring trap
    Freddy: ok sir!
    Spring trap: u know what I mean now?
    Me: yes 😑😑😑

  3. It would be funny if Phantom Puppet came in with a crowbar to and was like "let's beat the hell out of Springtrap!"

    lol rip Springtrap.

  4. I remember we'd watch this on the bus but we didn’t want the bus driver to know, so my friends brother would voice it perfectly while his friend would voice the other guy, usually the night guard/human

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